Wild Rift Ranking System – League of Legends Wild Rift Ranks List!

Wild Rift, which came out in 2019, has become a very popular Riot Games game. Even though it has a lot in common with League of Legends, it was always going to be famous. There is a lot to enjoy because the heroes and goals are the same in both games. This twin form of LoL can be played on phones by people all over the world. DOTA 2 mobile is another game that is a lot like WR.

Players now put a lot of weight on the scoring system because the game has become so popular. Wild Rift is a great game to play for fun, but a lot of people also like to play against other people. This is why the Wild Rift ranks are a great way for players to show what they can do.

Because of this, we’ve put together a full list of all the League Wild Rift ranks. We look at the ways that WR is the same and different from the PC version and how to use them best. We also go into great detail about how the Wild Rift ranks are distributed, how the ranking system works, and what the esports scene is like right now.

Current Wild Rift Ranks

The ranking system for LoL and Wild Rift is almost the same going forward. There are a few small changes on the mobile side. IOS and Android users can fight their way through a total of ten Wild Rift rank levels. Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger are the levels. Mobile players are the only ones who can add the Emerald tier. The WR ranks have four divisions, with Diamond being the highest. However, the Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger rank only have one section each.

Wild Rift Ranks

Ranking WR is easy, especially if you know how to use a computer. Based on how their game goes, players can gain or lose points. A player will be moved up to a higher level or a new division when they hit a certain number of points. To get to the top tier, players who are less than Diamond will have to beat four groups. But if a player loses a match, they may lose points they have won.

Wild Rift Ranking System

Like getting LPs in League of Legends, it all depends on how well players do in their matches. Riot Games was smart to take out the Promotion Series from the mobile game. This feature lets players get higher ranks once they hit a certain number of points. For a long time, after getting 100 LPs in their division, League of Legends players had to play promotion series. A lot of people didn’t like this method. Mobile gamers can also take a deep breath because the game’s method and Wild Rift rank percentage are the same as on the PC version.

How to Move Up in the Wild Rift Rankings

You need to get Ranked Marks to move up in Wild Rift. You can get Marks by winning top matches, but you can also lose them by losing them. To move up in rank, a player needs Marks. If they lose too many Marks, they can also be demoted.

To move up to the next tier, you need a certain number of Marks:

  • Iron – 2 Marks
  • Bronze – 3 Marks
  • Silver – 3 Marks
  • Gold – 4 Marks
  • Platinum – 4 Marks
  • Emerald – 5 Marks

There’s another way to get Ranked Fortitude: if you play well from Iron to Emerald, read this. When you get enough Fortitude in a game, you get a Hex Shield that keeps you from losing one mark. Not a Ranked Mark, but half of your Fortitude points are lost instead. The amount of Fortitude you have is based on how many matches you win and how many awards you earn in those matches. You can also lose Fortitude if you act badly in the game.

Ranked Fortitude Caps at A Certain Level for Each Rank.

When a player reaches Diamond rank, Victory Points take the place of the marks. Getting these Victory Points will put you on the scoreboard and help you move up a round in Diamond. The structure of Victory Points is also different from that of normal marks. Not only can players get VP for wins, but they can also get points even if they lose. High-level players (Diamond and above) can also use the Legendary Queue, which is only for skilled players.

Wild Rift Ranking System

A player doesn’t need to win to get more points if they do well in the game. This method keeps players from being carried away by other players and can tell the good ones from the bad ones. Also, the best players can play against each other and try to get to the top.

Things That Are the Same and Different from League of Legends

Have you ever wondered which MOBA you should play? It’s Wild Rift vs. Mobile Legends. Don’t look any further! For a long time, League of Legends has been the best MOBA for PC gamers. Now, Wild Rift is on its way to becoming the best MOBA for mobile gamers as well.

First, let’s look at the ways that WR is like its PC counterpart, LoL. For PC players with a lot of experience, movement skills, farming, and combinations are mostly the same. It can be easier to switch to playing WR if you know all the parallels and differences. Moving forward, it may be harder to move now that WR has a mobile interface. But this process should get easier to handle over time. Also, the champions and skill sets are all the same, and the setting is pretty much the same as it was in the first game.

Some things are different between WR and the popular game, though, since WR is a younger version of it. In the mobile form, there are no item activities and no Nexus towers. However, the base Nexus can defend itself by firing lasers. WR doesn’t have any jungle or support items. Dragons have also changed, and long-range skills now help the camera. Both games have some things in common and some things that are different, but in the end, they are the same game with the same MOBA goals.

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Wild Rift Video Games

People who play WR can also compete in e-sports, which is not a surprise. People who want to play should start by playing mobile games and work their way up until they reach Master rank or higher. This will let amateurs play against professionals, who often appear in games of this caliber. This is a taste of what top-level players can bring, which can be very helpful for people who want to go further.

Wild Rift: Global Championship Icons is the most recent event with gameplay. With over $2,000,000 up for grabs and 24 of the best teams in the world coming, there will be a lot of good football. Since every event brings together a whole community, why not check out the WR Twitch feed and watch the action? Also, you now understand how the rankings work and know how to watch the best players. It’s time to fight for glory!

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