Even though it came out a long time ago in 2010, Skate 3 is still one of the best and most popular skateboarding games ever. This skateboarding game is more realistic and immersive than the others in the series. However, it still has the funny and fun game types that the series is known for. To find out if there are any directions that can be used to make Skate 3 even more fun, we’re going to look at the full list of cheat codes today.

You’re done looking for all the cheat codes for Skate 3; you’ve found them all. In this guide, we’ll even talk about adding mods for Skate 3, which is not as easy as it sounds. There are still a lot of people who play Skate 3, even though it came out more than ten years ago. Many of them are still looking for a full list of cheat codes.

What do you think? We have it.

All Cheat Codes for Skate 3

Your Skate 3 cheat codes will always work the same way, no matter what device you’re on. First, while the game is stopped, go to the “Extras” menu and find the “Enter Cheat Code” field. Then, choose the code you want from the list below. That’s it! You’re all set. Keep in mind, though, that all Skate 3 cheat codes will only work in “Freeskate” mode.

In other words, they won’t help you win the game, but they will make your free-roaming a little more fun.

  • Miniskaters: Every figure gets small, but their heads stay big.
  • McFly: Turn your skateboard into a hoverboard
  • Deadspacetoo: Make Isaac Clarke from Dead Space a possible skater.
  • Zombie: People on the street turn into zombies and attack you
  • Streetsweeper: Put all moving things back where they started.
  • Dontbesomayo: Get clothes and other things supported by The Miracle Whip

There are some hidden character models that you can get by playing the game’s Hall of Meat mode. These are not cheats. For example, you can unlock “Dem Bones,” a real skeleton, if you finish more than half of the HoM tasks. If you can finish all of HoM’s challenges, you’ll be able to play as Meat Man, a piece of meat who rides a skateboard.

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Are There Any Skate 3 Mods?

Few and far between, and they’re not very easy to use, there are some mods for Skate 3. There are a few hard steps to take if you want to stop using Skate 3 cheat codes and start using mods to change the game instead. Not surprisingly, it’s not easy to play Skate 3 on a PC, which is the most popular tool for adding mods to games.

On the other hand, you can put a PlayStation 3 emulator on your PC and use it to play some simple Skate 3 mods. Enjoy this short video from Reddit that shows someone using mods in Skate 3.

The number of files you have to download isn’t as high as when you use mods and cheats in Fallout 4, but it’s still something. There’s no way to know for sure if Skate 4 will come out on PC right now, but if it does, you can bet that there will be a lot of mods for it.

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That’s It for Skate 3 Cheat Codes

Of course, it’s not much, but it’s enough to have some fun with. I want to stress again that Skate 3 is a great game in and of itself. It’s a lot of fun, and you can skate with friends or by yourself as much as you want. You can change a lot of things about it, and there are fun mini-games you can play to kill time.

Skate 3 doesn’t have a lot of cheat codes, but this old skateboarding game has a lot of charm.

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