World of Warcraft Transmog Guide: Select the Best Transmog Sets!

Transmogrification, also known as transmog, is a feature in World of Warcraft that allows players to use the appearance of different sets of armor and weapons instead of the ones they are currently using. These transmogs entirely alter your character’s appearance and provide a degree of depth and customization previously unavailable in the traditional version of the game.

Hunting transmogs is one of the most popular activities among WoW players today. With hundreds of entire sets and thousands of off-set parts, gamers have nearly endless options for creating personalized sets based on their specific preferences.

In this WoW transmog tutorial, we’ll go over what transmogs are, how to get them, and where you can find the best transmog sets in the game. If you’re inquisitive and want to learn more, join us as we explore the vast world of transmogs in World of Warcraft.

How to Transmog My Gear

To transmog gear, players must visit a specific NPC in one of their faction’s capital cities. When players engage with an NPC, a special window appears next to their character screen. Players will be able to witness all of the changes in their character’s appearance as they apply various transmog appearances. Once the player is satisfied with their final set, they can apply the alterations for a nominal charge in gold.

World of Warcraft also has a Wardrobe area where players can view all available transmog appearances. This tab can be reached via the Collections menu. Players can mix and match all of the different pieces of transmog gear to create unique sets that can then be applied to the transmog NPC.

Players can also save their unique costumes in the transmog window. This enables players to swiftly switch from one transmog set to another.

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How to Obtain Transmogs in WOW

Before a player can employ a certain transmog look, they must first acquire it through various means. The most common method for acquiring transmog is to solo old world stuff while also finishing current world content like as dungeons, raids, open world monsters and rares, and certain questlines. The majority of transmog appearances are discovered this way, and as you may expect, this method takes time. Transmog hunting is a long-term commitment, and some players spend years pursuing their dream set.

Another option for obtaining transmog is to buy it directly from the auction house. Because gold farming is so popular in World of Warcraft, many players will farm transmog to sell to other players. This procedure is rapid yet costly. Some of the most unusual transmog looks can cost millions of gold. So, while this is a convenient way to gain transmog in World of Warcraft, it is not always accurate.

Another wonderful place to find unusual transmog appearances is the World of Warcraft Trading Post. The Trading Post is updated every month, with new transmog sets, horses, and pets.

The final option for obtaining transmog is through the official Blizzard WoW shop. This is where gamers can occasionally find full transmog sets offered by Blizzard for real money. The sets normally cost between $10 and $25, depending on the style of set. The best time to buy these sets is when there is a large discount sale, which usually occurs around major holidays.

Tips & Tricks for Transmog Farming

We’ll offer some of the best transmog farming methods and tricks for both novice and veteran players.

Get Your Tabards from Reputations

Players earn reputation with specific factions as they level up and complete global content. These factions provide distinct rewards for each reputation rank. New players may be unaware that each faction has its own tabard prize, which is usually at Revered or Exalted level. Tabards may be utilized to create transmog sets, and some of them are incredibly rare and distinctive.

This is why it’s critical to prioritize your reputations and maximize as many as possible to gain a diverse range of tabards to complement your other cosmetic appearances.

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Level Your Professions

Professions are also useful for transmog collecting because they offer a variety of inexpensive and simple transmog appearances. Certain professions, such as Tailoring, can create plain things like Shirts, which are commonly utilized in various transmog sets.

Do not overlook your vocations, and make as many goods as can to fill out your transmog Wardrobe tab.

Purchase PVP Transmog Sets

Yes, players can obtain transmog via PvP engagements. Certain vendors will sell PvP weapon and armor transmog sets for Honor. Even if you’re not a fan of PvP, queueing for battlegrounds to collect these unique sets is worthwhile.

Purchase Reins of The Grand Expedition Yak

Reins of the Grand Expedition Uncle Bigpocket at Kun-Lai Summit, Mists of Pandaria, sells a unique mount called Yak. The mount costs a whopping 120.000 gold, but it is definitely worth it. This mount has a repair merchant for players to sell their equipment while exploring, as well as a transmog NPC that allows players to apply multiple transmog sets anywhere in the globe.

This is a one-time purchase that will save you countless visits to the city and improve the quality of your games. It is one of the best WoW mounts ever introduced to the game.

Start Farming Transmog Today

Hopefully, this article has motivated you to start cultivating your own transmog set and brainstorming new and exciting concepts. Transmog farming is one of the most popular features of current WoW, and for good reason. The activity adds a lot of depth to the existing game and makes each item worthwhile.

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