Copium Meaning Explored: What Does the Twitch Meme Mean?

Copium’s history goes back to 2003, when it was used as the name of a record by Keak da Sneak. It didn’t get any attention for more than ten years. It wasn’t even used until it became a famous meme and a term on Twitch.

2016 was the first year that the current word showed up. That phrase has been used a lot on Twitch and other social media sites since then.

What Does Copium Mean on Twitch?

As a joke word, copium is funny. A large group of gamers use it on sites like Reddit and Twitch. It comes from the words “cope” and “opium,” and it doesn’t belong to any other group, like KEKW. It’s just a joke word for a made-up drug you might need to deal with losing a game.

You might lose a bunch of Valorant games in a row, for example, and your watchers might tell you to take a big dose of copium.

Copium Meaning Explored: What Does the Twitch Meme Mean?
Pepe, a famous meme character, is often used with copium. Pepe is often used as a model for copium memes. Since 2018, the Pepe copium joke has been seen all over the internet. So, you can just drop the joke and not even have to type the word.

It’s often said on Twitch and in the world of esports in general that fans of a team that isn’t doing well are high on copium. It’s not easy to cheer for a team that keeps losing. Copium must be helping them, well, deal. Many people use the copium joke all the time in Twitch chats these days.

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Meaning of Hopium vs. Copium

That’s right, hopium is a meme word that you shouldn’t always take seriously, just like copium. Someone needs to “cope” with something when they use copium. On the other hand, hopium is used to make fun of “false hope.” In the world of cryptocurrencies, this word has some meaning. You might be hanging on to a cryptocurrency that isn’t doing well because you think it will make a comeback.

In the end, both copium and hopium are just joke words. They also work for a lot of other games, like New World and Genshin Impact. Copium changes a lot and isn’t just used for games. It’s always okay to use copium.

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