CS2 Roster Updates 2024: What Are the Mid-Season Changes?

Once again, several CS2 rosters are getting ready for adjustments that will take place in the midst of the 2024 season. We’re here to demonstrate the progress that has been done!

Latest Verified Changes to The CS2 Roster

If you follow the esports landscape at the moment, you should be aware of the most recent changes to the CS:GO roster.

  • G2/nexa, HooXi,
  • malbsMd, and Snap

The first and most obvious adjustment for this G2 squad was obviously to remove Nexa. Despite his struggles, he will always be able to look back on his victory at IEM Dallas.

It will be fascinating to watch how G2 intends to handle the role conflicts that ineluctably arise from signing the aggressive rifler, especially with malbsMd joining as well. Perhaps huNter-to serve as anchors?

In one of the most bizarre roster adjustments for CS:GO that we have seen in a while, Snax is being added, which is another story entirely. Watch how it works out.

G2 consist of:

  • NiKo
  • m0NESY
  • huNter-
  • malbsMd
  • Snax


  • Snax
  • +ztr

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GamerLegion lost Snax to G2, even though they had just added a ton of fresh players to their roster. They have brought in benched IGL ztr from Metizport, further solidifying their commitment to the MOUZ-lite strategy. We adore this move, we can’t lie.

CS2 Roster Updates 2024

One of the most attractive IGL players available right now, ZTR’s benching in the first place seemed puzzling. With an average age of 19.8, Gamer Legion is currently among the younger teams in the CS:GO landscape. Should things go well, huge names may try to sign some of these guys.

  • ztr
  • volt
  • aNdu
  • sl3nd
  • FL4MUS


  • –Walco
  • +nitr0

Captain America has returned, once more, from his second term in Valorant. Nitr0 will return to the Counter-Strike scene for the third round, this time accompanied by NRG, a NA organization.

We think this is a good option for him because he should have enough left in him to lead this roster to some significant LANs; if not, we believe NRG may withdraw from the competition entirely.

Although we are sorry for Walco, we can see why NRG was unable to turn down this opportunity.

NRG consist of:

  • nitr0
  • autimatic
  • Brehze
  • oSee
  • HexT

All Other Recent Changes to the CS2 Roster

These are the remaining CS2 roster revisions that are currently in effect.


  • –faveN
  • +nexa

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It’s evident that BLEED is creating something truly intriguing. For the Thunderpick World Championship, the roster has already qualified.

CS2 Roster Updates 2024: What Are the Mid-Season Changes?

The most recent CS2 roster move, which also included the addition of jkaem and nawwk, takes advantage of a deal at G2 to trade an underperforming faveN for nexa. Whatever your opinion of Nexa, he will dominate Tier 2 and move BLEED closer to major LAN events.


  • hampus
  • nexa
  • jkaem
  • nawwk


  • –electroNic –Perfecto –HObbit

It’s official that the Cloud9 CS2 superteam experiment is no longer viable. The team that had us excited earlier in the year has fallen short; Perfecto and Hobbit are now on the bench, and Cloud9’s future is in doubt due to the departure of electroNic to Virtus.pro.

Rebuilding around Ax1Le and Boombl4 appears to be Cloud9’s plan, but getting back to the top will take time.

Cloud9 consists of:

  • Ax1Le
  • Boombl4


  • –hades –dycha
  • +podi +sdy

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ENCE’s roster has struggled lately; perhaps this adjustment will help them get back on track. To start, dycha for sdy is a clear upgrade, as the Ukrainian has shown improvement every time he has played for Monte.

Although it may seem weird to bring podi in for hades, the young player has regularly shown promise for ENCE Academy. Hades is undoubtedly a fantastic player, however there was obviously a problem with the harmony in ENCE. He won’t have any trouble locating housing.

ENCE consist of:

  • gla1ve
  • sdy
  • Goofy
  • Kylar
  • podi


  • –BOROS
  • +dupreeh

After a brief stint away from the Falcons, BOROS has at last found a long-term replacement in dupreeh. He meets up with Magisk, his Astralis criminal accomplice, and zonic, the coach who benched him in Vitality. Will this Falcons roster become competitive after all thanks to the seasoned rifler? Let’s observe and wait.

CS2 Roster Updates 2024: What Are the Mid-Season Changes?

The falcons are:

  • dupreeh
  • Magisk
  • Snappi
  • SunPayus
  • Maden


  • –kyuubii
  • +blameF

BlameF has joined Fnatic after being benched on Astralis. The storied organization is making a bold move by bolstering the roster with some much-needed firepower. Regardless of your opinion on baiting, this is definitely an improvement, and blameF might benefit greatly from a new beginning to get back on track.

Fnatic consist of:

  • afro
  • bodyy
  • blameF


  • –nicoodoz
  • +degster

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That was quick, I must say. Nicoodoz has been benched from Heroic after a difficult time. His AWPing style has shown to be unsuitable for this roster; degster has been hired in its place.

It would be intriguing to watch how he performs in a different game after spending a full year on OG’s bench. Defster has long been the target of harmful rumors; in Heroic, he has the chance to dispel those rumors.

The heroic are:

  • sjuush
  • TeSeS
  • NertZ
  • kyxsan
  • degster


  • –cadiaN

That went more quickly than we had anticipated. The AWP IGL was the first casualty of the Liquid superteam’s collapse. Skullz is expected to go shortly as well, as there are whispers circulating about a transfer to FURIA.

Even though we don’t think this is the best course of action for the squad, we’ll have to wait and see what Liquid decides moving ahead. It appears from the outside that cadiaN has not been allowed the flexibility to IGL in the manner that he finds most comfortable.

Fluids consist of:

  • Twistzz
  • skullz
  • NAF


  • –Gizmy –ryu
  • +STYKO +hAdji

Following an unproductive stay on the main Monte team, the two academy prospects, Gizmy and Ryu, are back at Monte Gang. Worth taking a chance, but it hasn’t paid off for them.

Now that STYKO has arrived from Apeks, there should eventually be some stability. Although French rifler Hadji may not look very impressive at first, he is only temporarily a member of Monte, thus further changes should be forthcoming.

Monte consist of:

  • hAdji
  • Woro2k
  • DemQQ
  • kRaSnaL


  • –headtr1ck –es3tag –k0nfig
  • +maxster +r1nkle +isak

Here, something is taking place. NIP, who had been struggling for years, have reverted to their Swedish roots and now have a solid core. Young talent maxster moves up from the Young Ninjas, while REZ and ALEX are the only members of the previous team still in place.

After spending the last few years in GamerLegion, isak has gained a lot of notoriety, and AWPer r1nkle comes from B8 with a strong reputation. Let’s give this team an opportunity to improve.

In their pajamas, ninjas are:

  • maxster
  • REZ
  • ALEX
  • r1nkle
  • isak



  • +acoR +Altekz +niko

Eight years later, TSM is once again Danish. TSM is a legacy organization, so while this is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing roster swaps in CS:GO, we’re not sure if this is the right group to help them get back on track. Even so, they have reclaimed their identity, which is a greater accomplishment than the prior squad iteration.

TSM consist of:

  • Zyphon
  • acoR
  • valde
  • Alteksz
  • niko

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