What Does “322” Mean in Twitch Chat? Explaining the Dota 322 Meme!

The 322 is a Dota 2 cheat that has become one of the most popular jokes in the game. First, 322 happens when a team or player acts badly or silly even though they are ahead in a game. For this reason, it means the same thing as calling out that someone is throwing the match.

What Does the 322 Meme Mean in Dota 2?

One professional Dota 2 player threw his match for a $322 bet, where the 322 joke started. People think of Alexey “Solo” Berezin as the father of 322 Dota. It’s important to remember that Solo only threw one match in Season 6 of StarLadder StarSeries. He bet against his own team, RoX.KIS, which was playing zRage at the time. So, the $322 bet that Solo didn’t get became the most famous joke for 322 Dota.

What Does "322" Mean in Twitch Chat? Explaining the Dota 322 Meme

StarLadder initially banned Solo for life, but the ban was later shortened to just one year. Some players criticized StarLadder for being too easy on the players at the time, as well as Valve for not doing anything about it. But Solo’s fans said that he didn’t 322 Dota in an official Valve event, so StarLadder should decide how harsh of a ban they should give them.

How to Use the Dota 322 Meme in Twitch Chat?

It became very popular for players to spam a meme that is still frowned upon in e-sports. Fans today often see a lot of “Dota 322” text in the Twitch chat after a team loses a fight they were ahead in.

This may not directly mean that the teams are fixing the games, but it is an ode to cheating. Some watchers also spam 644, which is 322 Dota times 4, when the other team loses a fight or feeds back. Because of this, two different versions of the 644 meme and the 322 meme are being used at the same time.

And no matter what, Solo is one of the lucky few players who did 322 Dota in an era when it wasn’t widely seen as wrong. Players who did the same thing as what happened in Dota 322 were punished much more harshly by Valve today, or rather, just months after the famous event.

Different Forms of Dota 322

Arrow Gaming’s Yi Liong “ddz” Kok and Hsien Wan “Lance” Fua were one bad case of Dota 322 that got too much attention in 2014. The two were banned for life by Synergy League for making bad choices and feeding while they were ahead in the match.

At first, the two players refuted the Dota 322 claims in a post on Reddit called “I AM DDZ, I am NOT 322.”

What Does "322" Mean in Twitch Chat? Explaining the Dota 322 Meme


There were also disagreements with the team’s management and claims between the players, which led to both of them admitting they were wrong. Valve took this case seriously this time, though, and banned them from all Valve-sponsored events for life. To give you an idea of how bad that is, Valve runs the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), the Majors, and the International Championships.

Because of the damage to their image as professional athletes, no team will ever hire them again. Also, harsh accusations were made against the rest of Arrow Gaming, but there was no solid proof to support them. The other people didn’t get banned for life by Valve, but they still get the 322 meme in their chat.

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322 in Today’s Dota 2 Scene

Valve and many other well-known competition organizers have made it clear that they will not stand for any kind of match-fixing or game-throwing. Even though it’s been years since Valve made Arrow Gaming an example, we still hear about talented people, usually from South America and Southeast Asia, getting caught.

Just one year ago, Team Orca and Apex were kicked out of DPC 2022 for fixing games. Cheng “vtF±ded” Jia Hao and Lai “AhJit” Jay Son, who made their debut in TI Championships before, were among the well-known players on the squad. Rising stars from the Philippines, Omega Esports players threw games behind their managers’ backs, which hurt the organization’s reputation.

Match-fixing cases are still common, so 322 will always be a joke to make fun of how stupid these players are.

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