Brimstone’s Guide to Valorant: Easy Tricks for Maps and Smoke Strategies!

Helmsman Brimstone is in charge of Valorant Protocol. He is the group’s leader and one of four operators. He opened up first among the VALORANT Agents and has been with us since the Beta.

A controller’s job is to take and keep control of a site, which is clear from the name. Brimstone is very good at this. He can not only help the defenders delay their enemies, but he can also block their vision and knock them out of key places for long enough for the attackers to take over the site.

Brimstone is great for people who are new to Valorant because he is thought to be pretty easy to play. He is high on the list of Valorant Agents and gives any team a lot of useful tools. He can be useful at both low and high levels of evil.

Brimstone’s Ability Rundown

For a while now, other players have cast a shadow over Brimstone. But thanks to some nice buffs he’s gotten over time, he’s finally stepping into the spotlight. Let us look at his skills and figure out how to best use them!

(C) Stim Beacon

  • Cost: 200
  • Duration: 12s
  • Buff linger duration: 4s

The Brimstone throws a Steam Beacon onto the ground. Anyone standing in its path gets important buffs. These buffs include a 15% boost to the Rate of Fire and moving speed, as well as a 10% boost to the speed at which you can reload, equip, and aim. It can’t be broken down. You also get an assist every time a partner kills someone while the beacon is on.

Your team is about to take over a place, so this skill is great. It might not be the most useful skill in the world. Throw the beacon to the ground like a mic drop, and then charge into the spot with all your might!

(Q) Incendiary

  • Cost: 250
  • Duration: 8s
  • Damage: 60 dps

Brimstone has a grenade launcher that goes off when it hits the ground. To anyone in its path, it sets off a fire zone that does damage. There are many times when it can be very useful.

You can use the Incendiary to defend yourself and slow down or even kill the enemy if they get stuck in a choke spot.

However, there’s no question that the best time to use his molly is after a plant. You can not let the enemy defuse the spike from a safe distance. This is where his lines come in. You can get good at clutching with Brimstone and his molly if you work at it and learn more about it.

(E) Sky Smoke

  • Cost: 1st free, 100 rest
  • Max charges: 3
  • Duration: 19.25s
  • Deploy time: 1s
  • Deploy radius: 55m

Brimstone puts on his tactical plan, which is also called a “Sky Pad,” and chooses where he wants his smoke to go.

Brimstone’s smokes are very important; they last the longest in the game. On top of that, you can cast all three smokes anywhere at the same time. When you’re in a hurry to get to a place, this helps because you can cover more than one angle in a split second.

You can also make good use of its range. One way to fake an attack is to smoke at one spot while standing in front of another. Or, when you’re defending on a map like Haven, you can stand on B site and smoke all three site gates at the same time. The only bad thing is that you can only smoke three times per round. So be smart about how you use them and work with your team!

(X) Orbital Strike

    • Cost: 7 ultimate points
    • Duration: 4s
    • Delay: 2s
    • Deploy radius: 60m
  • Damage: 120 dps

When Brimstone is in range, it can cast an Orbital Strike that does a lot of damage to enemies nearby. Enemies can get away from its effects, but it can still do a lot of damage in total. It can cut off whole parts of a map and give you power over any situation if you use it right. Orbital Strike can be very powerful when used with stuns like Neon’s Q or Breach’s Ultimate.

His ultimate is a great tool for after a plant, just like an Incendiary. When enemies try to plant or remove the spike, it makes them run away. You can also use it to stop Killjoy’s final attack.

Lineups and Smokes

If You Want To Get Good At Being A Manager, Don’t Try To Be A Hero. Instead, Work With Your Team And Talk To Them!

Practice Is The Only Way To Get Good At Brimstone And Use All Of His Abilities. It Is Very Important To Know When And How To Smoke. If You Give Your Team Effective Smokes, You Are Much More Likely To Succeed And Do Better.

Of Course, Viper And Astra Do Better On More Maps, Especially When They’re Protecting, But Brimstone Shines When They’re On The Offensive. Knowing Your Line-Ups After A Plant Will Also Help You Get Ready For Times That Are Worth A Clutch.

Brimstone's Guide to Valorant: Easy Tricks for Maps and Smoke Strategies

On Maps Like Bind And Haven, Brimstone Is Very Strong, And We’ve Put Together An Example Of How His Line-Ups Can Be Used On Bind.

There Are A Lot Of Other Line-Ups For Bind, But We Picked These Two Because They Meet Our Needs.

The Plant Is Right On The Edge Of A Site, So You Can Smoke Off The View To Get In Quickly, Plant The Spike, And Then Go Back To A Short. Before You Start Working, Make Sure No One Is Trying To Sneak Up On You. You Start Your Plan As Soon As You Hear The Enemy Go For The Defuser. This Gives Them Time To Figure Out Which Side You’ll Peek From.

Just Jump Up On The Corner Of A Short, Look Up At The Small Cloud, Put Your Health Hud Next To The Lamp, And Fire!

The Foes Will Not Know What Hit Them

This Is A Great Example For When You Come In Through B Long. Place The Spike In The Corner As Shown, And Then Go Back To The B Teleporter. Place Yourself Next To The Teleport In The Left Area And Wait. In This Great Spot, You Can Also Keep An Eye On B Long To Make Sure No One Is Coming Back For A Second Try.

Watch The Sky And Line Up Your Health Bar With The Bottom Left Part Of What You Can See. When You Hear An Enemy Trying To Defuse The Bomb, Shoot!

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Good Luck with Your Brimstone Adventures

It’s Never Easy To Learn A New Agent, But We Hope This Helps You Get Started. Brimstone Is A Great Choice For Players Who Like To Play Strategically. Learning How To Use Him Is Simple And Doesn’t Take Much Work. Don’t Be Afraid To Learn New Things And Get Your Hands Dirty. Now Go Out And Show What You Can Do!

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