ZywOo Pro CS2 Settings: Crosshair, Mouse, Monitor, Touch!

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is an AWPer and Rifler for Team Vitality and is a French professional CS2 player. He has earned acclaim throughout his tenure for his exceptional mechanical prowess and astute game sense. Ever since its inception in 2018, Vitality has developed into one of the preeminent organizations globally. Many admirers are curious about ZywOo’s professional settings to enhance their CS2 skills.

ZywOo is renowned for his astuteness on the field, which he employs by frequently shifting positions and anticipating the opposing team’s counteroffensive. He is regarded as one of the greatest players in Counter-Strike history, and in addition to numerous tournament victories, HLTV ranked him first in the world in 2019, 2020, and 2023, and second in 2021 and 2022.

CS2 Pro Settings ZwyOo

Because ZwyOo is presently regarded as one of the best CS2 players, a great number of novice players will examine his gameplay to better themselves. Although imitating his settings will not immediately elevate you to the status of a professional, it will serve as a solid foundation and undeniably facilitate your progress in CS2.

ZywOo Pro Mouse Settings

Professional Counter-Strike players must have optimal mouse settings to feel at ease and confident enough to aim with pinpoint accuracy. Although it is recommended that you discover the mouse settings and sensitivity that are most convenient for you, it is also a good idea to examine the sensitivity levels of other professionals so that you have a benchmark against which to judge your progress. If you wish to assess ZywOo’s pro settings for yourself, they have been discovered. The mouse parameters utilized by ZywOo are fairly standard, with an eDPI of 800. This is comparable to the mean eDPI utilized by professional CS2 players, which is approximately 900.

  • DPI: 400
  • Sensitivity: 2.00
  • eDPI: 800
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 1
  • Hz: 4000
  • Windows Sensitivity: 6
  • Raw Input: On
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off

Which Mouse Does ZywOo Use?

Additionally, ZywOo utilizes a custom-made VAXEE OUTSET AX mouse. Extremely rare, as only two of these yellow mice were ever manufactured by VAXEE. Although it is not widely favored by CS2 professionals, a considerable number of players still prefer to utilize VAXEE products. It weighs very little, has a low click latency, and is constructed with exceptional durability. Additionally, it has an excellent cable and mouse feet that glide effortlessly.

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ZywOo Pro Monitor Settings

As with the majority of CS2 pro players, ZywOo configures his monitor in the same manner. The majority of CS2 users opt for a stretched resolution rather than the default 1920×1080 resolution, citing its advantages. Character depictions are primarily affected by the 4:3 aspect ratio, which is why players prefer it. With CS2 stretched resolution, the in-game player character models appear nearly fifty percent larger; this significantly improves the players’ ability to strike foes, which is critical in professional matches. Almost certainly, altering the resolution will assist novice players in advancing in rank, as it significantly simplifies aiming and striking targets.

  • Resolution: 1280×960
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Scaling Mode: Stretched
  • Hz: 240

Players who are experiencing PC performance issues may be able to achieve higher frames per second with this resolution, which is particularly advantageous given CS2’s higher system requirements.

ZywOo Video Configuration

ZywOo’s Video Settings resemble those of the majority of CS2 experts. For optimal visibility on the map, certain video settings are optimized to their maximum value. Nevertheless, to ensure a fluid gameplay experience and higher frames per second, certain settings, including Texture Streaming and Motion Blur, are deactivated.

  • Boost Player Contrast: Enabled
  • Wait for Vertical Sync: Disabled
  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode: 4x MSAA
  • Global Shadow Quality: High
  • Model / Texture Detail: High
  • Texture Filtering Mode: Anisotropic 4x
  • Shader Detail: High
  • Particle Detail: Low
  • Ambient Occlusion: Medium
  • High Dynamic Range: Quality
  • FidelityFX Super Resolution: Disabled (Highest Quality)
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled

ZywOo Crosshair Configurations

To duplicate the professional parameters of ZywOo, launch the CS2 console, paste the following text, and press Enter. This will cause the settings to be applied automatically, allowing you to utilize them in your game. To progress and advance in your games, you must use the most comfortable CS2 crosshair possible; ZywOo’s crosshair would be an ideal place to begin.

ZywOo CS2 Viewmodel Settings

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Using the identical method, you can also duplicate his ViewModel and Bob configurations. Simply copy the following code and paste it into the console to experience what it is like to play CS2 in the manner that ZywOo does.

viewmodel_fov 68; viewmodel_offset_x 2.5; viewmodel_offset_y 0; viewmodel_offset_z -1.5; viewmodel_presetpos 3; cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 1.5; cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.75; viewmodel_recoil 1


cl_usenewbob false

Numerous CS2 options are customizable via the console, which can be extremely daunting for novice players. You can create an environment similar to that of ZywOo while playing CS2 by simply duplicating each of these parameters. It is recommended that you begin with the parameters of a CS2 professional player to determine if they work for you. If necessary, make minor adjustments to achieve a more comfortable experience. Pro settings on ZywOo will undoubtedly facilitate your rapid progression, whether you are a novice player seeking to advance in rank or an expert player desiring a unique in-game experience.

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