League of Legends S11: How to Play Morgana Jungle!

Morgana has been relegated to the role of a support or mid-lane choice for quite some time. Nevertheless, since receiving enhancements earlier in Season 11, Morgana Jungle has emerged as a highly feasible alternative. By accelerating the clearing of jungle camps, the enhancement empowered Morgana to farm up and engage in ganking more frequently.

Morgana’s utility has consistently proven to be an invaluable auxiliary instrument, enabling enemies to be hard-coordinated for what seems like years! As a result, Morgana’s jungle is exceptionally potent due to her ganks, which ensnare foes and enable her learners to accumulate.

Tricks and Tips

Morgana Jungle

Morgana, who has two targets to hit Dark Binding (Q), powerful zoning potential, and a Black Shield to bail the lane out of many situations, is an easier champion to play as a support. Morgana Jungle, on the other hand, demands a more challenging and aggressive approach to have a significant impact and earn rewards. In addition to our Darius LoL guide, our tips & tactics will provide vital information regarding the Morgana jungle, enabling you to ascend to the summit.

Morgana must play aggressively and engage in heavy ganking in the jungle due to her inadequate scaling in the late game.

Maintain your Dark Binding (Q) – During ganks, refrain from immediately throwing Q at maximum range. Maintaining Q while ganking imparts tremendous force to the adversary. Morgana Q typically induces pre-movement side steps from foes, allowing you to close the gap. As a result, Qs will become simpler to strike in the end.

Max tormented Shadow (W) – The majority of Morgana’s benefits had been applied to her W, thereby decreasing its cooldown in the jungle. Maximizing the soil prior to the mid-game will significantly increase the speed required to clear the forest. This allows you to outpace the opposing jungler during ganks and improve your farming.

Cast Black Shield (E) reactively – To effectively obstruct crowd control, the Black Shield should be cast reactively, despite its 5-second duration. Black Shield provides immunity to crowd control only in the presence of the magical shield. This means that even after adversaries inflict adequate magical damage, they retain the ability to crowd control you or an ally for the next five seconds. Therefore, if neither you nor your companions are in imminent peril, retain your black shield until your foes employ their non-CC magical capabilities. Better yet, deploy it in response to an enemy CC ability if you possess the necessary mechanics.
Black-shroude yourself and wait for Veigar to use his Q or W before attempting to escape his confinement.

Preceding with Soul Shackles (R) ensures Dark Binding (Q) – Monetary post-six ganking is a breeze for Morgana when employing this combination. Prioritizing the use of Soul Shackles will result in the target being slowed down while Morgana gains an additional speed of movement. Soul Shackles will immobilize the foe for an additional three seconds, rendering your Dark Binding impervious to movement. Moreover, as foes experience the strain of this combination, they will be compelled to flicker, providing you with an additional opportunity to apprehend them using Dark Binding.

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Jungle Morgana Item Build Order

Morgana Jungle

Several strategies exist for constructing Morgana Jungle, each of which is contingent on the champion you choose and your approach to the role. Capability to initiate battles and safeguard carries takes precedence over specific damage and death threat.

Early Game

Hailblade—Instead of increasing clear speed, a jungle item such as Hailblade or Emberknife accelerates the path to an upgraded smite, which is a requirement for all jungles. Hailblade is favored in Morgan’s jungle due to the fact that the sluggishness of Chilling Smite facilitates her Dark Binding.

The Lost Chapter is a crucial component of Morgana’s legendary artifacts. Provides Morgana with mana and ability power, both of which are vital attributes for her to vanquish settlements in the jungle.

Mid Game

As Tormented Shadow is an ability that increases damage over time, Sorcerer’s Shoes should always be worn, regardless of whether one is going full AP or mildly tanky. Sorcs deal extremely effective damage due to their magical penetration, and their mobility can compensate for Morgana’s lack thereof.

Early stopwatch enables Morgana to execute hazardous or aggressive maneuvers such as turret dives. It is preferable to obtain it early, since she will require Zhonya’s Hourglass in the future.

Late Game

Zhonya’s Hourglass is a critical item that grants Morgana the ability to adopt an aggressive stance during battles without perishable, thereby optimizing her ability to utilize Soul Shackles.

Liandry’s Anguish is the ideal legendary item for Morgana Jungle due to its damage-over-time passive and magic penetration, both of which can be reversed or continuously applied with Tormented Shadow.

Demonic embrace is a high-value item in terms of stats, providing vitality and ability power to Morgana for a marginal increase in survivability. Even more significantly, its passive is a damage increase similar to Liandry’s Anguish.

Morgana Counters

Rengar – Morgana is highly susceptible to AD assassins due to her poor mobility and Black Shield only blocking magic damage. Morgana must hasten the construction of Zhonya’s Hourglass and bulk up on tanky artifacts such as Randiun’s Omen.

Kindred – Kindred can easily invade and duel Morgana in her jungle, while also simultaneously out scaling her. Since Morgana is incapable of challenging Kindred for her own jungle’s stacks, Kindred is able to scale at will.

Master Yi – Capable of effortlessly dueling Morgana at any stage of the game and dodging Morgana Q with Alpha Strike.

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Morgana Favorable Matchups

Amumu – Able to protect one of her key carries with Black Shield, making them immune to Amumu’s primary function to hard CC enemies.

Vi – Her susceptibility to binding prevents her from engaging. Black Shield can also block both knockback and knockup attacks made by Vi, given that Vi has no magical damage.

Taliyah – Black Shield blocks a large portion of Taliyah’s burst and can stop her knockback. As a result of Taliyah’s limited mobility, Morgana can easily outmaneuver her during combat, even if Taliyah keeps her distance.


Morgana Jungle is an excellent option for a single-match carry and assistance for companions. You have complete control over the map and can initiate battles while advancing and binding everything in your path. Following the Liandry path will ensure that your Morgana never loses sight of you, as the percentage of damage easily overcomes encircled tanks.

When executed and positioned properly, Morgana can be an enjoyable and manageable card game to master.

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