What’s New in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 7.01?

After a week of early access, Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail was released on July 2. However, FFXIV 7.01 will soon receive its first patch and update.

On July 16, Dawntrail’s first update is scheduled to launch, bringing with it a good number of new features.

FFXIV 7.01 Additional Patches

The following lists every update (7.01) for Final Fantasy 14 that has been added:

Series Arcadion Raid

7.01 will bring the Arcadion Raid Series, which was alluded to in the last sequences of Dawntrail’s Main Scenario Quests. This will be the “normal” difficulty level; on July 30, 7.05 will add the (Savage) versions of these raids.

What's New in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 7.01?

Although we have no idea what these Raids will entail, we do know that residents of Solution 9 will engage in gladiatorial battle using their upgraded Beast Souls.


In addition to the Arcadion Raid Series, we’ll also get equipment to finish these raids. With any luck, these futuristic gear sets will add to our expanding sci-fi wardrobe!

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After-Game Story

FFXIV 7.01 will not have MSQ, but The Arcadian Raids will feature a story about the Dawntrail setting as we investigate what happened to Solution Nine after Queen Sphene’s reign.

Changes to The Job

There will also be some changes to jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. These include a few Viper simplifications, adjustments to keep Tanks useful, and a stop to Healers launching another attack.

What's New in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 7.01?

FFXIV 7.05 and In Addition?

You’ll have to wait a long if you’re asking about Alliance Raids, MSQ, and other features. To keep yourself informed about all the future events and changes that will be hitting FFXIV over the following few months, be sure to check our Dawntrail Patch Schedule.

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