How to Spray in Valorant: Comparing Vandal and Phantom Sprays?

Valorant is a game where accurate gunplay is important and guns fire backward. To get better quickly, you need to learn the recoil pattern because it will help you make more consistent shots. The best way to play like a pro is to learn the spray patterns for the top two guns in the game, along with the different Valorant agents.

Valorant Spray Pattern – Vandal vs Phantom

The Vandal and the Phantom both let out the same shape of spray. While the Vandal has a wider spread than the Phantom, the Vandal has a bigger spray pattern than the Phantom. In close range, there isn’t much difference between the two, but if you wanted to compare them at long range, you would need more pulldown and better spray control with a Vandal. Because the Vandal has a wider spray pattern, it is usually best not to spray from far away.

How to Spray on Valorant

This Is Important To Know: In Valorant, There Is A General Spray Pattern, But It Is Not Always The Same. This Is Different From CsGo. Most Of The Time, The Vandal And Phantom Spray In A W-shaped pattern. It Always Goes Up, But Its Horizontal Spray Can Go Either Left Or Right Before Changing Directions. In Valorant, This Means That You Must First Pull Down To Control Your Spray. Second, You Need To Make Small Changes Based On How Your Gun Moves Horizontally.

How to Spray in Valorant

Along With That, Bullets Will No Longer Shoot To Your Crosshair As The Recoil In Your Valorant Gun Rises. It’s Even More Important To Know How Your Gun Sprays Because Of This. You Would Have To Aim Down Your Gun’s Sight For Shots To Always Go Through Your Crosshair. But Pointing Down Sight Slows Down The Rate Of Fire On Both The Vandal And The Phantom. It’s also Harder To Control The Gun When The Screen Moves Faster When Shooting Down Sight.

Other Things to Consider – Valorant Vandal vs Phantom

Firing Error – Vandal vs Phantom

The Vandal Has A Shooting Error Of 0.25, Which Means That Its First Shot Might Not Hit The Crosshair Straight On. The Phantom Also Has A Firing Mistake Of 0.2, But It Is Much Smaller Than The Vandal’s, Which Makes It More Reliable At Long Range.

Fire Rate – Vandal vs Phantom

The Phantom Shoots 1.25 More Shots Per Second Than The Vandal. This Is Very Important Because The Phantom’s Slightly Faster Fire Rate Can Make The Difference Between Killing An Enemy Or Not When You’re Shooting Them In The Legs And Bodies. Even Though The Vandal Fires Less Quickly, It Is Easier To Tap, Burst, And Control Its Spray, Which Is A Plus.

Damage – Vandal vs Phantom

When The Vandal Is At A Range, Its Damage Stays The Same. But When The Phantom Is Farther Away, Its Damage Goes Down. Vandal Is Better At Long Range Because It Can Always Kill Enemies With A Headshot, While The Phantom Needs More Bullets To Kill Enemies From Far Away.

Bullets – Vandal vs Phantom

Each Clip For The Vandal Has 25 Shots, While Each Clip For The Phantom Has 30. The Phantom’s Five Extra Bullets Are Very Helpful In Tight Spots Because They Keep You From Having To Reload, Which Would Leave You Open To A Rush Or Make Your Location Known Through The Sound Queue.

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Which Gun Is Better?

Both The Vandal And The Phantom Have Their Good And Bad Points, But Most Experienced Valorant Players Will Choose The Phantom Over The Vandal. The Phantom Is Better In Short-to Medium-Length Fights, And Maps Have More Of These Choke Points And Tight Angles. Top Events Are Where New Guns Are Bought And Strategies Are Honed.

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