How to Play Ryze Well: Mid Lane Guide for 2024?

You likely know who Faker is and why Ryze is his main character if you play League. For those who don’t know, Faker is the main reason why champions have never been buffed and always been nerfed. Even though his gear isn’t very complicated, the hero needs to know a lot of basic things to play well. You can use what you learn about Ryze to improve your game against any other character.

Ryze was never good enough over the years, and only the best players played it. With the new things, the champion is now a lot easier for new players to get to. Our guide has the best builds and runes for Ryze, based on advice from Faker, the Ryze god. This will help you learn how to play.

Ryze Mid Build by Faker

Rod of Ages was brought back in season 13. The item isn’t as powerful as it used to be because it lost its Mythic rank, but it still works perfectly with Ryze’s gear. When Ryze is equipped with the Archangel’s Staff, he has a lot of mana and full health, so he can use all of his abilities quickly one after the other. During the middle game, build Sorcerer’s Shoes to get some magic through.

How to Play Ryze Well: Mid Lane Guide for 2024

When you get to the fourth and fifth items, you can choose from a lot of different ways to build. The full-damage build has the Void Staff, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and the Cosmic Drive. The bad thing about this build is that it doesn’t have any resistance and needs to be placed very carefully.

Because the game has a lot of quick damage, Faker runs Frozen Heart or Zhonya’s Hourglass to get more armor. They then finish the build with Cosmic Drive and Rabadon’s Deathcap. Ryze is hard to one-shot with this build because it is more balanced. It also does enough damage to be safe.

Overall, this is the usual build seen in most of his Ryze games:

  1. Rod of Ages
  2. Sorcerer’s Shoes
  3. Archangel Staff
  4. Frozen Heart/Zhonya’s Hourglass
  5. Cosmic Drive
  6. Rabadon Deathcap

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Faker’s Mid-Lane Runes

Faker Can Only Use One Set Of Runes, And Phase Rush Is The Most Important One. It Gives Him Faster Movement After Three Hits Or Spells, Which Is Easy For Him To Do Because His Abilities Have Short Cooldowns. Faker Usually Picks The Following Minor Runes When Sorcery Is The Main Tree:

  • Manaflow Band for additional mana;
  • Transcendence for the additional ability haste and cooldown refund on takedowns;
  • Waterwalking to roam around the map faster and better stats around objectives.

Inspiration Is The Second Rune Tree. The Best Choices Are Biscuit Delivery And Cosmic Insight. In The First Few Minutes, When Ryze’s Mana Pool Is Low, The First One Gives Him Treats, And The Second One Lowers The Cooldown On Summoners’ Spells.

You Are Now Running The Attack Speed, Moving Speed, And Scaling HP stat Shards. Getting Ryze More Ms. Is Always A Plus Because It Lets Him Space Out More.

If You Follow This Guide, You’ll Be Able To Play Ryze Like Faker In No Time.

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