Jarvan Jungle Guide: How To Play Jarvan Like Malran!

Here is a full guide on how to play Jarvan IV in League of Legends season 13 like Malrang, a jungle for KOI.

Jarvan IV Jungle Guide – Everything You Need to Know

In the most recent patch 13.3, Jarvan got a big buff that makes him a great choice for the solo queue to win games. He does a lot of damage, and the W buff made him much more durable at all points of the game. It’s been going really well for him in the jungle since we’re in a spam-gank meta.

If you’re not sure how to build the boosted version of Jarvan IV, we’ve put together a list of Malrang’s top builds and runes sets. He is one of the best jugglers in the LEC.

Jarvan Jungle Build

The build for Jarvan IV is pretty much the same as it was before, but some of its main items have been switched out for new ones since the recent changes to fighter items.

People who play Jarvan still use Goredrinker as their main build, but Black Cleaver is the most important item in Jarvan IV’s new build. The item has a lot of useful stats and is a great deal for how little it costs. For the champion, the armor penetration also works well with his kit, dealing more damage than before.

Between these two items, Jarvan IV’s other items can be put together in a lot of different ways, based on the game. You should always choose the type of defense that will help you take more damage from enemies, but you should also think about whether you want more damage or stats that will help you take more damage.

Item like Frozen Heart and Randuin’s Omen give Malrang’s characters more defense, so they are more useful in his games. It’s always Force of Nature for him when he needs to block magic. When fighting fed support, he sometimes puts on Anatema’s Chains to take 30% less damage. In general, he doesn’t use full damage builds very often, even though that’s what most people do in a solo queue.

In general, this is the build that you’ll see in most of his Jarvan games:

  • Goredrinker
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Black Cleaver
  • Heart Frozen
  • Force of Nature
  • Guardian Angel/Chains of Anatema

Jarvan’s Runes

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The lines of Jarvan IV haven’t changed much in the past year. The champion that Malrang used to build with First Strike doesn’t work as well now that things have been changed.

He instead picks the Conqueror rune as his main anchor. This gives him more power in battle at all times, but it’s especially useful at the beginning.

Most of the time, you should choose the following minor runes when you go Conqueror:

  • Triumph to get extra cash and heal yourself when you’re knocked out;
  • Legend: Willingness to shorten the length of crowd controls;
  • Last Stand to do the most damage when you’re low on health.

For the secondary tree, pick Inspiration and then go for Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight. This will lower the time it takes to recharge Smite and give you a free pair of boots, which will save you about 300 gold.

Following this guide will help you get the most out of the Demacian jungler Jarvan IV, so you can play it like Malrang.

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