Best LC10 Warzone Loadout: Everything You Need to Know About!

Season Three of Call of Duty: Warzone is well underway, and players have already seen a lot of great guns. We have made load-outs for a wide range of weapons, from ARs with no recoil like the FFAR and FARA 83 to SMGs with lasers like the MP40 and PPSH-41. Since there isn’t a clear meta for Warzone yet, any weapon with the right add-ons and benefits can help you do well. In this guide, we’ll talk about the very accurate LC10 with our top-notch LC10 Warzone Loadout.

For this loadout, we’ll be talking about the very accurate LC10. The weapon has a great base version. The weapon is very strong because it fires quickly, does good damage, and is easy to control. This weapon might be seen more in the next few weeks since there are a lot of Warzone competitions coming up.

Get Levelled Up

We know that a max-level weapon has to be in every weapon loadout we make. This will let you choose any available file. The top level is 55 because it was made during the Cold War. It should take you about 3–3 and a half hours to hit max rank with this method. We strongly advise that you use the contract way on Rebirth Island since there aren’t as many gunfights in Cold War multiplayer and Caldera.

Best LC10 Warzone Loadout: Everything You Need to Know About

Put on any double XP tokens you may have before you start. This will speed up the whole process. Next, make sure that the Combat Scout, Point Man, and Double Time perks are all on. After you tag an enemy, you’ll be able to follow them around during battle and have more movement to boot. Point Man is also important because you will be getting contracts. When you use this perk, you get an extra XP for every deal you finish.

Now jump into a Rebirth game and get supply-run contracts right away. The easier ones are here, and you should be able to finish many of them now that your mobility is better. As soon as you unlock the loadout, you should try to stay out of skirmishes. If you feel comfortable, though, you should take bounty jobs because they pay more. You will hit max rank after some time, so leave and then put together the loadout below.


Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Barrel: 13.9” Task Force
Stock: Raider Stock
Rear Grip Serpent Wrap
Magazine: Salvo 52 Round Fast Mag
Class Perks: Double Time, Ghost, Combat Scout
Lethal: Throwing Knife
Tactical: Stun Grenade

How Each Attachment and Perk Works Together

What we wanted to do was make a loadout that lets you attack enemies and move as quickly as possible. Our pick of muzzles makes the bullet go faster and more accurately. With the Barrel and Stock, you’ll be able to move around more easily and have a faster hip-to-fire time. The Serpent Grip will improve all stats, making the LC10 a more accurate, high-damage, quick-reflex weapon.

You can stay out of sight with Ghost, keep your sprint time up with Double Time, and find hurt enemies with Scout. You can kill enemies with the knife in close combat, which saves ammo, and the stuns will give you a huge edge when things get tight.

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Recommended Playstyle

Best LC10 Warzone Loadout: Everything You Need to Know About

You can now go to fight with the attachments, perks, and full loadout guide in hand. Before you do that, we’ve found that this loadout works well on Rebirth Island because the LC10 is so good at close to medium range. It is better to use the Overkill perk and Sniper instead of Ghost if you want to play Caldera. This will help you in duels that take place at longer ranges.

For this guide’s sake, we strongly suggest that you read Rebirth. Does supply run jobs as soon as you get in to try to get your loadout right away? So you don’t have to wait for a drop. Next, being in Bioweapons or Security is a good idea because it limits the ways people can attack you from the sides. Now that you’ve done this, you should have a good amount of money. Buy trends! Finally, once you’re ready, go fight some people.

Remember that you can fight from a middle distance with our best LC10 Warzone loadout because the bullets move faster and there is almost no recoil. Wait your turn, and try to stay out of open fights. There is a good chance that you and your team will be at the end of a steady pace.

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