Bonus Round – Video Games & Church

In this Bonus Round episode, Logan is joined by his mentor, Michael, and partner in ministry, Collin. They answer two questions from the Deer Listeners in regards to how to talk about video games with people in your church, specifically those who think video games are sinful. They also discuss why it’s important for the church to not only be aware of what video games are out there but also the stories and worldviews they present, how they impact youth in the church, and discuss some resources that make learning about video games and their content simple and easy! We fully believe this is a beneficial episode for the church body so please share this with your pastors, members in your church, parents in your church, the guy making your burrito; anyone and everyone!

P.S. This episode was originally intended to be released the week of Thanksgiving but due to schedules and technical issues, it is being released late. Please forgive any outdated language of season greetings.


Connect with the Hosts/Guests

  • Collin
    • PS4: thebaldonion
  • Michael
    • PS4: blitz-5
    • Twitter: @blitzz5
  • Logan
    • Xbox: YankeyDang
    • PS4: SixthRoman

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