How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

Major updates have been made to CS2. The game has been updated to meet contemporary standards with a new coat of paint. In what ways, then, have CS2 ranks evolved during this shift?

We compare the ranks in CS2 to the old system utilized in CS:GO by examining every rank in the game. Every CS2 rank, ranging from Premier to FACEIT to basic Competitive, will be covered. We have all the information you need to understand each and every CS2 rating right here.

CS2 Ranks: What are they?

Similar to CS:GO ranks, CS2 ranks let the game place you against other players who are at your skill level. Being trampled underfoot or ruining players who have only a little portion of the server’s experience is not enjoyable.

To guarantee that the game is as evenly matched as possible, it is crucial that ranks in CS2 be given as closely as possible. While there are some outliers, such as players that perform below average, overall the system must be balanced, and this begins with allocating all CS2 rankings accurately.

It will take some getting used to since the new game has a few changes to CS2 ranks compared to CS:GO. We’ll get to it later. In fact, there’s a brand-new CS2 rating system that functions in addition to the others.

CS2 Ranks Guide

Grey-Silver I To Silver Highest Level

Being a gray or silver ranked player is perfectly acceptable because everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re at this rank, you probably have poor aim, don’t know how to use utilities well, and don’t always know which angles are ideal on each map.

How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

Everything is well! The most crucial element is that you want to improve your CS skills, which are primarily attained by playing more of the game. Some players will flame you for your CS2 rank at this rank. Ignore the clamor and continue to get better.

There are CS aim trainers available if you’re having a lot of trouble honing your skills. You’ll quickly run out of Silver if you start playing the server like a crack shooter.

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Gold Nova I to Gold Nova Master in Light Blue

You’ve undoubtedly spent some time in CS2 by now. In order to advance through the CS2 levels, you’ll need to hone abilities beyond simple aim. For example, you’ll need to learn a little bit about the CS2 maps and develop some game sense.

Blue, the Distinguished Master Guardian I


You are now beginning to advance in the hierarchy! Once more, playing more is the recommended course of action in this situation. You will occasionally encounter a smurf who imparts some valuable lessons to you. Get better instead of becoming upset! Your best chance of moving up the CS2 ranking system is to use these games against far stronger players as learning opportunities to get better.

Keep in mind that the majority of players are with you at these CS2 tiers. Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed MGE and are now considered above average.

From Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle: Purple and Pink

Lem, Master

How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

Things start to get hot while competing at these CS2 tiers. These are the ranks that are generally linked to the average competitive player; these are the players that are concerned with their performance and numbers, and they have the power to severely punish you if you don’t play to their level.

You’re not quite a pro yet if you’re seated here amid all the CS2 ranks, but you can certainly hit a lifeshot once in a while.

It’s likely that you’ve put in a significant amount of gameplay time if you’re in this rank in Counter-Strike 2. You’re almost at the top of the CS2 ranking system, your map knowledge is improving, and your crosshair placement is excellent. Your biggest problem right now is definitely consistency.

Red & Gold: First Class Supreme Master to Global


You’ve ascended to the top of the CS2 rankings, congratulations!

Since these levels are so similar to one another, there isn’t much to say about them. There are extremely few situations in which a Global Elite player on the server will be humiliated by a Supreme Master First Class player.

After CS2 reaches its pinnacle, if you’re a Global Elite on many maps, it might be time to switch to CS2 Premier or perhaps FACEIT ranks. Any of these options would allow you to obtain a high CS2 rating without a doubt.

It is crucial to continue improving even from this point forward. It won’t be enough to just make it to Global Elite if you want to be a CS:GO pro.

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CS2: How to See Rank Is

How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

You must play at least 10 matches to display your rank, much like with CS:GO ranks. The sole distinction is that instead of playing the matches in Competitive mode as before, you must ensure that you do so in Premier mode. It’s as easy as checking your profile as soon as you load into the game.

There, you’ll be able to see your rank and badge. You may view your position on the top leaderboards and learn more about the distribution of CS2 ranks.

CS2 Top Ranks

For the Premier game mode, a major redesign of the CS2 ranking system has taken place. Even though Premier was included in CS:GO, many players choose to overlook it as an afterthought. It’s considered the proper method of playing Counter-Strike 2.

Your CS Rating, which ranges from 1 to 30,000 and above, is now assigned by CS2 Premier ranks. Only the greatest players in Counter-Strike have been able to achieve the promised land of 30,000, with only a small number of players worldwide having done so thus far.

In addition, your CS2 Premier ratings are color-coded so you can quickly identify the top players on the server. These hues are:

Because it places you on a worldwide leaderboard where you can see how you stack up against every other CS2 Premier player in the globe, this CS Rating is extremely significant.

Naturally, everyone will have different objectives; not everyone will be able to achieve the top spot in the new CS2 ranking system. Nonetheless, having a personal objective to work toward is always a good idea.

CS:GO Premier Ranks in Comparison With CS2

Comparing CS2 ranks to CS:GO has been one of the major problems with the new game thus far. As they adjust to the new CS2 ranking system, players will naturally want to know where they are in the new game and establish reasonable goals.

These are the current CS2 Premier ranks, and it is commonly assumed that they are higher in the CS2 rank structure than in CS:GO.

This data is liable to alter as the game progresses and players generally get more proficient because of the nature of CS2 ranks. But if you follow this technique, you’ll be able to determine roughly where you are in terms of CS2 Premier rankings.

This concludes our explanation of the official CS2 ranks, although there is one other system available that you might find interesting.

Advice for Quick Ranking Up

Everyone wants to know the CS2 ranks in the new game so they can figure out how to rank up more quickly. We can assist you in doing this in a few different ways.

How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

Finding teammates—people you can trust, of course—is the first important step for anyone who finds themselves deeply entrenched in the CS2 ranks. You’ll be immediately at a disadvantage if you’re playing with random teammates while in line.

There’s probably going to be a mishmash of skills, no true teamwork, and no communication. As easy as it may sound, staying out of the solo queue can likely boost your CS Rating in the CS2 Premier ranks by 3,000.

After that, you should practice. Practice, practice, and more practice. Nothing is more frustrating than losing ELO because you haven’t played in a week and need to clear your server rust. You will always improve if you continue to play. You will gain from playing aim maps or simply jumping into games.

Observing demonstrations is the last step towards improving CS2 rankings overall. Compare some of your greatest and worst games to see which ones you played well and poorly.

It’s the greatest way to see what you’re doing well and wrong during games, especially with the advantage of having X-ray turned on for foes. If you can take anything away from this, viewing demonstrations is probably going to help you improve your CS2 rank the most.

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CS2 Positions for Each Map

A significant advancement in the CS2 ranking system is the assignment of ranks to individual maps in the normal Competitive mode. The phrase “Vertiglobals” (players solely good on Vertigo) may sound familiar from CS:GO, but the ranks in CS2 have brought it to reality!

You will start the game with no CS2 rank for each map. After then, you must win ten games in a row in order to receive your new rank. You must go through all eight of the game’s maps in order to obtain your CS2 ranks.

The new CS2 ranking system employs the same 18 total ranks as CS:GO, which are stated above.

Everyone agrees that most players in the previous game tended to be centered around the Gold Nova tiers in terms of average CS2 rank distribution. Although information for all CS2 ranks is scarce, we don’t anticipate significant differences at this time.

Why do you wait? Launch yourself onto a map that you are confident you can win, and begin your ascent to Global Elite!

CS2 Faceit Ranks

There is another CS2 ranking system that might be more your style if Premier isn’t for you. With the help of the third-party client FACEIT, you may compete against some of the best CS:GO players worldwide.

How Does the CS2 Ranking System Work? A Guide to All CS2 Ranks

You’ll run into fewer cheats in your games because it has an invasive anti-cheat tool that CS2 Premier lacks. Furthermore, it’s commonly known that FACEIT only raises the skill ceiling considerably. Actually, most of the professionals’ matchmaking games are played there.

At least in the upper echelons of the game, the new Premier ranking system for CS:GO was not entirely successful in its attempt to challenge FACEIT. Every player begins at Level 3 on the 10-level FACEIT ranking system. It’s that simple: you get ELO for a win and lose ELO for a defeat.

The ten FACEIT CS2 ranks and the necessary ELO to attain them are as follows:

Naturally, all CS2 news professionals have an ELO well over 2,000 and are ranked at Level 10 on FaceIT. Those who are serious about the game should definitely choose this choice. It might not go well if you try to dive into FACEIT without any prior experience with CS2. FACEIT, however, might be the best option if you’re committed to learning and moving up the CS2 ranking system.

Rank Decay: What Is It?

You will need to continue playing the game in order to keep your rank. If you stop playing competitive and premier modes, your rank will steadily drop over time. This preserves the game’s competitive balance; you will not enjoy yourself if you return to a Global Elite game after a year without practicing!

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FAQ for CS2 Rankings

CS2 Ranks: What Are They?

You can determine how well you’ve been playing by looking at your CS:GO ranks. It also aids in the matchmaking system of the game, preventing players from being thrown into unfavorable pairings. Your CS2 standings are finally determined by the ELO points you gain or lose from each game you play.

Ways to Ensrough My CS2 Rank?

There are several methods for raising your level. In the end, the most crucial requirement is the amount of time you have to spend playing the game. In the game, hours of experience have no true substitute. Discovering your area of expertise is also a major accomplishment!

Which CS2 Rank Is the Best?

There is usually some sort of rating system in esports. They let you determine your position within the playing community. The highest rank possible in CS2 is Global Elite. You should definitely look into playing professionally at this time. Who knows, maybe all that effort will pay off!

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