Dota 2 Mirana Guide: Make Enemies Scared of Your Arrow in Patch 7.14!

Thereformedgamers– hero Mirana, or PotM as she’s sometimes called, is strong and fast. You can play her as a mid-hero, an off-laner, or a roamer.

In the early and middle games, PotM is pretty weak, but she has one of the best agility gains in the game, which makes her a strong late-game push. She helps her team a lot with Moonlight Shadow and stops enemies for a long time with Sacred Arrow. No matter what part she plays, her set of skills stays pretty much the same.

Detailed Spell Guide for Mirana


Mirana sends out deadly stars that hit all enemies in the area. If you hit an enemy within a short range, a second star will fall on them and do 75% damage. Every 10 seconds, Aghanim’s Scepter makes this power happen without any mana cost or cooldown.

The falling stars take a while to reach their target, and they don’t hit units that are unseen, hidden, or in the fog of war. The secondary star, on the other hand, will. Make sure the enemy hero is closer than any other creep when you’re leaning so that the second star hits them. In the early game, Starstorm is a more effective nuke than Sacred Arrow, so it should always be maxed first. It can also be used to farm neutral camps and creep waves.

Sacred Arrow

Mirana fires an arrow at the target. The farther it goes, the more damage it does and the longer it stuns the target. Anytime the Arrow hits a creep, it will die right away. This should be the last thing you max out because the length of the stun doesn’t change at all levels. Also, the damage isn’t great for getting kills or farming in the beginning and middle game. The only time it can be useful is to farm the big creep in a camp. You can get it at level 1 if you don’t need the Leap skill to avoid an early gank. When enemies try to fight for runes at the start of the game, this will give you a few more chances to kill them.

With the arrow, you can see a little better, which you can use to look for enemies in the trees and on Roshan. If you want to gank any lane, try to find a spot where the enemy can’t see the shot. For instance, try making the arrow go along the length of a tree line to get farther away, or hit them from a side so that their screen isn’t likely to be in the middle. At close range, the Arrow will only stun for a short time and do very little damage. If you just need to do more damage, it’s often better to keep hitting. If you learn how to cast this spell properly, you’ll become a carry monster very quickly and be on your way to 10k mmr.


Miranda jumps forward, which gives her faster movement, and attacks for two seconds. Leap has three charges and splits up approaching projectiles. You can get it at level 1 if you need to hold out against early ganks. Most of the time, the leap is maxed second after getting two points in it.

This is because moving and attack speeds are twice as fast at level 2 as they are at level 1. After level 2, they drop to 50% and then 33% from level 3 to 4. If you have three charges of Leap, it’s hard to gank you, but if you only have one or none, be very careful. After you hit an arrow, you should use Leap to close the gap between you and the target so that you can finish them off.

Shadow of The Moonlight

After a Short Fade Delay, Mirana Makes Herself and All of Her Friends Invisible. While They Are Invisible, They Can Move Faster. When you Attack, Use an Item or Cast a Spell, the Hero Appears and The Fade Wait Starts Over. Moonlight Shadow Can Get Your Friends out Of Ganks, Change the Direction of Ganks, or Let Your Team Dive an Enemy without Getting Killed.

Dota 2 Mirana Guide: Make Enemies Scared of Your Arrow in Patch 7.14

It Can Also Be Used Instead of Smoke of Deceit in The Middle and Late Game when Your Team Can Gather to Look for A Gank as 5. People Usually Learn This Skill at Level 8 Instead of Level 6 Because They Don’t Need It as Often as They Need Another Level of Starstorm or Leap. but Getting It at Level 6 Can Be Helpful if The Other Team Has a Very Busy Early Game Lineup.


Level 10: +200 Health or +20 Damage

If you’re facing heroes that can disable you with stuns or silences or heroes that can burst you down quickly, then the extra HP will probably be a better choice. If Leap is enough to ensure your survival in fights, then you can get the damage instead. The extra damage is great on PotM because it helps her deal more damage in fights and farm a lot faster.

Level 15: +100 Leap Attack Speed or -5 S Sacred Arrow Cooldown

The reduced cooldown can be good if you need more disables on your team, or if fights tend to be quite long. However, in most cases, the increased attack speed is a better option on Mirana, as this doubles the attack speed bonus from the spell. This also scales better into the late game as the increased attack speed will grant you more damage as you get more items.

Level 20: +25 Mana Break or +12% Spell Amplification

If you have an Aghanim’s Scepter and if you’re facing a strong illusion hero like Phantom Lancer, then the spell amp can be good as it will be quite good for your Starstorm. In almost every other situation, the mana break is a better choice. Mirana has very high stat gain which makes her a great Manta Style carrier. Having illusions with mana break is very strong in all stages of the game, and particularly strong in the late game.

Level 25: -80 Moonlight Shadow Cooldown or +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows

The reduced cooldown will give Moonlight Shadow a 30-second cooldown and a 15-second downtime. This sounds quite strong, although this is quite easily countered by a Gem of True Sight and/or Dota 2 Wards and Dust. On the other hand, the multishot gives PotM potentially 2 more long-duration stuns and effectively triples the effectiveness of Sacred Arrow. Granted, they are much harder to land, but they are essentially 2 free Sacred Arrows.

The Best Way to Build Mirana Items

In the Beginning of The Game, Mirana Does Very Little Base Damage, and It’s Hard to Last-Hit Any Hero Who Does More Damage. This Can Be Fixed with A wide band and Iron Branches, Which Can Also Be Put Together to Make a Ring of Aquila, Which Is Great for Pot M.

The amount of Health Regeneration You Need Will Depend on Whether You Go Offline or Mid and The Enemy Team. You Can Get This from A Healing Salve and Your Own Tangos or Those Shared by Your Allies. There Is a Chance that You Can Combo and Kill Enemies with A Moving Hero on Your Team. To Make Sure You Always Have Mana to Cast Sacred Arrow, You Might Want to Get Clarity.

Early Games Items

Ring of Aquila

A Ring of Aquila is a great item on Mirana because it gives her lots of damage which she lacks in the early game, and mana regen to fuel her spell-casting.


If you’re in the mid-lane, you’ll usually want a Bottle as it will be your primary form of HP regen in the early and mid game. If you’re facing a hero who is unable to deal much harass damage to you, you could skip it, but it’s a good pickup on Mirana and lets her use Starstorm more freely to farm faster.

Phase Boots

Phase Boots are good on Potm because they give her more right-click damage and the increased movement speed stacks well with the movement speed from Leap. This also helps you to position yourself for Sacred Arrows and get in range for Starstorm more easily.

Magic Wand

A Magic Wand will give PotM a bit more sustainability in the early game and the burst HP and mana regen will often be just enough to let her cast a Leap to safety or Moonlight Shadow to help her team out.

Dragon Lance

A Dragon Lance gives Mirana some great stats and allows her to attack from a safer distance away. It can also be built into a Hurricane Pike later if you need one.


A Maelstrom gives Mirana more DPS and is especially good against creep and illusion heroes. It also helps her to farm creep waves and jungle camps much more efficiently. It works well on PotM as she has a quite high attack speed in the mid and late-game.

Mid Game Items

The Hurricane Pike

A Hurricane Pike Can Be Useful for Pot M Because It Makes It Easy to Kite Heroes and Get Away from Enemies without Having to Use Leaps. Using Leap on An Enemy After Using Pike Will Let You Hit Them from Anywhere, and The Extra Attack Speed Will Make It Even Better. when You Leap, Just Be Careful Which Way You Go and Make Sure You Can Still See the Enemy.

Style of Manta

The Manta Style Is a Great Item for Mirana Because It Gives Her a Lot of Mobility, Which Means that Her Illusions Do a Lot of Damage. Manta’s Purge Is Also Great for Getting Rid of Slows and Silences. Also, the Speed Boost Is Nice, and It Works Well with Phase Boots and Leap.

Blade for Diffusing

It’s Great to Use Diffusal Blade and Manta Style Together Because Her Illusions that Deal a Lot of Damage Also Get the Manabreak Trait. You Can Also Kite and Chase Down Enemies Very Well with The Active Slow. if You Are Level 15 and Have the Mana Break Skill, Every Attack You Make Will Drain 75 Mana. Most of The Time, the Best Dota 2 Players Will Build Both Things in Their Games.

Late Game Items

Monkey King Bar

If there is lots of evasion on the enemy team, then an MKB can be a good pickup on Mirana. The attack speed is gained by your illusions as well, although they do not proc the extra damage.


A Butterfly gives you lots of agility and attack speed, making your illusions very powerful if you have a Manta Style. The evasion will tank you up against physical damage dealers, and the Flutter active will allow you to escape or re-position yourself in fights much more easily.


A Mjollnir is a great item against illusion and creep heroes, especially if you already have a Maelstrom. Generally it’s only worth upgrading a Maelstrom into a Mjollnir if you’re in the late game and need to make use out of your inventory slots.


A Desolator can be a great damage item on PotM if you have some minus-armor spells on your team as you’ll be able to deal a lot of physical damage. It can be a great item against lineups with squishy heroes.

Dangerous Match-Ups to Be Aware Of


Although Disruptor can Glimpse you into a Static Storm and often kill you if he has help, you can leap out of his Kinetic Field. A Linken’s Sphere might be a god pickup against him.


You cannot Leap out of the Pounce leash, so wait until it’s over. He can also purge himself of the Sacred Arrow stun if he’s fast.

Reliable Disables

Stuns and Banishments/sleeps Are Great Items to Set up Your Sacred Arrows.

Projectile Stunners

Spells like Storm Hammer can be disjointed by Leap if you’re fast enough.


You can Leap out of Power Cogs which makes it very hard for Clock to punish you.

Ancient Apparition

Cold Feet poses little threat as you can Leap away before it freezes you, so just be careful about being greedy and using Leap too late.

Strong Dispels

Abaddon and Oracle both have strong dispels that purge enemies from the Sacred Arrow stun. These two are some of the hardest Dota 2 heroes for Mirana to play against.


Silences prevent Mirana from using Leap and escaping to safety. A BKB or a Manta Style can be good options to help her survive fights.

True Sight

Sentry Wards, Dusts, gems, and spells that provide True Sight are very effective in countering Moonlight Shadow.

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