Best Ways to Win in Sea of Thieves: Tips and Tricks!

The 2018 version of Sea of Thieves has made it one of the best open-world pirate games ever. It’s a shared game, which means that bad people can easily join and start messing up other players’ games. We’ll look at that idea in this guide, find out if there are Sea of Thieves cheats, and list all the hacks, tricks, and bugs in the game.

One bad thing about gaming these days is that it seems like cheaters are always present in games with an online mode. It’s even worse in some games. For example, Call of Duty and Escape From Tarkov are famous for having a lot of cheaters. Although cheats might not be obvious in Sea of Thieves, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

So, Are There Any Sea of Thieves Cheats, and What Are Players Doing to Get Their Hands on Sea of Thieves Hacks?

Let’s answer a very common question first before we get into the part of this guide that talks about cheats. A lot of people ask all the time, “Is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?” and it’s a fair question. This is an online game that you can get on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, so it might work on more than one system, right?

That’s Correct – and It Certainly Is

You can connect to your friend’s Xbox Series S game while you play on your PC and explore the open ocean together. The developers of this game probably chose to add crossplay functionality without giving it much thought because it’s meant to be played with other people. In this case, it’s important to note that Sea of Thieves is only available on Xbox. It’s not on PlayStation or Nintendo.

Sea of Thieves is cross-platform, but it only works on the Xbox and PC systems that it was made for.

Let’s talk about Sea of Thieves cheats now!

Do Sea of Thieves Cheats Exist?

Best Ways to Win in Sea of Thieves: Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, there are cheats and hacks for Sea of Thieves. We said “sadly” because of how they’re used. Some game makers add cheats and codes on purpose to have fun or to make the game easier or more fun to play. Sea of Thieves hacks, on the other hand, are used for something completely different. They are so not approved by the developer that using them would get you banned from the game for good.

To say they’re bad is an understatement. Cheaters and hackers are the only ones who use them. They want to ruin the base game and make it awful for real players. Bad people can get unfair benefits in Sea of Thieves by using cheats and hacks:

  • ESP hacks, showing them where all the best treasure is
  • Aimbot, which instantly locks their aim onto other players
  • Cannon Prediction, which allows them to see exactly where other players are aiming

The Sea of Thieves hacks don’t do anything good or inspiring. If anything, they make the experience worse for people who use them. People think that Sea of Thieves is one of the best Xbox Series X|S games, but these cheats have only been seen on PC. Sea of Thieves cheats are hard to use on Xbox because you can’t install them and there aren’t any regular trick codes that can be used.

A very old idea says that you can’t cheat in an online game because it puts other players at a disadvantage right away. Because of this, almost all game developers will ban people who try to cheat in their online games.

Is Sea of Thieves Fun Without Cheats?

No doubt cheats make single-player games more fun. As an example, many cheats for GTA San Andreas can change the game and the way things work in the world. Some of these cheat codes are funny.

Cheats aren’t needed for all games, though. Most online games don’t have them. In a way, this is a good thing, because Sea of Thieves is a really fun base game with a huge group of active players. The game’s creator, Rare, is always adding to and improving it, and Xbox Game Studios is behind it, so it’s a strong infrastructure that will probably be supported for years to come.

There is a lot to see and do in Sea of Thieves. It has a huge open world, customization choices, and events where characters from other games, like Disney, come together. There’s no need for cheats in Sea of Thieves because the exploration, treasure hunting, and ship battles are what make the game fun and sometimes very intense.

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Follow the Rules, Even as A Pirate

Best Ways to Win in Sea of Thieves: Tips and Tricks

Hacking is never a good idea when playing online games like Sea of Thieves. Because of this, we haven’t included any links in this guide, even though we talk about the online Sea of Thieves cheats. This behavior destroys other players’ experiences, and if it gets bad enough, it threatens the whole game ecosystem because real players will eventually stop caring about a dangerous product.

There are Sea of Thieves hacks out there, but we don’t think you should even look at how to use them. No good can come from it. We suggest that you play the game with friends and have a great time desperately trying to stay alive on the open seas. Exploits are also in the game, like duplication glitches and XP farming exploits, but we won’t go into detail about those either because they’re also meant to give one person an edge.

For more information on cheats and tips, you can check out our gaming guides.

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