How Do You Improve Your Behavior Score in DOTA 2?

Whether you like it or not, your matchmaking in Dota 2 is heavily influenced by your behavior score. Your behavior score matches you with other players who have comparable behavior scores, much as how MMR calculates the average rank of your games.

As a result, if your conduct score is poor, you will typically be matched with other toxic players who share your low behavior score. Fortunately, we offer a behavior score improvement guide!

What Is Behavior Score in DOTA 2?

Valve uses a behavior score to assess each player’s level of toxicity. The scale is numerical, ranging from 1 to 10,000, where the highest score denotes exceptionally good behavior.

Positive mental attitude, or PMA, is strongly supported by Valve in the Dota 2 games with the goal of fostering a fun and safe environment for all players.

How Do You Improve Your Behavior Score in DOTA 2?

We saw firsthand how seriously Valve took nasty players when, during Frostivus 2023, they issued temporary bans to toxic players in the form of “a toxic lump of coal.”

Therefore, keeping up a high conduct score is essential to guaranteeing that you get to play games of a high caliber.

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How to Check Behavior Score

You can go to your Profile in the Dota 2 in-game client to see your conduct score. After that, select the Conduct Summary page to see your “Overall Conduct” in a popup window.

Your current behavior score will be displayed here; high scores typically have a smiling emoji in green text, or vice versa. You also get to examine additional statistics like the quantity of reports, commends, and abandons that have an impact on your behavior score.

It’s important to remember that your conduct report is updated every ten games, particularly when trying to raise your score.

Ways to Raise Your DOTA 2 Behavior Score

A player’s actions are frequently ambiguous and challenging to interpret. As a result, it becomes more difficult to distinguish between good and bad. For example, tipping used to be a characteristic to be celebrated, but now days, tipping a player after they lose is seen negatively.

How Do You Improve Your Behavior Score in DOTA 2?

In any case, here are a few tried-and-true strategies for raising your Dota 2 behavior score rapidly.

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1. Have a Good Day

    In a Dota 2 match, not many players make the extra effort to be ridiculously kind to strangers. This can include deeds of compassion that you do in the real world, like giving your supporters a gratuity after a well-fought battle. Making the extra effort helps you gain the favor and, ideally, praise of others.

    Receiving praises probably raises your conduct score because it shows that the other players enjoyed playing with you. Even if you’re not a big talker, just giving your teammates praise after you win the game will usually elicit a similar response.

    2. Stay Away from Reports

      When trying to raise your behavior score in Dota 2, the last thing you want to happen is to get reported. Players frequently report another account for acts of toxicity, such as using slurs and insults to cause grief.

      Naturally, there are times when gamers report you for poor play, being discovered by the opposition, or losing a battle. Receiving reports in these situations is unavoidable, but make sure they are few rather than regular. Receiving one or two reports from a game out of ten won’t completely ruin your life and cause you to lose behavior points.

      The same is true for abandons, which typically result in more serious consequences than reports.

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      3. Farming by Behavior Score

        Try playing several turbo games or even using bots if your behavior score is currently low and you need a fast means to raise it.

        How Do You Improve Your Behavior Score in DOTA 2?

        Although they last half as long as a regular match, turbo games are still regarded as real matches. However, similar situations, like being positive and staying under the radar, can also apply here.

        Players in this match type are typically more relaxed and informal because turbo games are also played with less seriousness. Use this chance to have fun throughout the game and to give each other praise after it’s over.

        The least that can be done by really toxic players who are unable to modify their behavior is to simply play the game without saying anything at all.

        You can even go so far as to mute every single person—enemy and ally alike. It’s also not a bad idea to increase your behavior score without putting in any work because not having any conflicts shows that you’re not poisonous.

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