CS2 Case ODDS: To What Extent Is Rarity Truly Rare?

The unveiling of CS2 cases is among the most thrilling aspects of playing Counter-Strike. Unquestionably, tossing the dice and discovering which weapon skin you can next equip is an unquestionably thrilling experience. However, players must be aware of the opening case statistics to comprehend the likelihood of obtaining the most expensive skins in CS2.

What Are the CS2 Case Odds?

An official designation for the rarity of CS2 firearms is “Weapon Quality.” These are the rarities:

  • White (Common) – Consumer Grade, Base Grade.
  • Baby Blue (Uncommon) – Industrial Grade.
  • Navy Blue (Rare) – Mil-Spec, High Grade.
  • Purple (Mythical) – Restricted, Remarkable.
  • Hot Pink (Legendary) – Classified, Exotic.
  • Red (Ancient) – Covert, Extraordinary.
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare) – Knife, Gloves.
  • Rose Gold (Immortal) – Contraband (Discontinued).

In CS2, however, White and Baby Blue are exclusive to post-game rewards and do not manifest in cases. Although they do not guide on improving one’s CS2 skills, these costumes may be visually appealing for novice players. Additionally, Rose Gold items have been discontinued, leaving CS2 cases with only the remaining items as rewards.

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However, what are the actual prospects of a CS2 case? In 2017, as a result of regulations enacted by the Ministry of Culture of China, Valve was obligated to disclose the official figures, which provide players with a precise understanding of the expenditures they incur when purchasing CS2 cases. The following CS2 decline rates were observed:

  • Navy Blue (Rare) – 79.92%
  • Purple (Mythical) – 15.98%
  • Hot Pink (Legendary) – 3.2%
  • Red (Ancient) – 0.64%
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare) – 0.26%

Evidently, the probability of acquiring a skin that generates a profit while opening a CS2 case is exceedingly low. We intend to maintain our CS2 gratis skins. A prize like a knife is acquired by only the most fortuitous of participants. Purchasing a desired skin in-game is typically more cost-effective than persistently attempting to obtain it through CS2 case openings.

Another factor contributes to the CS2 case probabilities. There is a possibility that each drop of any Weapon Quality will result in a StatTrak firearm, which means that the owner’s kill total will be recorded. This is a 1 in 10 chance occurrence for any delivery. A StatTrak variant of skin is typically considerably more expensive than its non-StatTrak counterpart because they are exceedingly uncommon on skins that are already uncommon.

Crazy skin releases frequently make front-page CS2 news more than a decade after their initial release. You have at your discretion, now that you are aware of the CS2 case odds and CS2 decline rates, the degree to which you are willing to risk becoming one of the exceedingly fortunate few.

CS2 Case ROI

CS2 Case NameCost of CaseCost of KeyAverage Return on CaseReturn on Investment (%)
CS:GO Weapon Case$80$2.49$4149.70%
eSports 2013 Case$41$2.49$11.5026.44%
Operation Bravo Case$38$2.49$1946.93%
CS:GO Weapon Case 2$11.50$2.49$11.2080.06%
eSports 2013 Winter Case$8$2.49$7.1067.68%
Winter Offensive Weapon Case$4.85$2.49$4.9066.76%
CS:GO Weapon Case 3$6.55$2.49$777.43%
Operation Phoenix Weapon Case$2.90$2.49$355.66%
Huntsman Weapon Case$8.10$2.49$7.4069.88%
Operation Breakout Weapon Case$6$2.49$2.5530.04%
eSports 2014 Summer Case$7.70$2.49$4.6545.63%
Operation Vanguard Weapon Case$2.50$2.49$2.7555.11%
Chroma Case$2.70$2.49$2.5048.17%
Chroma 2 Case$2.15$2.49$2.3049.57%
Falchion Case$0.95$2.49$258.14%
Shadow Case$0.90$2.49$259%
Revolver Case$1.80$2.49$2.3554.78%
Operation Wildfire Case$2.15$2.49$3.1567.89%
Chroma 3 Case$1.90$2.49$1.8041%
Gamma Case$2.10$2.49$1.8039.22%
Gamma 2 Case$2.10$2.49$1.5032.68%
Glove Case$5$2.49$1.2516.69%
Spectrum Case$2.40$2.49$2.4049.08%
Operation Hydra Case$16.20$2.49$9.2549.49%
Spectrum 2 Case$1.65$2.49$1.5036.23%
Clutch Case$0.40$2.49$1.1539.79%
Horizon Case$0.75$2.49$1.8055.56%
Danger Zone Case$0.75$2.49$1.5046.30%
Prisma Case$0.65$2.49$1.8358.28%
CS20 Case$0.60$2.49$1.4546.93%
Shattered Web Case$3.70$2.49$3.6558.97%
Prisma 2 Case$0.70$2.49$1.6551.72%
Fracture Case$0.25$2.49$1.3549.27%
Operation Broken Fang Case$4.30$2.49$3.5051.55%
Snakebite Case$0.25$2.49$1.3549.27%
Operation Riptide Case$4.85$2.49$2.4533.38%
Dreams & Nightmares Case$0.70$2.49$1.2539.18%
Recoil Case$0.20$2.49$1.5055.76%
Revolution Case$0.30$2.49$1.7562.72%
Kilowatt Case$3.60$2.49$5.0582.92%

Prior to opening cases, an investor may wish to ascertain the average return on investment (ROI) for CS2 cases. The current odds have been calculated, but it is important to note that the CS2 market is constantly changing. Although the current prices are accurate, they may experience a slight discrepancy if any skins or cases undergo significant trading.

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Did CS2 Drop Rates Change After CS:GO?

No. Case drop rates and probabilities for CS:GO remained unchanged following the transition to Counter-Strike 2. The CS2 case probabilities remain unchanged, although the introduction of the new game has undoubtedly impacted the return on investment for a subset of cases.

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