How to Copy Crosshairs in Valorant?

Since its release, VALORANT has allowed players to experiment with their crosshairs in the game. It’s a mechanic designed to allow players control over the small icon in the center of the screen that they use to aim, and it operates similarly to Counter-Strike’s crosshair functionality. Sometimes you’ll be playing VALORANT and notice someone with a lot more spectacular crosshair than you, so what’s the next step? Here’s how to copy crosshairs in VALORANT if you want to be like that other player.

There’s something magical about creating your own bespoke VALORANT crosshair. There are numerous ways to customize it, including changing the width, thickness, iconography, and color scheme. It allows you to personalize the game. However, if you want to know how to mimic someone’s crosshair in VALORANT, go no further than this guide. We will teach you everything you need to know.

How to Copy Crosshairs in Valorant – Simplified

If you want to learn how to mimic someone’s crosshair in VALORANT, we have good news: there’s a really simple way to do it. It’s a fantastic feature that Riot Games has included and made as accessible as possible, so you can easily connect with a friend and share the same humorous VALORANT crosshair. It is worth noting that this feature has only been available since August 2022, despite the game’s release in 2020.

Here’s how To Copy Crosshairs in Valorant

1. Find the Valorant Crosshairs of Your Dreams

    If you are spectating someone who has died in VALORANT, you can mimic their crosshairs with a few button presses. First, navigate to that player in Spectator Mode (you must be dead first). Once you’ve found them, open the in-game chat and enter the simple command ‘/cc’. You could also use ‘/crosshair copy’, but why waste time with so many more characters? Now, that command has allowed you to copy the code that unlocks the player’s crosshairs.

    You will require an empty place in your Crosshair Profiles in the game’s settings. You can save up to 15 crosshairs in VALORANT, but if you wish to use one you copied from another player, you’ll need to free up some space. In the first place, the code will not be correctly imported unless you have a free space. This is one of the feature’s only limitations.

    2. Equip that Valorant Crosshair and Live Life

      Now that you know how to replicate crosshairs in VALORANT, it’s time to put them to use. For the following step, go to the game’s settings, specifically the ‘Crosshair’ option. From there, go to ‘Crosshair Profile’, then ‘Imported Profiles’, and you’ll notice (if there was any free space) a listing that reads ‘Imported Crosshair’, followed by a timestamp. That’s the crosshair you just copied in-game!

      At this point, you can rename and adjust the crosshair, but given that you came here to learn how to copy crosshairs in VALORANT, we don’t see why you’d want to change it so abruptly.

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      But What About Importing Valorant Crosshairs?

      There is another technique to mimic someone’s crosshair in VALORANT, but it requires them to hand over the goods directly to you. It makes no difference if you’re not playing a game with them; nonetheless, you will need them to complete some jobs. It’s perfect for peer-to-peer swaps, but it may be more difficult if you’re attempting to target one of the world’s finest VALORANT gamers or anything.

      In the Crosshair Profile section of the Crosshair settings menu, there is an option to ‘Import Profile’. On this tab, you can paste in a code that appears as a line of numbers, letters, and semi-colons; it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it as long as VALORANT does.

      Once you have your exported crosshair code from another player or a website such as, you may import that profile, save it as your crosshair, and use it in-game right away. Similarly, exporting your crosshair is as simple as pressing a button in the same part of the options menu.

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