How to Easily Unlock Characters in Valorant – Follow These Three Simple Steps!

Thereformedgamers-  Valorant depends on being able to use and master all of the game’s Agents. Just like in Overwatch, each agent that can be unlocked has its skills, powers, gear, and, of course, look. It’s not easy to pick the right agent for a game or even a round.

With the latest 7.01 update, you can choose and play as 22 agents, but after you finish the introduction, you can only play as the first two for free. Once you finish the first deal, you only get the first five tiers for the two agents you chose in the tutorial. To get the rest, you need to do one of two things.

Pay to Get to Valorous Agents

For Valorant, the fastest way to get spies is to pay for them. To do this, you need to buy Valorant points through small deals. It costs $2 to get 200 points, which is one level. It will cost around $10, or the same amount in your currency, to unlock a Valorant spy. Buying agents is a lot faster than grinding XP, which can take a lot longer. If you’re ready to spend money, you can get to tier 5 and unlock your favorite character by playing the game and buying higher ranks.

Most people would now rather play the game for free. If that’s the case, use the tips above to quickly unlock the agents. There are ways to pay unlock providers less, though, if you don’t want to waste too much time or money.

Get Free Access to Valorant Agents

How to Easily Unlock Characters in Valorant – Follow These Three Simple Step

To get free players, all you have to do is keep playing the game and getting XP. You can sign a contract with each person on your collection screen, which will allow you to hire them in the end. To unlock an agent, you’ll need to pick contracts for them and then play them. As you level up, you’ll open each agent. You need to reach level 5 to do this.

Any Valorant Spies guide will tell you that this process can take a while, so pay attention to the characters you’re interested in. You won’t want to waste time on an agent you don’t like! On any character you want to unlock, you’ll need to get 375,000XP before you can get a new one. That’s a lot of hard work.

Fastest Way to Unlock Agents in Valorant

How to Easily Unlock Characters in Valorant – Follow These Three Simple Steps

The following three steps should help unlock Valorant Agents quickly:

  1. Play Normal Games and focus on completing daily quest objectives
  2. Deathmatch and Spike Rush can net more hourly XP than playing Normal/Ranked Games
  3. Unlock all agents to Level 5 before going for the full 10 levels

Pay attention to the daily tasks; they give you more than 5,000 XP per game. Putting them together with regular tasks will help you get the most points. You should be able to quickly get through at least the first level or two or three of each character. You no longer have to grind your way through levels 4 and 5, because you can now switch to a different character and do it all over again. Once you’ve gotten all the agents you want to unlock to Level 2 or 3, you can pay half or less of what it would have cost you to open the rest.

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How Long Does It Take to Unlock Agents in Valorant?

It takes about 12 to 18 hours of play to unlock an Agent from Level 1 to Level 5. It depends on how long the games last and how many rounds are played. If your matches have more rounds and you cut down on the time it takes for agents to pick and wait in line, it can go even faster.

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