Tips and Tricks for Pokémon Ruby– List and Guide!

There must be good cheat codes for Pokémon Ruby for sure. Ruby is one of the main games in the series, and it came out in Generation III with Sapphire. A lot of people liked this game back then, and they still do. A lot of people still say it’s one of the most fun Pokémon games ever. Players keep coming back to it because of this. The fact that it came out back in 2002 only makes it more classic.

The community still talks about it a lot, even after more than 20 years. Either the real GameBoy with the game or a web emulator can be used to do this. The internet has made the second one easier and easy. There are ways to get extra points in Pokémon Ruby. Nintendo and Game Freak did not make these, and many of them would be looked down upon by them. No matter what, there are some.

You need a Game Shark device and the game to use them. But the Game Shark is the best way to play. Online versions can also have cheats.

Remember that these were not originally in the game, so they might cause problems. Crashing does happen, especially when you use new technology on a game that was made 20 years ago.

There is a full list of Pokémon Ruby cheat codes below.

Walk Through Walls Code

A Popular Cheat Code For These Games Lets You Walk Through Walls. One Reason For This Is That Most Older Pokémon Games Only Let You Go So Far. People Can Only Go Where The Game Tells Them To. This Isn’t Like The New Games Scarlet And Violet Or Legends: Arceus. Trainers Can Go Anywhere They Want, Though, With The Trick Code. Here’s The Code:

It’s Code Number E03 B0649 5 D67050 C 78 Da95 Df 44018 Cb4.

Everything Will Be Open To You After You Enter This Code. You Can Get Through Walls And Obstacles. It’s Likely That The Game Won’t Be As Straight As It Was Planned, But Still.

Unlimited Rare Candies Cheat Codes for Pokémon Ruby

No Matter The Reason, Rare Sweets Are Very Helpful. Pokémon Will Be Lower In Level Because You Are Skipping Random Fights, Gym Battles, Or Some Other Reason. Lucky For Us, Rare Sweets Can More Than Make Up For That. Type This Code:

280 Ee266 88 A62 E5 C

Once You’ve Used This Code, You Can Instantly Raise All Of Your Pokémon To Level 10. Many Of The Evolutions Are Tied To Rising, So This Can Also Be A Quick Way To Finish The Pokédex.

Make A Pokémon A Different Gender

It’s Sometimes Better To Have A Certain Sort Of Pokémon. They May Be Very Different Or Very Similar In Small Ways. As With Combee And Salandit, Only One Gender Can Grow At A Time. It Doesn’t Matter What The Reason Is For Changing A Pokémon’s Gender. Here Is The Code To Do It:


4 D888898 Fac3 93566 C4 Ffc35

A Woman:

0 C8 F088 E1 Cb7 93566 C4 Ffc35

You Can Now Make Sure You Have Everything You Need.

Unlimited Master Ball Cheat Code

Tips and Tricks for Pokémon Ruby

In Any Pokémon Game, There Is Only One Way To Make Sure You Catch Something. There Is Only One Situation In Which There Is A 100% Catch Rate, And That Is When A Master Throws A Master Ball. Sadly, Each Game Only Gives Out One, And It’s Usually The Legendary Version. But With This Code, You Can Get As Many Master Balls As You Want:

91 B85743 27069397

You Will Never Miss A Catch Again.

Complete the Pokédex Cheat Code for Ruby

In Any Game, Finishing The Pokédex Is A Big Deal. It Also Usually Has A Big Prize, Like The Shiny Charm. But It Can Be Boring To Do, Especially If You Have To Enter A Lot Of Pokémon. In Pokémon Ruby, There Is A Trick Code That Lets You Skip The Battle, Though:

A767 Cb1 Fc, Dd748434, 1285 Cf69, And 1834 F175 Are The Dbb87 Fca 6276 D975 Codes. They Are 9 A732 B89 And F770 B329, And 1 F0 A9164 And 737 E93 Cd Are The Dbb87 Fca 6276 D975 Codes. They Are 200 Dba91 And E6 D90173.

A Long Code That Fits A Cheat With A Lot Of Details. Keep In Mind That This Code Often Leads To Bugs, So Save Your Work Before You Use It.

No Chance Meetings

Sometimes, having a certain gender of a Pokémon is better. They can have subtle differences as well as major differences. Sometimes, like in the case of Combee and Salandit, only one gender can evolve. Whatever the reason, changing the gender of a Pokémon is a vital thing. Here’s a code to do it:

  • Male:
    • 93566C4FFC35 4D888898FAC3
  • Female:
    • 93566C4FFC35 0C8F088E1CB7

Now, you can make sure you have whatever you need.

Gain All Gym Badges Cheat Codes for Pokémon Ruby

In Almost Every Pokémon Game, Getting Gym Badges Is An Important Part Of The Story. It Helps You Get Better And Moves You Forward. You’ll Be Ready To Face The Elite Four And Then The Winner When It’s Over. However, That Part Of The Game Can Go On For A Long Time! You Can Get All The Badges Right Away With This Code:

0 C1 Ec556 A12 Fce77

You Can Also Catch Higher Level Pokémon With This, And Those Pokémon Will Follow Your Commands In Some Games. This Is Useful In Many Ways. It’s Likely To Make Your Team Too Weak, Though.

Infinite Money Hack

It’s Important To Buy Things In Pokémon. But Money Usually Has A Limit. Players Can’t Just Not Buy Anything Because They Don’t Have Enough Money. With This Cheat Code For Unlimited Money, They Can:

7858e4eb E51e97c3

Use This To Buy Everything You Want.


However, if you don’t want to buy items, there are codes for almost all of them:

  • Full Restore F6d63594 20b33e32
  • Max Revive 9c51c651 033feef8
  • Max Elixir 612a0d7a 864b1d29
  • HP Up Ef059a66 1b91fa78
  • PP Max 7a74d52c 460da729
  • Max Repel 08da1807 097673f4
  • Escape Rope 088d15f0 D5affc6d
  • Sun Stone 50c1cd99 D96b58b4
  • Moon Stone D708816f C1207eb6
  • Fire Stone F6aafa8b 4d2c5f22
  • ThunderStone 23abbf10 041ccbbe
  • Water Stone 45734f06 591ecd99
  • Leaf Stone F668b3c9 14db1264
  • Heart Scale 000d4dd5 Ebc33f52
  • Exp. Share B964a353 B1c57054
  • Soothe Bell A5c80201 3e9d4506
  • Choice Band 75c5c708 8dca058e
  • King’s Rock F51ea1ac 7e24bb0b
  • SilverPowder 3ebba7a0 Ac0a2214
  • Soul Dew 19144c10 261cef95
  • DeepSeaTooth 534582db 455cfd1d
  • DeepSeaScale B3ef8b1c 57681183
  • EverStone Ae9eba13 Daaa43b8
  • Scope Lens 3fe077e2 B0c72a6f
  • Dragon Scale E0183894 5392fa0d
  • Sea Incense 9c5fff08 214012e5
  • Lax Incense 4aa5b093 48de6224

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Shiny Encounter Cheat Codes for Pokémon Ruby

Pretty Much The Best Part Of Every Pokémon Game Is Probably Finding A Shiny. It Makes People Feel So Good That Some Players Only Play To Feel Good. It’s Too Bad That Doesn’t Happen Very Often. Even In Newer Games, The Odds Are Always Low. But If You Use This Code, You Can Be Sure Of A Shiny Meeting. Start By Entering This Master Code:

4 B0560 A9 F0 C3 9839927 F5 Fa2 0987 C8 Aa34 A7

After That, Type In The Exact Code:

186246439083 098548 Aeb487

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