Esports World Cup: Why Partner with Jameel Motorsport?

The Esports World Cup is expanding its list of partners, and this time it’s Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ Jameel Motorsport.

Esports World Cup X Jameel – Official E-Commerce Partner

A release said that Jameel will provide the EWC a variety of experiences from the world of motorsport. Through the “Jameel Motorsport Park,” the partner will provide participants the opportunity to experience a blend of motorsports and gaming, ranging from fast karting to immersive sim and VR racing.

At the event, attendees will also have access to products from Rally Jameel, Toyota, GR, and Jameel Motorsport.

Peter Aberle, CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, stated, “Our strategic partnership with the Esports World Cup Foundation represents a very exciting venture.”

Esports World Cup: Why Partner with Jameel Motorsport?

“This new effort demonstrates our dedication to involving the Saudi Arabian public in projects that support the socioeconomic growth goals of Vision 2030. We are excited to work together to empower and inspire a new generation of racing fans and gamers everywhere.

Ralf Reichert of the Esports World Cup Foundation stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Jameel Motorsport to the EWC family.” “Together, we will provide racing fans and gamers around the world with experiences they won’t soon forget.”

The EWC has a broad number of partners, including TikTok, Pepsi, Adidas, LG UltraGear, Amazon as an e-commerce partner, and many more. Jameel Motorsport is one of these partners.

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Ewc Has Started Yet

The news was made just a few days of the official commencement of the EWC, which runs from July 3 to August 25. With a $60 million total prize fund for 21 different game titles, this is the biggest esports event in the Middle East and North Africa.

Esports World Cup: Why Partner with Jameel Motorsport?

The Saudi Arabian government’s support for the competition and worries about the nation’s human rights record put the event under criticism from the esports community despite its grandeur.

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