Joystick for Pokemon Go – Can I Use It Safely?

Hacks that fake GPS have been used on Pokemon GO before. Even more so when Pokemon were locked to certain regions in some events. When trade wasn’t even possible at the start. This version isn’t as obvious as teleporting to a different country. With the Joystick for Pokemon GO, players can switch from using their phones to using a controller to move around.

How Do Joysticks Work in Pokemon Go?

People have been banned before for GPS cheating. Anti-spoofing systems try to keep you from being caught by joysticks by changing your location in small steps. A lot of the most-searched-for keys for Pokemon GO apps let users change how fast they walk. If you use the GPS fake to make big jumps, though, you should wait two hours before spinning Pokestops.

You Will Need a Desktop Device

The game can only be played when the app is open, so the controller can’t be on the tablet itself. Many of the apps that are installed are on PC. For iPhone users, this does mean that you won’t have to hack your phone very often. Pokemon GO should be open on the phone after it has been launched and linked. And the PC/Mac app that goes with it. With the Joystick, the player can move at the speed set in the app for Pokemon GO.

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Best Joystick for Pokemon Go

Joystick for Pokemon Go – Can I Use It Safely




All Of The Most-Searched-For Joysticks Can Be Found On The Websites Of The Companies That Make Them. They All Say That Their Control Is The Best. There Are A Lot Of Options For Android Users, But Not So Many For iOS People. Because All Joysticks Could Lead To Player Bans, There Isn’t A Clear Suggestion. These Are, However, Some Of The Most Well-Known Joystick Apps For Po Go.

  • TailorGO has a free version available for both Android and iOS without the need for Rooting your device.
  • PGSharp is only for Android but is free.
  • MocPOGO works for iOS but requires login into an unofficial version of Pokemon GO, called Pokemon GO++, which cannot be currently downloaded through the app store.
  • iMovie works on Windows and Mac and uses a USB or Wi-Fi connection to connect to your Pokemon GO device.

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