What Are Counter-Strike Wingman Ranks, Maps, and CS2 Changes? How to Play

Despite being one of the most played games worldwide, Wingman is one game mode that isn’t given enough credit. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for information on how to play, how long a Wingman game lasts, how to win quickly, and how to climb the CS:GO Wingman rankings.

The fundamental game style in Counter-Strike is 5v5 Bomb Defusal, however it may get rather fierce at times. You just need a break sometimes!

For this reason, Wingman, a new game mode, was created by Valve in 2017. The CTs attempt to defend a single bombsite against the T side in this 2v2 game variant.

Playing this game mode is guaranteed to be fast-paced and frantic, as the smaller map area typically means that the T side’s best course of action is to rush the bombsite. If you’re pressed for time, this offers a great way to pass the time. There’s little doubt that your clutch win % will rise!

Aside from being entertaining and entertaining, it helps players improve their execution, communication, map awareness, and other core skills that a training CS2 map would not provide. Amidst the enjoyment, Wingman mode maintains a competitive and serious atmosphere with its own collection of small maps and rating systems.

Wingman Counter-Strike: What Is It?

For both experienced players and newcomers, Wingman is the ideal game mode. Enhancing their general abilities is beneficial as it would be practically applied in competitive matchmaking.

In Wingman, as opposed to traditional matchmaking, a team must win nine of the sixteen rounds in order to win. You’ll only be playing on a team of two instead of five, as the name suggests.

To maintain a simple and fast-paced atmosphere, the round timing has been reset to one minute and thirty seconds.

In the event of a tie, there are no additional rounds to determine the winner; the game is over. Before you start a game, familiarize yourself with every CS2 Wingman map for a true advantage.

The available Counter-Strike Wingman maps are as follows:

  • Cobblestone, Boyard Chalice (B bombsite)
  • Flames (A bomb site)
  • The Lake Overpass bombsite (B)
  • Bombsite: Shortdust Shortnuke Train
  • Dizziness (B bomb location)

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Bypass the CS:GO

It is noteworthy to emphasize that we have access to a greater number of CS:GO Wingman maps than the official competitive map pool (active duty).

What Are Counter-Strike Wingman Ranks, Maps, and CS2 Changes? How to Play

Boyard and Chalice are the newest maps in the Wingman pool; they were included in the game’s December 2022 update. Unlike many Bomb Defusal maps, which are intended for 5v5 play, the pair is Wingman exclusive, which means that it was created expressly to function in a 2v2 setting.

The new maps’ compact size also means that every nook and crevice has been carefully considered and tested to fit into the strategic play of Counter-Strike 2.

The gameplay of the two levels is remarkably similar in terms of design. Both mazes are about the same size and don’t really take advantage of verticality the way other CS2 maps do. The news of Boyard and Chalice’s joining will undoubtedly be welcomed by the players.

Although a lot of maps have come and gone from the Wingman map pool in the past, players will jump at the chance to add new ones. After all, nobody has ever seen a fresh map before. You’ll quickly rise up the CS2 Wingman ranks if you can be the first to master every technique on the map.

There have been many maps for Wingman to play over the years, however some have grown outdated as the game mode has changed. When a map no longer suits the game mode, Valve has no problem eliminating it. This is a complete list of all the maps that have previously been taken out of the Wingman map pool:


  • Blagai, who was taken out of the game in December 2022
  • The game Calavera was discontinued in September of 2021.
  • Cascade was eliminated in December 2022 from the game.
  • (Deleted from the game in August 2022) Crete
  • In August 2022, Elysion Extraction Guard Hive was eliminated from the game.
  • Pitstop (omitted from the September 2021 game)
  • (Deleted from the game in December 2020) Ravine Rialto

Marc Safehouse Shorttrain

Some of these maps were taken out of the actual game, as you can see. The others are still playable in private matches; they were only taken out of the map pool. Even if you are no longer allowed to play on the maps, you will still be able to browse them in your history of CS2 Wingman matches.

What Are Counter-Strike Wingman Ranks, Maps, and CS2 Changes? How to Play

Though the well-known tournament hosts have made a few attempts, Wingman will never be featured in CS2 news. If it reappears at all, it will most likely be in a show match with no actual stakes, just for kicks.

For practice settings where you want to see how effectively you can coordinate and hold a sight with a friend, this game option is perfect. Use it as a practice technique in conjunction with AimLab to develop your flick reflexes and coordination for your primary matches. Even a tiny increase in your 5v5 win % should be noticeable.

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Directions for Playing Wingman

Even though Wingman isn’t a very tough game, you’ll still need some CS:GO wingman advice. You must wait in line for the game alone or with a companion.

It is more engaging and will benefit you more if you play this mode with a companion, as we highly encourage it. Nothing is more annoying than entering a Wingman match with a player who lacks a microphone, particularly in a mode of the game when prompt communication is essential.

Playing with a friend completely avoids this issue. If you frequently play 5v5s with a teammate but you can’t seem to agree on how to approach locations jointly, play CS2 Wingman and practice basic defend/attack scenarios.

There will be 16 rounds in all. Tie is a viable choice. It is important to remember that you will need to seal nine rounds in order to win. Moreover, on every map I listed above, you will only be able to access one bombsite. In contrast to the 120 seconds you have in competitive mode, you are also entitled to 90 seconds of playtime during rounds.

Wingman for CS:GO Credit: Valve Corporation

Tips for Counter-Strike Wingman

Although Wingman and the main game mode may appear to be fairly similar, there are a few significant differences. To maximize your chances of success, just adhere to these CS2 Wingman Tips:

What Are Counter-Strike Wingman Ranks, Maps, and CS2 Changes? How to Play

Note that Maps Are Quadrated

If you’ve lost seven or even eight rounds in a row as Ts on Overpass, don’t give up. The spawn is close to the bomb site, which gives CTs a big advantage in this scenario. Here, T-sided Shortdust is the exception.

The King Is Utility

In Wingman, your tools—such as smokes, grenades, and Mollies—become even more crucial. They can be deployed to contain and zone opponents that lack a full five-man squad to support them.

Oversight Your Finances

In any game mode, this should go without saying, but in Wingman, it’s especially crucial. It can make a huge difference to know when to eco and when to full buy. Talk to your teammate as well; there’s no use in purchasing two AWPs in Wingman!

Cs2 Wingman Ranks

Similar to the competitive mode, a wide range of CS2 ranks are available to you. But in Wingman mode, leveling up is a lot simpler. If you quickly achieve that Global Elite status, you shouldn’t be shocked.

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Thus, how do all CS2 Wingman rankings appear? See the list that follows:

What Are Counter-Strike Wingman Ranks, Maps, and CS2 Changes? How to Play
  • Silver I, Silver II, Silver IV, Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Gold Nova I, Gold Nova II, Gold Nova III, Master Gold Distinguished Master Guardian I Master Guardian II Master Guardian Elite Elite Defender Legendary Eagle
  • The legendary Eagle Master Global Elite First Class Supreme Master
  • It’s evident that Wingman employs the same ranking scheme as the default Competitive mode. This is done to maintain uniformity throughout the game so that you can assess how well your 2v2 and 5v5 games compare.

End of Wingman – Is It Suitable to Play This Mode?

For casual gaming, Wingman is a very entertaining mode to engage in with a friend. It is basically simply a game for playing about, yet it is possible that you will learn something from it.

Many people sign up for games just to have fun and troll. I believe that we eventually forget that we don’t have to take ourselves so seriously while we play. Playing goofy games for enjoyment is ok as well.

You should absolutely give Wingman a try if you’re a casual player trying to have some fun with a friend or an experienced player looking to goof around.

It can also be an excellent teaching tool for novice players who want to advance quickly to competitive tiers.

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