CS2 Server List Guide | Play SURF, DM, and Much More!

Playing CS2 competitively is a lot of fun. However, occasionally a respite from the action is required, allowing you to move into more informal modes created by the community. This is where the CS2 community servers come in. You can play fun modes like Surf, or join a Retake or DM server for some casual practice.

So, how exactly do you play these CS2 community servers? Let’s go for it!

How to Play Community Servers in CS2?

Back in the days of CS:GO, the best way to join community servers was through the in-game server browser. As shown in the screenshot below, this no longer works as expected, with the whole CS2 server list empty. Valve hasn’t yet made CS2 community servers easily available, but don’t worry; we can help.

In our opinion, searching host sites is the simplest way to identify the finest CS2 servers. These third-party websites run a large number of different CS2 servers, allowing you to quickly find the IP address of the server you wish to join and connect with ease. Some of these locations are listed below:

  • xplay
  • WarmupServer

It is up to you to choose your preferred website, although the three listed above provide a good variety. Once you’ve located a CS2 community server to join, follow these steps:

  • Copy the server IP from the website (typically a button will do this for you automatically).
  • To access the in-game console, open CS2 and use the tilde (~) key.
  • Paste the server IP with the word “connect” before it. To connect, press Enter.
  • You should now be on the CS2 community server you selected earlier!

You now know how to join CS2 servers; it’s as simple as that! While the in-game server browser isn’t as reliable as it once was, if you know where to look, you can still find plenty of CS2 community servers to play on. If you wish to change servers in CS2 after you’ve been on one, simply repeat the procedures above. You can still join to another server using the in-game console!

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CS2 Surf Servers

Playing CS2 Surf servers is one of the best ways to unwind in-game. It’s an excellent approach to practice your movements without fear of failure or frustration. Simply put on some music and surf about the boundaries of a variety of community-created CS2 levels.

Surf has been a staple since the beginning of CS:GO. The mode has returned in the guise of CS2 Surf servers, and it is better than before. To locate the best CS2 servers to play Surf, we believe xplay is the best bet.

CS2 DM/Duel Servers

CS2 DM/Duel servers are some of the finest places to train your aim without actually participating in a match. These CS2 community servers are designed for continual action, with more combat engagements in two minutes than you’d expect in a full typical match of CS2. As a result, they’re a popular alternative among professionals wishing to practice CS2.

We discovered that many pros prefer to play on the CYBERSHOKE CS2 DM servers. Because of this, we recommend you go there. After all, if you’re going to put yourself to the test, you might as well do so against the top players in the game. When you play against a professional player on CYBERSHOKE CS2 DM servers, you’ll see a distinctive nametag next to their username.

CS2 Retake Servers

CS2 Retake servers allow you to experience retaking and defending a bomb site in a variety of scenarios that are designed to closely match actual in-game events. They are not for everyone, but in terms of CS2 community servers, we believe they are the best practice tool available.

If you’re interested in CS2 Retake servers, you should look them up on Xplay. That’s where we discovered the most diverse set of maps with active populations for Retake.

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CS2 KZ Servers

CS2 KZ servers are ideal for honing your movement, with game types like Only Up gaining popularity in this area. KZ has been mastered by pros such as ropz in CS2, making their movement even more powerful when bouncing about the standard CS2 maps.

Unfortunately, due to issues in CS2 that cause variable jump height, KZ is no longer as popular as it once was. Hopefully, if these flaws are resolved, it will be able to regain its previous splendor.


Are CS2 Servers 128-Tick?

No, CS2 servers no longer distinguish between 64 and 128-tick, instead employing a new system known as sub-tick. This applies to both CS2 community and competitive servers, though many believe the new method is closer to 64 than 128 ticks.

I Can’t Connect to CS2 Servers. How Can I Fix This?

If you are unable to connect to CS2 servers, you can try a few things to resolve the issue. Try the following steps:

  • Ensure that your CS2 is properly updated.
  • Make sure CS2 and Steam are not down.
  • Check the integrity of your game files using the Steam client.
  • Make sure the CS2 server you’re attempting to join isn’t full. If there is one less person than capacity and you are still unable to join, this could be a reserved slot.
  • Check that the CS2 server you’re attempting to join is not offline.

Are the CS2 Servers Safe?

Yes, the CS2 servers are safe. As long as you stick to the sites we recommended above, CS2 community servers should be safe. Be aware of any players on these servers offering you a trade, as it could be a fraud; nevertheless, this applies to all game modes in CS2.

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