Be an Expert, Annie Lol Main: Our Entire Guide!

Annie can mostly be used as either a midlaner or a support in League of Legends. The builds in each lane will be different, but her playstyle is the same in both. Annie should try to be safe until she is at least level six. Her first item power spike will happen in the early to mid-game. She plays like a wolf dressed as a sheep; she waits until the right moment to one-button combo an enemy.

Tips & Tricks

People say that Annie is a simple League of Legends champion to play, but there are a few tricks and tips that will help you get better at it and move up the ranks. It’s important to know when to fight Annie because she can only burst enemies once or twice during fights.

Hover around 2 or 3 Pyromania (Passive) stacks: Keeping your Pyromania stacks between 2-3 is important as it ensures Annie has access to her stun quickly with a full combo. Annie should keep her Pyromania stacks at 2 when she is under a lot of pressure to kill an enemy. This will make them think her stun is not available, which will make them think they are safe.

Auto-attack before Disintegrate (Q): Annie’s Disintegrate resets her quickly, giving her more damage in deals. For Annie, the best way to stop an enemy with her Pyromania passive is to use auto-attacks before and after Q.

Walk up or stun enemies before using Incinerate (W): Incinerate isn’t a skill shot, but new Annie players may find it hard to hit because it only lasts a short time and doesn’t cover a large area. The enemies will automatically walk or flash backward when they see Annie or her fireball (Q) coming at them. Walk up to the enemy or stun them before casting W to make sure that Incinerate always hits.

Initiate with Molten Shield (E): Annie’s Molten Shield has multiple effects that make engaging with it extremely strong. Annie can move around by casting Molten Shield, which makes up for the fact that she can’t close gaps. Annie can fully combo and back off, which helps her win deals, thanks to the damage shield and damage reflection.

Summon Tibbers (R) in combination with Pyromania: It is best to use Tibbers when Pyromania is active. Annie’s skill Tibbers has the largest area of action and the longest range. Getting into a fight with Flash and Tibbers while Pyromania is active is very dangerous.


Early Game

Doran’s Ring: Annie Can Always Use Q to Kill Creeps with This Ring Because It Restores Mana. In essence, This Will Make Sure that Annie Gets Cs During the Whole Laning Process.

Boots: Getting boots early helps Annie because she can’t move around much. As a champion that can’t move in the mid-lane, jugglers will have to gank. Having boots and Molten Shield together will help you get out of tough spots.

Lost Chapter: This item gives Annie all of her core stats, which lets her stay in lane longer to get more creep points and quickly hit the 1-item power spike.

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Mid Game

Sorcerer’s shoes: These shoes make it faster to move around, which makes it easier for Annie to help her team. Because Annie doesn’t deal steady damage, being able to penetrate magic will help her burst enemies faster, which is very important.

Zhonya’s Hourglass: Core mid-game item that allows Annie to aggressively make plays on enemies without instantly dying after her combo. Most of the time, Zhonya’s will also let you cast Disintegrate and Incinerate one more time during battle, which makes her stronger overall.

Late Game

Rabadon’s Deathcap: Annie, especially as a mid-lane mage, needs the most amount of damage possible. Rabadons give the most power to abilities in the late game.

Void staff: Given Annie’s high burst damage, enemies building magic resistance is inevitable. Annie can keep killing enemy champions that build a single magic defense item with the void staff because it breaks through magic the most.

Mythical Item

Luden’s Echo: Built from Lost Chapter, one of Annie’s early game core items. Due to its unique mythical passive, Ludens gives other legendary things 5 magic penetration, which gives Annie even more burst.

Support (item Builds – Core Items)

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Early Game

Spellthief’s Edge: The default AP support item, provides Annie more ability power to become more of a threat.

Relic Shield: This is a good support item to start with in games where you don’t want to fight hard and need to play more passively.

Middle Game

Ardent Censer (more helpful): You can use Ardent Censer by casting Molton Shield on a friend. With a team or strong ADC in the bot lane, this is a great move.

Cosmic Drive: This ability gives Annie all of her core stats, including health, ability power, and time reduction. Annie will be able to use Pyromania’s stun more often because her cosmic drives will make her more likely to survive and give her more skills to use in battle.

Late Game

When Morellonomicon is used, enemies can’t heal up after her burst attack. Annie’s health is also helpful because it makes her more likely to survive.

Mythical Item

Louden’s Echo: Annie will also buy Louden’s Echo because it makes her a danger all game long and relieves some pressure on the team’s main carriers.


Syndra: Annie completely lost it

Zad: Able to kill Annie with little resistance

Leona: Can close in hard on Annie, making her waste her stun early in fights.

Zilean: She throws bombs at Annie and can keep carries from dying in fights when she bursts.

Favorable Match-Ups

Yassuo: Yassuo’s low health makes it easy to burst, but his Molten Shield makes it hard to kill him.

Katarina: Has a good deal against her in the lane, and her ultimate can stun Katarina.

Sona: Very simple to burst.

Blitzcrank: Once Annie has a little more tanky, she can build health to trick Blitzcrank into hooking her to a gap close enough to attack enemies.


Anyone can play as Annie in League of Legends, no matter how much experience they have. The damage she does is high, and she only hits one target. Her stun is very strong, and it can help you kill low-health enemies from far away.

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