Esports World Cup: Which Are the Best EWC Events to Watch?

The largest esports competition ever is the Esports World Cup in 2024. New fans or those tuning in for the first time may find this a little daunting with 22 tournaments spread across 21 distinct games. Here are the top EWC tournaments to watch in July and August if you’re a little lost!

The esports industry is huge and often overwhelming. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide variety of games.

Even though they need a great deal of ability and training to compete at the highest levels, it’s entertaining to watch them play. We have compiled a list of the world’s most popular esports to assist you in making decisions.

Top EWC Events to Visit

1. Riyadh Masters of Dota 2

    Dota 2 is a widely recognized multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, and one of the most watched competitions globally. Players are competing for the $5 million highest prize pool in the three-week competition, which is part of the Esports World Cup.

    Dota is definitely not the greatest option for newcomers to esports and does require some getting used to. In this intensely complex game, two teams of five players each choose a hero from a pool of 124, and they battle to eliminate the Ancients of the other team, which are positioned in the map’s diagonal corners.

    Esports World Cup: Which Are the Best EWC Events to Watch?

    Even though Dota 2 is a challenging game to learn, its thrilling gameplay makes it one of the best EWC events available. You won’t have too much trouble learning it if you’ve played games like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, or even Pokemon Unite.

    Every year, Dota features an extensive calendar that includes events like the ESL Pro Tour, three major tournaments, and The International. Valve continues to regularly update the game, and a sizable number of Dota players check in each day.

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    2. Opposite-Strike 2

      The 2023 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is called Counter-Strike 2. It’s incredibly simple to grasp yet very difficult to master this first-person shooter game; getting up the ranks in CS2 is no little accomplishment.

      Nevertheless, CS consistently ranks at the top of the Steam user base and boasts one of the biggest esports followings of any game.

      CS may be the game for you if you enjoy watching thrilling headshots, action-packed team battles, and rounds that will make you want to vomit.

      Esports World Cup: Which Are the Best EWC Events to Watch?

      Two teams of five players will battle it out to win a best-of-12 format in this game. Their goal is to either plant a bomb and have it explode or disarm the explosive before it has a chance to detonate. They will each take turns being on the T and CT sides.

      With some of the greatest teams in the world, including NaVi, the victors of the Copenhagen Major, and Team Spirit, the IEM Katowice champions, this EWC event promises to be one of the best to witness. There will be some incredible action.

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      3. The Legends League

        Another MOBA, another tournament! Without a question, one of the best EWC tournaments to watch is League of Legends. There will undoubtedly be some who draw comparisons between League of Legends and Dota, and on the surface, they do seem to be similar.

        However, among the most spicy events on the schedule is the LoL EWC competition. You may have heard of Faker even if you’re new to esports, so having the opportunity to see him compete on this grand scale is quite exceptional.

        League of Legends players, like in most MOBAs, compete in teams of five and choose their Champion from a pool of 168 players, each with a distinct set of skills and style of play. But don’t let that get to you too much—the most well-liked Champions are chosen frequently, so you’ll soon start to recognize some faces.

        Esports World Cup: Which Are the Best EWC Events to Watch?

        League of Legends typically has divisions for regional leagues from Korea, China, Europe, and other regions. We don’t typically get to watch these teams play internationally outside of S tier competitions like the Mid-Season Invitational and the Worlds Championships.

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        4. Filmnet

          It’s highly likely that you’ve heard of Fortnite if you’ve been involved in the gaming community for a while. Because it’s a battle royale, this game differs slightly from the others on our list.

          This implies that in order for a team to win the Victory Royale, they must cooperate to remove every other player off the battlefield.

          Because of how much content there is in the game, Fortnite may be the most customizable esports experience.

          New skins are released nearly every week, and the list of all Fortnite collaborations is as long as my arm. It’s a tremendously thrilling game to follow because new weapons, mechanics, and maps are regularly introduced in new chapters and seasons.

          But why is one of the greatest EWC events Fortnite is? Even for those who are new to esports, the gameplay is quick and quite easy to follow.

          Esports World Cup: Which Are the Best EWC Events to Watch?

          The greatest Fortnite players are really skilled at taking headshots from a distance, but if you’re searching for something to play that won’t blow your mind, Fortnite might be right for you.

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          5. The Rocket League

            Rocket League is the last, but most definitely not the least, of the best EWC tournaments. There aren’t many games like this one in the esports genre, which makes it very unique.

            In Rocket League, three-person teams basically play a soccer-like game while operating very powerful, flying automobiles. Simple, huh?

            Since Rocket League is arguably the easiest game on the list to play, it is popular with a wide audience. Once more, it’s simple to learn, yet the most skilled Rocket League players are adept at manipulating the ball and netting goals.

            With the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) hosting two majors and a world championship each year, Rocket League also boasts a strong esports community.

            Unlike Dota, where you may be locked in for hours, these games are really short. Therefore, we wholeheartedly endorse Rocket League if you’re looking for fast-paced entertainment that you can just kick back and enjoy.

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