How to Control Spraying: Understanding CS2 Spray Patterns?

Thereformedgamers– To get good at Counterstrike, you need to play a lot of them. It’s the only game with this level of tactical depth, needed reflexes, and need to stay calm. It might be easy to buy a new tool every round since there are so many to pick from.

One thing you might not know, though, is that CS2 spray designs are one of the most complicated parts of the game.

What Is a Spray Pattern in CS2?

When you fire your automatic gun, the bullets will land in a spray pattern. Because your gun will recoil, the shots won’t just go where your crosshair is. The shots you have will begin to move left, right, up, and down. But each gun has its unique spray pattern that is always the same. You can learn a few guns well with this.

How to Learn the Spray Pattern

You can go to a secret server and shoot the whole clip of your gun into a wall and different points in front of you to see what the spray pattern looks like. By following these steps, you will be able to adjust for your gun’s recoil.

Check out CSGO Pedia for a full gallery of spray patterns to get a quick idea of what C2 spray patterns look like.

What Is Spray Control in CS2?

To use spray control, move your mouse in the opposite direction of the weapon’s draw. For instance, the AK-47’s first ten shots will go up and to the right. You pull down and to the left at the same speed as the recoil to prevent this. This will aim your first 10 shots at about the same spot. At the very least, you should learn how the first 10 shots bounce back and practice those spray patterns with the guns you’ll use most often.

In the video below, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski from Team Liquid walks you through it all very well:

Can I Make My Maps to Help Me Learn How to Control the Spray?

Yes, a lot of Unique Maps Have Been Made to Help with Spray Control. These Are Some of Them. Recoil Master-Spray Training: For Spray Control, This Is by Far the Most Used Plan. You Can Use This Plan to Learn how To Use Any Gun’s Spray Patterns by Making a Copy of Them. Pick a Gun, Stand in The Middle, Aim Down Range, and Follow the Dot, Which Tells You Exactly Where and How to Move Your Crosshair:

Key Features

  • Ghosthairs/spray patterns for all weapons.
  • AutoSpray – hold down the trigger and it will show you how to spray!
  • Reset button clears the bullet holes, reloads your weapon, and resets the spray pattern.
  • Twenty different ranges to shoot from.
  • Weapon wall with all the available weapons in the game.
  • Various buttons to toggle settings, for example, infinite ammo and no spread.
  • Bullet time, slow down the time with a press of a button! (Inspect weapon key)

Spend Some Time on This Map Learning How To Use the CS2 Spray Patterns. Then It’s Time to Show What You’ve Learned. to Test Your New Skills, Play Deathmatch, Retakes, Wingman, and Casual. After You Get Used to Shooting Other People, Join a Competition Server to See How Much You’ve Grown!

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How Else Can I Improve My Spray Control?

The Best Way to Get Better at This and Many Other Important Counter-Strike Skills Is to Practice. You Can’t Skip Steps to Get Better at Spray Control, Just Like with Your Cs2 Aim Training. You’ll Have to Put in The Time to See Results. A lot of Players Choose to Run a Local Server on Their Computer and Practice Under Different Rules when They’re Not on Special Maps Like Recoil Master.

  • sv_cheats 1: this command is mandatory whenever making changes on a local CS2 server as this enables you to use cheats in the first place.
  • sv_infinite_ammo 2: this command will give you an unlimited amount of clips and magazines. This is useful as having unlimited ammo will let you practice your spray control more without needing to get ammo back while still leaving you the chance to practice with the exact amount of bullets you’d get in a regular match while firing.
  • view_recoil_tracking 1: this command sets your crosshair to follow the bullets that are fired, as opposed to the fixed position it usually holds. This can help clarify the spray pattern of each CS2 weapon and help develop your muscle memory in countering that pattern.

Of Course, You Should Only Use These Tools on Your Own Local Server to Get Used to Them. the Most Important Thing for Your Improvement Will Be Being Able to Use What You’ve Learned Here in The Future.

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