How Do I Get Direct X to Work on My Computer?

It is highly probable that you have encountered DirectX during the installation procedure of one of your games if you are an extremely experienced gamer. Additionally, it is highly likely that you have encountered difficulties in running specific games due to DirectX version incompatibility issues stemming from the installation of the incorrect version on your system.

Many of us are familiar with the name DirectX but have never truly invested the time to comprehend it. Without getting too technical, we will cover everything you need to know about DirectX in this guide.

We will also demonstrate how easy it is to update DirectX to the most recent version on your computer.

What Is Directx?

Microsoft DirectX, to put it simply, is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that are specifically engineered to manage video and multimedia operations, including game development. It is noteworthy that the letter ‘X’ in XBOX signifies DirectX technology, as the platform was constructed utilizing this compilation of APIs.

DirectX encompasses an assortment of application programming interfaces (APIs). The following is a list of some of the collection’s APIs:

  • Direct3D
  • DirectDraw
  • DirectMusic
  • DirectPlay
  • DirectSound
  • Direct2D
  • DirectCompute

Versions of Directx

DirectX, which originated as the Windows Games SDK in 1995, was succeeded by DirectX 2.0, which was integrated natively into operating systems beginning with Windows 95.

Directx 9

DirectX 9 was introduced in 2002 with Windows 98, Me, and XP as supported operating systems. While it remains supported by Windows at present, it may become obsolete for gaming purposes by 2023. Subsequently, Microsoft ceased support for preceding operating systems; the API collective is now exclusively compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and later.

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Directx 10

Although DirectX is exclusive to Windows Vista, it features a number of significant enhancements. While refraining from delving into technical intricacies, it established the groundwork for the iterations of DirectX upon which we now depend so heavily.

Directx 11 and 12

The DX 11 product was introduced on October 27, 2009, and the DirectX 12 product was bundled with Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. DirectX 12 provides Direct3D with low-level programming APIs to reduce overhead.

DirectX 12 is compatible with all Nvidia GPUs, in addition to GPUs manufactured by Intel. On the PC, however, the enhancements brought about by DirectX 12 for Xbox are not as substantial. The highly anticipated DirectX Raytracing update, which enabled real-time ray tracing on supported hardware, was unveiled in 2018.

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How to Install and Update Directx

DirectX’s lengthy and complicated history be damned, let’s move on to its installation on a personal computer:

  1. Visit the DirectX download page.
  2. Download the setup file onto your computer.
  3. Follow the wizard’s instructions after clicking on the dxwebsetup.exe file. Remember to uncheck the add-ons that you don’t want. 
  4. Reboot your computer. 

Reboot Your Computer

By installing DirectX from Microsoft, you can ensure that you have the most recent version. We sincerely wish you never again encounter any compatibility issues during the installation of a game.

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