Guide to Crystal Maiden in Dota 2: Freeze Enemies in Their Place in 7.33!

Thereformedgamers– This character, Crystal Maiden, is a support hero who can both defend and attack. However, since Patch 7.33 added Medusa Meta, Crystal Maiden has become even more famous because of her aura that heals and restores mana, which helps her team, especially Medusa, whose shield depends on mana. She also has a very strong ultimate ability and utility spells that root, slow, and hurt enemies.

Her ultimate, Freezing Field, can be hard to use, but if you’re in the right place, it can be very useful in team fights. Well, she moves slowly when she’s channeling her ultimate, which makes placing annoying, especially since she needs to be close to enemies for her ultimate to work. So, things that help her move and protect her are necessary for her.

Crystal Maiden Item Build

Starting Items

  • Wind Lace
  • Tango
  • Healing Salve
  • Clarity
  • Enchanted Mango
  • Observer Wards
  • Sentry Wards

Early Game Items

  • Magic Wand
  • Tranquil Boots
  • Drum of Endurance

Mid Game Items

  • Boots of Bearing
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Blink Dagger
  • Force Staff

Late Game Items

  • Black King Bar
  • Aghanim’s Scepter

Situational Items

  • Aghanim’s Shard
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Scythe of Vyse
  • Aeon Disk
  • Aether Lens
  • Hand of Midas

Full Guide to Crystal Maiden Spells

Crystal Nova

An Aoe Blast from Crystal Maiden Hits the Ground and Hurts Enemies, Slowing Their Movement and Attack Speed. You Can Only Level This Power Once, to Level 2 as An Early Harassment Skill for Laning. If your Team Doesn’t Need Mana Regen, You Might Want to Max It for More Damage and A Bigger Slow. Crystal Nova Also Gives Her Flying View on The Cliff, Which Lets Her Leave without Having to Put a Guard on It. It’s Also Helpful to Have a Good View of Scout High-Ground Siege, Where You Don’t Usually Have an Observer Ward. You Can Use This Spell from A Safe Distance Because Its Range Is Pretty Good.


Crystal Maiden Freezes the Target, Doing Damage, Rooting, Disarming, and Stopping Them from Firing Spells. This Spell Successfully Stuns Enemies Because It Stops Them from Casting Spells. However, Enemies Can Remove Its Effects with Items that Do So. Because It Works so Well Against Wild Creeps, This Spell Is a Must-Max Skill. If you Learn This Skill, It Becomes More Powerful Because It Lasts Longer and Has a Shorter Cooldown. Creeps Take 1000 Magic Damage from Frostbite for 10 Seconds. In the Early to Mid-Game, This Makes It a Great Spell for Farming Neutral Creeps Other than Ancient Creeps. This Power Should Mostly Be Used on Enemy Cores Because It Can Help You Win Fights.

Arcane Power

Crystal Maiden Gives All of Her Friends Faster Mana Regeneration, and She Gets Double the Rate. A lot of People Max This Spell Along with Frostbite Because It Helps Their Friends Use Their Spells More Often, Which Increases Their Chances of Winning Their Lanes. But since Arcane Aura’s Benefits only Last Within 1200 Cm of The Center, It Might Not Be the Best Skill to Max First if Your Team Doesn’t Stay Close for Fights Very Often.

Because of This, if You Need More Stops Early On, It Might Be Better to Learn Both Frostbite and Crystal Nova First. When it’s Maxed, It Gives You a Huge Amount of Mana Regeneration, so You Can Cast Magic All the Time. in Dota 2 Esports, This and The Fact that Frostbite Does 1000 Damage to Creeps Make Crystal Maiden a Very Strong Jungler Early and Midgame. as You Farm for Things Like Drums of Endurance and Glimmer Cape, Use This to Help You.

The Freezing Field

Crystal Maiden Channels for 10 Seconds and Sets Off Several Icy Blasts in The Area Around Her. It Takes Longer to Hit and Move After Each Explosion. Any Enemy that Stays in The Area of Impact for More than 2.5 Seconds Is Frostbite by Aghanim’s Scepter. a Lot of Mana Is Needed to Use the Freezing Field, Especially at Levels Two and Three. Additionally, It Is Not Very Effective Because the Explosions Happen at Random and It Is Easy to Stop the Spell by Disabling Its Area of Effect.

Still, Crystal Maiden Can Use It to Stay Alive Because It Gives Her 20 Extra Armor While She Channels the Freezing Field. Because She Is Naturally Soft, It Might Make Enemies Less Likely to Attack Her. The More Trees or High Ground You Use for Cover, the Less Your Enemies Will Be Able to See You. This Gives You an Edge Because They Won’t Be Able to Attack You or Cast Spells that Target You.

You Should Use It on Even Just One Enemy During a Gank Because It Has the Ability to Do a Lot of Damage and Slow Them Down. Since the Glimmer Cape and Black King Bar Make It Easier for Her to Use the Spell While in Fight, They Are Great Items that Work Well with Her Flaw in Channeling. Enemies Can Also Be Zoned Very Successfully with a Freezing Field Since They Could Take a Huge Amount of Damage.

The Best Crystal Maiden Skills

Guide to Crystal Maiden in Dota 2

Usually, the Longer Throw Range Is Better Here Because It Lets You Use Frostbite and Crystal Nova from Further Away, Which Is Safer in Team Fights. This Is Very Helpful Because Crystal Maiden Moves Slowly and Is Soft. Because You Can Use Frostbite from Farther Away, the Extra Cast Range Is Also Very Useful Against Heroes that Are Hard to Lock Down. but If You’re Taking a Lot of Damage in Team Fights that You Can’t Avoid, the Extra Life Might Be Worth It.

Level 10: +125 Crystal Nova Aoe or +250 Health

Getting Extra Gold Every Minute Can Help You Get Late-Game Things Like Black King Bar if You Think the Game Will Last a Long Time. for Crystal Maiden, Though, the Gold Isn’t Very Useful Because the Game Doesn’t Depend on Many Late-Game Things. Auras that Lower Mana Cost and Loss, on The Other Hand, Let Your Friends Cast More Spells and Lose Less Mana to Manaloss Sources. It Can Be a Very Good Choice when You’re up Against Enemies with Mana Break or Diffusal Blades. However, It Doesn’t Work as Well if Your Friends Don’t Cast Many Spells During Team Fights or If You’re Not Losing Any Mana. In these situations, the GPM might Be a Better Choice.

Level 15: -3 S Crystal Nova Cooldown or +125 Frostbite Cast Range

Most of The Time, the Freezing Field Damage Is a Better Choice for A Skill and Should Be Taken. Because Your Ultimate Can Do a Lot More Harm, This Is the Case. If you Can’t Figure out How to Use Your Ultimate Properly and The Game Seems to Be Going on For a Lot Longer, the Attack Speed Might Help. It Gives Her a Chance to Get an Item Like the Eye of Skadi or Mjollnir, Which Would Help Her Even More in Team Fights by Giving Her More Control or Damage. but These Items Are Very Pricey and Don’t Always Make the Best Late-Game Choices.

Level 25: +240 Crystal Nova Damage or +1.25 S Frostbite Duration

With the Extra Crystal Nova Damage, It Becomes a 550-Damage Nuke that Cools Down After 9 Seconds. If you Are Playing Against Images or Heroes Who Call up Creeps, This Can Be Very Useful. Also, It Can Be Helpful if You Can Regularly Hit More than One Hero with It. The extra Damage Could Also Be Very Useful Against Giant Creeps. Another thing to Think About Is This: If You Can Stay Alive During Team Fights, You’ll Be Able to Do a Lot More Damage Throughout Several Casts of The Spell.

With the Extra Frostbite Duration, You Might Be Able to Stop an Enemy for 4.5 Seconds. Being Able to Keep the Target Chain Stunned for Longer than The Spell’s 1.5-second Rest Makes It Easy to Use This Spell Twice on The Same Enemy. This Is Very Powerful Against Heroes Who Have Blink or Other Skills that Let Them Move Quickly. It Can Also Help if You Need to Boss an Enemy Carry More in Team Fights. but Any Dispel Can Get Rid of It, Like Manta Style or Black King Bar. This means that Heroes Who Have These Things May Not Be Able to Use It as Well.

What Crystal Maiden Items to Use to Build

Starting Items

  • Wind Lace
  • Tango
  • Healing Salve
  • Clarity
  • Enchanted Mango
  • Observer Wards
  • Sentry Wards

The only Things Crystal Maiden Can Spend Her Money on For Her Laning Carry Are Items that Restore Mana and Health. Her Base Movement Speed, on The Other Hand, Is Very Slow, Which Can Make It Hard to Use Her Skills Well and Leaves Her Open to Attack Early On. This means that Wind Lace Is a Cheap Pickup Before the 3 3-minute mark. You Can Also Use It to Make Tranquil Boots, Which You Should Get in Almost Every Game.

Early Games Items

If an Enemy Hero Spams Spells with Low Delay, the Magic Wand Can Be a Useful Item for Laning. It’s also a Cheap and Useful Item for Crystal Maiden that Heals. Crystal Maiden Always Wears Tranquil Boots Because They Can Be Changed Into Boots of Bearing. the Mana Regeneration from Arcane Aura Makes Her Not Need Arcane Boots, and The Health Recovery from Tranquil Boots Makes Her Very Self-Sufficient.

Guide to Crystal Maiden in Dota 2: Freeze Enemies in Their Place in 7.33

the Hero Has Great Map Presence Throughout the Game Because They Have a Lot of Health and Mana Recovery. While Jungling, She Can Stay Near Friends and Have a Lot of Health and Mana. This Lets Her Help Out In Ganks and Fights. Crystal Maiden Naturally Moves Slowly, but The Faster Movement Speed Makes up For That. This Makes It Easier for Her to Use Her Spells Successfully in Battle While Staying in The Right Place.

It’s a Good Item for Crystal Maiden to Have Early to Mid-Game Because It Gives Her a Lot of Good Stats and Helps Her Fight. to Help Her Because She Is Weak and Moves Slowly, the Extra Strength and Speed Are Very Helpful. Since Boots of Bearing Was Added in Dota Patch 7.33, It’s an Item that You Have to Have.

Items in The Middle of The Game

Tranquil Boots and Drums Are Used to Make Boots of Bearing, Which Makes It a Great Item for Many Support Heroes to Level Up. Once You’ve Used up All of Your Drums Charges, Craft This Item. It Has a New Ability that Gives Close Allies Faster Movement and Attack for 6 Seconds. Also, Once It’s Cast, the First 1.5 Seconds Protect Your Team from Slows, Making It a Protective Counterspell.

Glam Cape Is a Great Item for Crystal Maiden Because It Lets Her Disappear During Her Channeled Ultimate. You Can Be in The Middle of Enemies in A Team Fight and Still Use Freezing Field. Just Be Careful of Any Ao E Stops that Haven’t Been Used Yet. the Protection to Magic Is Also Very Strong Against Lines that Do a Lot of Magic Damage. as Farming Carry, This Item Is Very Strong and Can Easily Knock You Out. in General, Crystal Maiden Should Use This Item in Almost All of Their Games.

The Blink Dagger Makes It Easier for Crystal Maiden to Use Frostbite on Heroes that Are Slippery and Helps Her Place Herself so That She Can Use Freezing Field More Effectively. Her Ability to Start Ganks and Catch Enemies Off Guard Is Very Strong, and It Also Gives Her a Way to Get out Of Bad Positions. Many of The Best Dota 2 Players Start Their Collections on Crystal Maiden with These High-Level Items.

On Crystal Maiden, the Force Staff Is Another Useful Item that Works a Lot Like the Blink Dagger. She Has More Mana Because She Is Smarter, Which Helps Her Deal with the Freezing Field’s Very High Magic Cost. It Will Help You and Your Allies Stay Safe, and You Can Use It to Close in On Enemies Who Are Running Away.

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Add-Ons for Late Games

If You’re up Against a Lot of Blocks or Magical Damage Late in The Game, the Black King Bar Is a Good Item to Have. It Can Be Used to Get Rid of A Freezing Field for The Whole Time if The Enemies Don’t Have Any Skills that Make Them Immune to Magic. a Black Kind Bar Can Help You Win a Fight if You Know how To Use Freezing Field Well and Have the Gold to Buy One.

You Should Get Aghanim’s Scepter if You Can Regularly Use Your Ultimate Very Well. It Can Also Be Very Strong if Your Team Needs More Stops. Anyone Who Stays in The Area for More than 2.5 Seconds Will Be Frostbitten. This Is Especially Powerful Against Heroes Who Are Hard to Lock Down or Who Have Movement Spells.

But Before You Do This, You Might Want to Get Blink Dagger and Bkb.

Things in This Scene

Aghanim’s Shard Is Temporary Because It Doesn’t Do Much for You Other than Let You Move While You’re Channeling. but Since It Costs 1,400 Gold and Can Be Found in Roshan’s Drop, It’s Not Worth It to Pick One Up.

At a Price That’s About the Same, the Ghost Scepter Can Stop People Who Deal Physical Damage. on The Other Hand, It Might Be Even Worse Against Heroes that Deal Magic Damage.

The Scythe of Vyse Is Always a Great Late-Game Item, and It Gives You a Lot More Stats for Your Mana Pool. When you Stack the Frostbite Skill Twice to Chain-Stun, It Can Be a Great Way to Protect Yourself from Magic Protection.

The Aeon Disk Is a Very Situational Item That Can Be Very Useful. in Team Fights if You Are Quickly Going Down, It Will Help a Lot to Stay Alive, especially if You Are Also Going Down with Damage. Another Thing About It Is That It’s Not Too Expensive, so She Can Afford It.

There Are Times when Help You Aether Lens Can Beat Heroes with A Lot of Movement. It Will Make It Easier to Disable Them with Frostbite. It Can Also Help if You’re Playing Against Heroes that Are Risky. but Things that Let You Move Around, Like the Force Staff and The Blink Dagger, Also Make It Easier to Reach Enemies and Are Generally More Useful.

Most of The Time, You Don’t Need the Hand of Midas on Crystal Maiden. This Is Because She Doesn’t Count on Things to Work, and Waiting for Them to Cause Other Things that Might Be More Useful to Take Longer. that Being Said if You Know You Won’t Be Able to Get Much Gold or Experience During the Game, This Can Help You Scale Better.

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Crystal Maiden Matchups that Are Fun

Interesting Crystal Maiden Match-Ups


Silences prevent Crystal Maiden from casting any of her spells and can interrupt Freezing Field. Targetable spells can be worked around by getting a Glimmer Cape, but AOE skills are harder to avoid. In such scenarios, it’s best not to level up Freezing Field altogether and prioritize spamming other skills.

Area of Effect Disables

AoE stuns or disables can be used to cancel Freezing Field, even if you are invisible from a Glimmer Cape. The best way to work around these kinds of spells is to keep track of which spells have been used and use Freezing Field when it is most effective.

Magic Resistance

Almost all of Crystal Maiden’s damage is magical damage, which makes heroes such as Viper and Pudge, who have inherent magic resistance, very strong against her.

Mobility Heroes

Heroes with strong mobility spells or Blinks are very vulnerable to Frostbite, as they root and prevent enemies from casting spells. This forces them to purchase defensive items or be very vulnerable if you are able to catch them out.

Strong Early Game Spells

Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura is a very powerful early game aura which benefits her entire team. Heroes such as Skywrath Mage and Juggernaut have very powerful spells with high mana costs relative to their mana pools, however these spells can be used more often as a result from the mana regeneration.

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