Pokemon Types Guide: Exemplary Type of Pokemon!

In Pokemon video games, each Pokémon has a unique type. Types are among the most crucial characteristics that can determine whether a Pokemon performs well or poorly in a particular battle encounter.

Every category possesses unique defensive and offensive benefits. The complexity of this typing tree increases when a Pokémon possesses two types. Scarlet and Violet of Generation 9 first introduced Tera Types. This grants the team one Pokemon per combat and the ability to transform its primary type.

Pokemon Types Strengths and Weaknesses

TypeHits Super EffectiveHits Not Very EffectiveNo DamageWeak ToResistsUnaffected

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Dual Type Pokemon

Typically, Pokemon, particularly highly evolved ones, have two types. These two varieties maintain their resistances, which enhances their overall strength. However, the combination of 0.5x damage from not very effective and 2x damage from extremely effective will result in standard 1x damage.

The importance of the order in which one types is greater than ever. Before Terastallizing in generation nine, a Fire + Flying and a Flying + Fire had identical characteristics. The order is now significant, as the new mechanic permits you to alter your primary type. Both Pokémon possessing the Water Tera Type undergo recrystallization with the first Pokémon gaining Water + Flying and a fourfold reduction in resistance to electric-type attacks. The second would be Water + Fire, which, no longer being of the Flying type, would render it vulnerable to Ground-type assaults.

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The Top Pokémon Varieties in VCG Battles

There are prevalent types of roles in the competitive format of the Pokemon Video Game Championship, VGC Doubles. Terastallization further elucidates these as well.

  • Offensively: Ground type has the most super-effective targets in the game. Ice-type protection aids in subduing the majority of dragon types, whose secondary forms are frequently susceptible to ice damage.
  • Defensively: Steel type, with its 9 resistances and 1 immunity is the strongest wall. Water-type Pokémon with bulky bodies have uncommon vulnerabilities.

Colors in Pokemon TCG

TCG Pokemon typically reduces Pokemon to a single type. Although they do occur, dual-type cards are extremely rare. This simplifies matters but requires greater attention to deck construction to guarantee favorable type matchups.

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