How Will the New Hero Base Cosmetic Slot in Dota 2 Enhance Arcana Skins?

In Valve’s calendar, the much awaited Crownfall Act 3 update was ultimately released on June 39, or July 9. It brought with it two cosmetic updates that stunned Dota 2 skin experts.

Hero Base Dota 2 for Arcana Effects

Juggernaut, Pudge, and a few other heroes who use a lot of cosmetics can access Hero Base, a new cosmetic slot. These are essentially spaces for equipping Bladeform Legacy and The Feast of Abscession, the special effects of the Arcana skins, respectively.

The fact that more than just the glossy ambient or Arcana’s particles are equipped on the Hero Base slot, though, is what really elevates this new cosmetic improvement.

Furthermore, both Arcanas are now separated into numerous pieces, with Pudge’s backpiece and Juggernaut’s Arcana headpiece being able to be equipped in the appropriate spots.

How Will the New Hero Base Cosmetic Slot in Dota 2 Enhance Arcana Skins?

This allows the Arcana effects and design elements to be used in a more unified set combo. In the past, premium sets with excellent Juggernaut masks or Pudge back pieces have been less desirable because their Arcana skin would need to be changed for these positions.

The Hero Base contains ships equipped with the Crownfall Collector’s Cache, which just so happens to contain extremely rare sets of the two heroes described earlier. To put it simply, they look amazing.

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Every Arcana’s Hero Base

The Dota 2 community has expressed great appreciation for the new Hero Base idea for Juggernaut and Pudge Arcana, and they want the same for every other hero with an Arcana. This applies to Zeus, Shadow Fiend, Rubick, and—most importantly—Lina.

The original Arcana, Lina’s Arcana, was fantastic when it was first launched but is now out of date in terms of particles and personalized skill effects when compared to later Arcana skins.

Thus, Lina would become magnificent once more if she had a Hero Base that preserved the design cue of her fiery hairstyle. Since some heroes, like Pudge, even have Personas as an alternate skin, there is no shortage of Dota 2 skins to choose from.

How Will the New Hero Base Cosmetic Slot in Dota 2 Enhance Arcana Skins?

The Dota 2 development team has released a feature like this before, for sure. One such instance was the ability to equip the unique skill effects of immortal items even in the absence of the actual immortal item. This allows players to enjoy their preferred Collector’s Cache sets without having to give up on using Immortal goods that might not go with the set’s general theme.

In any case, be ready to shell out a significant sum of money if you want to combine a cool Juggernaut head piece with Juggernaut’s Arcana as the Hero foundation. Because of the introduction of the Dota 2 Hero Base slot, the majority of the ostentatious Juggernaut head parts on Steam Market have already reached all-time highs.

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