Why Has the New Apex Legends Battle Pass System Hiked the Price?

Like its rivals, Apex Legends is a popular Battle Royale game that also features a Battle Pass. If you purchase the premium tier of the Pass, you can use the game to obtain cosmetics every season.

But things are about to change drastically for its Pass. A new Apex Legends Battle Pass system will bring about a significant change. For most players, the cost is also going to soar.

The price has increased significantly from the previous one, which has angered supporters. It makes sense that this has been among the most contentious Apex Legends news items of late. There is gouging of fans. Respawn has made certain adjustments to the Pass’s functionality. Does this significant price increase make sense given the change?

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System Changes in The New Apex Legends Battle Pass

The Apex Legends Battle Pass has undergone significant adjustments for Season 22.

Why Has the New Apex Legends Battle Pass System Hiked the Price?

There are now twice as many, to start with. Purchasing twice as many passes is necessary if you want to unlock everything. practically double the cost. But it doesn’t end there.

Additionally, the revenues from the previous Pass are no longer available for purchase. The previous Apex pass distributed enough currency to purchase the subsequent one, much to Fortnite Battle Passes.

That is to say, if you refrain from making rash purchases, you may purchase one pass and keep rolling it again and again.

It’s different now with the latest adjustments to the Apex Legends Battle Pass system. Money will still be distributed using the passes. But you can’t purchase them with that money anymore.

It is currently the sole option to purchase Battle Passes with actual money. Though perhaps worse with multiple passes, these are more akin to the original OW 2 Battle Passes.

It implies that everyone plans to begin making monetary purchases of them every season. That’s unfortunate if you also had a stash of in-game cash. This is an endless price increase if you had been utilizing the free money from a pass to purchase the next. a very avaricious modification to the game’s revenue structure.

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This development may lead to a significant increase in the number of players moving to become free agents. With significantly less filler, the Battle Pass incentives have been improved. But for a lot of people, the price increase will be too much.

Why Has the New Apex Legends Battle Pass System Hiked the Price?

Cosmetic changes don’t affect gameplay or tournaments, but for many, they indicate a departure from the game’s original intentions. Unfortunately, people seem to be giving up on the game more quickly now that this change has been made. For its present fan base, this could prove to be a tipping point when considering whether Apex is fading.

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