Episode 224 – Metal Gear Solid 2 Is A Game of Misinformation

In 2001, Metal Gear Solid 2 was released on the PS2. While it was largely considered a smash hit, it was also very divisive. And, strangely, prophetic in it’s themes of digitization of information and the pursuit to control it. While we didn’t quite grasp the game’s complex themes back then, in 2022, it’s all too eerie at how timeless it has become. Sound of the Raign returns to join us to break down Metal Gear Solid 2.  

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Episode 223 – The Pros and Cons of Digital & Physical Video Games

With the recent report that almost 80% of games purchased on PS4 & PS5 are digital, on top of recent reports of games being delisted, it’s caused some concern about the future of digital in gaming spheres. This week, we discuss the pros and cons of both digital and physical, the fear of a future where we own nothing, and why Twitter is a weird, weird place.

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Episode 222 – How My Wife Got Into Gaming

A question that comes up from time to time within the TRG community is, “How do I get my wife to play video games”. Well, today I (Logan) sat down with my wife to ask her what games she enjoys, how she got introduced to gaming, and how is it that she is so much better at games than I am. We also go over some of our favorite memories gaming together, which is often at my expense. (Look at the art for this episode, for example)

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