Bridging Platforms: Far Cry 6 and the Evolution of Cross-Platform Gaming!

Far Cry 6, an open-world shooter takes place on the beautiful island of Yara in the Caribbean. The game is set in the present day, during a guerrilla revolt against an oppressive dictatorship. In this game, Anton Castillo and his son Diego are the main characters. They do everything they can to make their country great again.

Is Far Cry 6 Crossplay?

Like the last game in the series, Far Cry 6 has an online mode that lets players work together to go on adventures on the brand-new Caribbean island of Yara. People still ask, “Is Far Cry 6 crossplay?” just like they did with the last game.

Luckily, yes, Far Cry 6 does let players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X play with each other. Unfortunately, you can’t play Far Cry 6 with other people who have a Windows PC, a PS4, a PS5, an XBox Series S/X, or an Xbox One right now.

Enabling Cross-Platform Play in Far Cry 6

If you want to use this function, here are the steps you can take to get in touch with your friends:

  • Firstly, make sure you all have the same version of the game installed
  • All players need to have a Ubisoft account to play together
  • Using Ubisoft, add each other as friends and then send them an invite to your game (whoever is hosting)
  • Once the invites are sent, the next is to accept the invite to join the host
  • When all the players have joined the session you can go ahead and enjoy your game

To play with other people in Far Cry 6, you must first finish Operation Du or Die, the game’s second story task. Once you’ve done that, you can go to the co-op section and start playing with other people. Our Far Cry 5 crossplay guide also shows you how crossplay works in the game.


Far Cry 6 is different from its predecessor Far Cry 5 in that it has a cross-progression system that lets players move their save data from one platform to another. To move to a different platform, do the following:

Bridging Platforms: Far Cry 6 and the Evolution of Cross-Platform Gaming

Putting your save on the cloud by hand is the only way to use it on another device.

  • Start the game on the platform with the save you just made.
  • Select “New Game” from the main screen.
  • Pick out the save file you want to send to the cloud and click the Share button next to it.

Once your save has been uploaded, you can download it onto the new platform.

  • Launch the game on the new platform.
  • Open the main menu and select Load Save from the Cloud.
  • If this option is grayed out, you do not currently have a saved file on the cloud and will need to upload it again.
  • Wait for the confirmation pop-up.
  • Select the save slot you want to use, and the game will start.

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There was also cross-platform play in Far Cry 6, a feature that many people wanted and that the community was happy about. This guide should have helped you figure out “Is Far Cry 6 crossplay?” Visit our other pages about the best horror games if you want to learn more about cross-platform games that you can play with family and friends.

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