How to Use the CS2 AWP: Everything You Need to Know about the Big Green Gun!

Thereformedgamers– The AWP is without a question the coolest role in Counter-Strike 2. At $4750, it’s a very expensive thing to add to the server, but a player who knows how to use the CS2 AWP well can win rounds by themselves. You’re in luck if you want to move up in Counter-Strike with the Big Green. We’ll show you how to AWP in CS2.

Get Used to Cheaper Guns

How to Use the CS2 AWP: Everything You Need to Know about the Big Green Gun

It’s possible that your main weapon won’t be used for three to four rounds as the AI. People who play AWP CS2 need to get used to using less expensive guns while their friends carry in the beginning rounds. If they buy an AK-47, you might choose to take a Galil or a Mac-10 to get more kills. You should take good care of your economy so that you can get that AWP out as soon as possible.

But even so, you should still be useful in games. If you want to make sure you’re not a liability while you save up for better and bigger things, you should practice a lot with cheaper guns.

Be Aggressive and Mobile

You should always try to be active and move around when you are learning how to AWP in CS2. It’s important to treat the AWP like a great gun in Counter-Strike. As you might expect, there is a fine line to walk. If you try to push a whole team with an AWP and a dream, you will quickly be exposed.

How to Use the CS2 AWP: Everything You Need to Know about the Big Green Gun

AWP CS2 players should always try to move around after each shot, though, if they can. It’s scary to think that the CS2 AWP can kill you in a single shot. Moving around with the AWP makes things hard for the enemies and may even make them feel safe when they’re not.

Let’s look at a very unique case. As an AWPer on the CT side of Nuke, you probably play in Garage and look toward Red Box and Silo. If you get a pick outside and there is no more contact, you should ask a partner to go with you. The enemies won’t expect you to be holding Ramp with an AWP if you switch with the Ramp player, though. As long as you’re still outside, they expect you to kill someone else. Dev1ce’s games are a great example of how to stay mobile and active at the same time.

Know How To Hold Angles

When you use the CS2 AWP, you need to know exactly how to hold angles. This is a pretty basic tip. When learning how to AWP in Counter-Strike, a lot of people make the mistake of keeping an angle and putting their crosshairs too close to the wall. Most of the time, this will kill you unless you always have godlike flicks.

Instead, put your crosshair where you think the enemy will be right after they swing. That means you shouldn’t move your mouse much, which gives you the best chance of hitting the shot every time.

Aim for The Chest

As an AWPer, you likely only have one chance to kill your enemy before they kill you. This is one of the most important jobs in CSGO. So, keep this in mind: the AWP only hits the legs and kills them.

It does not matter if it is the head or the chest. They fall down when you hit them most of the time. Your chest is the biggest part of your body, so you should always aim for that. For CS2 AWP strikes, you only get style points.

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Hold Off-Angles

In Counter-Strike in general, this is good advice. But when playing with the AWP in the default settings, you should always try to hold off angles.
Pre-firing is the worst thing that can happen, and if you play a lot of default places with the AWP, it can happen a lot as the ranks go up. You should always try to be somewhere your opponent won’t expect you to be, so you’re not open to other risks. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next R1 or ZywOo!

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