Is Smite Cross-Platform? Our Guide for Smite Crossplay!

Smite is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, and since being released in 2014, it has pulled together a vast, global audience. With millions of fans around the world, Smite easily entertains a huge number of users. As a multiplayer game, it also has a committed competitive audience that plays daily. Smite is a social game that has won awards. Is it playable on more than one platform? Because the game can be played on all devices, that’s the question everyone has.

These days, most online games don’t come out without some kind of crossplay. Since Smite has been out for ten years, it’s easy to see why it might not have cross-platform features. However, Hi-Rez Studios, the company that made it, may have changed it over the years to allow cross-platform play. We’re going to look into that idea in depth in this guide, breaking it down and seeing what we can prove.

So, can you play Smite on more than one platform? Let us find out.

Why Is Smite so Popular?

Characters are a big part of why Smite is so famous. A lot of people know about gods from mythology, like Ganesh, Medusa, Ares, Thor, Loki, and Fenrir. You learn about other gods that you might not have heard of before, like Ah Puch, the Horrific God of Decay, and Awilix, the Goddess of the Moon. There are more than just these few. Smite is a very popular MOBA game that is different from others like League of Legends and Dota 2.

Because Smite is so famous, you might wonder if Dota 2 is also going away. And the answer is no, not always. Dota may not be as famous as it used to be, but it is still performing very well. Such a well-known game makes me wonder if Smite works on more than one platform. Smite also has a ranked mode that works like the LoL ranking system. In this mode, you can move up the ranks by playing the most popular mode, Conquest.

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Is Smite Cross-Platform?

Smite works on more than one device, and it has for a while now. Hi-Rez Studios updated the environment in 2019 to add full-fledged, seamless crossplay mechanics that connected the whole network from start to finish. You can play Smite on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and game streaming services like Amazon Luna. All of these platforms can talk to each other and play games on different systems, for Smite to be cross-platform means that it works on all of them without any problems.

Given this, Smite is without a doubt one of the best cross-play games out there. In the FAQ support part of the game, Hi-Rez said that voice chat, reporting, leaderboards, and advanced matchmaking are some of Smite’s cross-platform features.

It’s Time to Smite

Now that you know how crossplay works in Smite, there’s nothing keeping you from downloading the game and playing with people from all over the world on any device you can think of. There are many types of people who still play Smite every day, and there is a strong group that supports the ten-year-old game. Smite is one of the best cross-platform games in the world. It’s not just a cross-play game either.

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