CS2 vs. Valorant Player Count: Is Valorant Closing the Gap on Counter-Strike?

Since its debut, Valorant has seen considerable success in the esports space. While the game borrows elements from hero shooters, its main gameplay mechanics are eerily similar to those of CS2.

There are several similarities between the title and Counter-Strike, especially in the gunplay, which can seem very comparable. Both games are quite comparable, but when comparing the number of players in CS2 versus Valorant, which is more popular?

The number of players in CS2 compared to Valorant can help determine which game is more popular. Riot has already amassed a sizable player base, but how precisely do they stack up against each other?

CS2 vs Valorant Player Count – Which Has More Players?

It’s never easy to pinpoint a game’s specific player base. Numerous stats are available, such as peak players online, total player counts, and sales.

CS2 vs. Valorant Player Count: Is Valorant Closing the Gap on Counter-Strike?

Even though none of these measures are ideal, we may gain a decent indication of popularity from them. By examining the player counts, we may determine whether Valorant’s popularity is comparable to that of CS2.

Comparing the player counts of Valorant with CS2 yields some extremely intriguing information. In the tactical shooter market, Valorant was once the new kid on the block, but these days it’s a little more established. Still, CS2 is the tried and trusted. It appears that players simply can’t get enough of CS2, because to its classic gameplay and well-known maps.

Many players play both games simultaneously. The ability to convert CS2 to Valortant sens greatly facilitates switching between the two games, giving players greater flexibility over which one they play at any given moment.

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Let’s start by examining Valorant’s player count:

  • 10,018,956 as of July 2024
    2022 June: 20,921,643
  • 19,131,711 as of May 2024
  • 19,464,141 in April 2024
  • 19,584,691 in March 2024
  • 18,029,094 in February 2024
  • 18,318,806 in January 2024
  • 17,120,199 as of December 2023
  • 16,466,371 as of November 2023
  • 17,276,900 as of October 2023
  • 18,499,056 in September 2023
  • 19,894,500 in August 2023

Tracker.gg reports that Valorant currently has almost 10 million monthly players. A healthy number of players indicates that the game is in good shape. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, for sure.

CS2 vs. Valorant Player Count: Is Valorant Closing the Gap on Counter-Strike?

The number of Valorant players has stayed relatively constant over the past year or so, according to historical statistics, suggesting that those that play the game are likely here to stay.

Unfortunately, there are several differences between Valorant and CS2’s player count trackers, making it difficult to compare the two. With CS2, we can view players in real time straight from Steam, but not how many really log in each month.

It is conceivable that CS2 prevails in the “CS2 vs. Valorant player count” comparison given that the game’s peak player count over the previous 30 days was 1,510,840 concurrent players, and its average player count during this time was 935,564.

Valorant was the newest and most exciting toy when it was initially debuted. We even witnessed CS2 pros make the switch at the time, and everyone wanted to play with it.

Many players abandoned Valorant and all of its features when CS2 came out. Despite being more than ten years old, the professional scene for CS has never been better, and it appears that the game has a very bright future ahead of it.

That’s not to say players can’t be won over by Valorant. It can, but in order to compete with the Counter-Strike juggernaut, Riot Games will have to stick with it through thick and thin.

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Beautiful vs. CS2 Esports

Competitively, Valorant and Counter-Strike 2 have enormous fan bases. Thus, comparing the player counts of Valorant with CS2 is merely one method of doing so. To determine how popular these games are to watch as well as play, we can also check at esports viewership.

CS2 vs. Valorant Player Count: Is Valorant Closing the Gap on Counter-Strike?

With the largest fan base and most active scene, CS2 was the go-to esport for aficionados of first-person shooters. When comparing the peak viewership of last year’s Valorant Champions tournaments to that of the most recent CS2 tournament, the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, we saw 1,853,954 viewers.

This indicates that while Valorant’s player base was comparable to that of CS2, its viewership has been far lower. However, Valorant is still expanding significantly in this area, just like it does with the other metric. Their audience is growing, and there’s a lot more interest in events like brave wagering.

You should be aware that Counter-Strike 2 has a more equally distributed viewership than Valorant due to its stable esports environment, which sees a lot more action every day.

It will be interesting to observe how things develop during the remaining months of 2024. The conflict between the new and the old has evolved into one between the new and the younger, and we have begun monitoring the player counts of Valorant vs CS2.

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