Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

Undoubtedly, the PlayStation 2 is one of the most well-known game systems ever. Some might even say it was the best. In 2000, the system was a big deal because it had better graphics than its predecessor, better controllers, and could play DVDs.

We haven’t even talked about the games yet, some of the best we’ve ever seen. Let’s get our memory cards and DualShocks ready to play the 5 best PlayStation 2 games ever.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

It takes place before the events of Metal Gear Solid 2 and in the 1960s, during the Cold War. The player takes on the part of Naked Snake, a CIA agent. He sets out on a mission to sneak into the Soviet Union and stop the Cobra Unit, a group of bad guys in the military (creative, huh?).

Politics, spying, and betrayal are all part of the game, which follows Snake through jungles, swamps, and enemy camps to reach his goals. The game had a new camouflage system that helped players fit in with their surroundings and avoid being seen by enemies. You could even act like a cardboard box!

Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

The survival parts of the game, like finding food, fixing injuries, and keeping track of your stamina, made the experience more realistic and added a new level of meaning. In Snake Eater, there were also some famous boss fights, like “The End,” where you had to trick an old man in a wheelchair. A lot of people would start a fierce stealth fight, but some would figure out that they could wait for The End.

Yes, you could wait until the boss passes away. You have to play this game in the series because it’s great. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a great game to start the series with. If you’d rather wait a little longer, Metal Gear Solid Delta is coming out soon. It’s a remake of the third game for current systems.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

It seems like almost everyone had a GTA game, especially kids younger than 13, but we’ll let that slide. You could go anywhere and do almost anything in this game, which was a big deal at a time when many writers were having trouble with the idea.

As CJ, you have to find your way through the dangerous streets of San Andreas while getting caught up in a story of crime, betrayal, and forgiveness… If you decide to keep reading. Many gamers only want to get 5 stars and see how long they can last, which is fine. The PS2 made GTA become one of the most popular game series, and they’re still at the top after more than 20 years.

Resident Evil 4

One of the best scary games ever is Resident Evil 4. There were some very scary parts in the game, even though it was mostly action-based. Leon Kennedy, whose name is known all over the world, has to save the daughter of the president.

Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

Aww, Ashley is the most annoying NPC ever. She makes the whole game feel like one big escort job. You will often find that Ashley is in some kind of trouble. The enemy will pick her up and try to take her away because she doesn’t try to run away or fight. We might have done better to let them.

Even so, RE4 still had a big effect on the horror genre. A lot of people also really liked the version of Resident Evil 4. Some even said it was one of the best remakes ever. In general, Resident Evil 4 is praised as a new game that changed the survival horror genre in big ways.

God of War 2

Kratos doesn’t hold back when he wants to get back at the gods. His family was killed by accident, which is very bad. The person who is to blame for this tragedy? Ares, the god of war himself. It makes sense that he is angry, and he will use horrible combos to kill a lot of monsters. He will even rip his enemies in half sometimes.

Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

The first few God of War games were all about action, but the newer ones are more about story and mood. Do not get me wrong, the story, music, and set pieces were all great, but Kratos shone in battle.

He kills a lot of enemies without giving it a second thought as he tries to kill the gods. Get ready to get your heart racing and move closer to your TV as the combos and chaos break out. When we talk about TV, Netflix is making a God of War TV show. Who do you think should play Kratos?

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Sony, Don’t Abandon Indie Games

Shadow of The Colossus

Fumito Ueda made the game, which had a unique premise: you had to fight sixteen huge monsters in a huge, empty environment. I’m talking about empty. You, a woman who isn’t awake, some snakes and birds, your horse, and sixteen huge monsters are all there. Shadow of the Colossus has taken away all obstacles so that you can focus on the Colossi.

Ranking The 5 Best PlayStation 2 Games of All Time!

Because each Colossi is different, you have to change how you play for each fight. That’s because of the story, the graphics, and the way you play the game. The graphics look great, especially for a PlayStation 2. Which games did you like the most? Are there any other games that should be on this list? Share your thoughts in the box below!

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