Guide to Tarkov’s Tough Streets Map – Master the Trickiest Area!

Even the best players will find the Streets of Tarkov map in Escape from Tarkov to be very difficult. It can be hard to learn the Streets of Tarkov map because there are dangerous bosses, snipers placed everywhere, a roaming APC, and lots of minefields. Thank goodness we made a Streets of Tarkov guide to help you fully understand this huge map, from the tasks you need to complete to the spots you should avoid or be extra careful in.

Don’t look any further if you’ve been having trouble with the Streets of Tarkov plan. No matter if you’re playing as a Player Scav or a PMC character, we’ll give you the tools you need to rule Tarkov’s Streets. Getting past it is very hard, but once you know everything about Tarkov’s hardest game, you’ll be unstoppable.

Here is our Tarkov Streets map guide to get started.

How to Learn the Tarkov Streets Map

New players to Escape from Tarkov should remember that the best way to learn is to do something. You’ll learn the most by walking around the Streets of Tarkov map. This is true whether you’re running “offline” raids, Scav runs, or just running around as a PMC with few items. The map is hard to understand because it has a lot of interesting places to visit, places to escape, and places to loot. It’s also very dangerous everywhere you look.

You can, however, use some tools to help you learn the plan better. Here are some of the best links and pictures we could find for Streets of Tarkov:

What You Need To Know About The Streets Of Tarkov

Guide to Tarkov's Tough Streets Map - Master the Trickiest Area

So you know everything you need to know about how to start Streets of Tarkov before we start the guide.

  • Streets of Tarkov have raids that last 50 minutes and it accommodates between 12 – 16 players
  • It features two challenging bosses: Kaban and Kallontay
  • It features a roaming ‘BTR’ APC that offers a range of services, like a mobile stash, armored taxi, or cover fire
  • It’s almost completely urban, so outfits in black or grey coloring are advised
  • It features a total of 17 extraction sites
  • It’s one of the best maps in Tarkov for money runs

Streets of Tarkov also has some of the best verticality in the game. Basements and houses with more than one floor are open and can be explored. This map has more interiors than any other. It shows everything from hotels to bars, shopping malls to restaurants.

Streets of Tarkov Tasks

In Streets of Tarkov, you have to finish 36 tasks, ranging from finding a single item to putting devices in tricky places. You won’t be given all of those jobs at once, though, because Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay loop lets you jump in and out of Streets of Tarkov as you go. Also, some jobs need you to extract from a certain spot, which will help you learn how to use the exfil sites in Streets of Tarkov.

Guide to Tarkov's Tough Streets Map - Master the Trickiest Area
It’s not too hard to do most of the jobs in Streets of Tarkov. The Tarkov Wiki has guides for each one (see above). It’s hard to get around this big map and avoid all the bosses and traps that are spread out.

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times if you want to learn how to play Tarkov. It’s important to know this no matter what map you’re playing on because one shot can end your raid. When you look around the Streets of Tarkov map, keep an eye out for these things:

  • Kallontay (the newest boss) spawns in the Klimov Shopping Mall or the Ministry of the Interior Academy – he boasts 1050 HP, can have four tough guards, and has an 8% spawn chance
  • Kaban spawns in the LexOs car dealership, which is surrounded by anti-personnel mines, and he has a whopping 1300 HP. He also has four guards, and two or three sniper guards, and has an 8% spawn chance.
  • There are Snipers dotted around the map – at the Cinema, the Theatre, the Shopping Mall, the Terragroup Building, and the LexOs Car Dealership.
  • Around LexOs, there is a dense minefield, here’s a map to avoid them

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Streets of Tarkov Extracts

Here is the full list of excerpts, along with what they are called and a short description of where they can be found:

  • Cardinal Apartment Complex (PMC ONLY): At the ‘top’ of the map behind the Cardinal Hotel
  • Collapsed Crane (PMC ONLY): In the construction area to the ‘lower left’ of the map, behind LexOs
  • Ruined House (PMC ONLY): Behind the Cinema to the ‘lower right’ of the map
  • Crash Site (PMC ONLY): Past Concordia and LexOs, towards the end of a road in the very ‘bottom left’ of the map
  • Expo Checkpoint (PMC ONLY): Behind the President Hotel and Expo Centre at the ‘top’ of the Streets map
  • Pinewood Basement (CO-OP ONLY): In the basement of the Pinewood Hotel
  • Klimov Street (PMC ONLY): Alongside the Klimov Shopping Mall, requires a GREEN FLARE to work
  • Courtyard (PMC ONLY): At the very ‘bottom right’ of the map, alongside the Cinema (not always open)
  • Primorsky Ave Taxi V-EX (PMC ONLY): At the ‘bottom end’ of the long, central road (requires 5000 roubles)
  • Sewer River (PMC ONLY) To the ‘right’ of the map leading down behind the Theatre
  • Stylobate Building Elevator (PMC ONLY): At the very ‘top’ of the map in the Stylobate Building, behind Beluga
  • Basement Descent (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map, in the Museum
  • Near Kamchatskaya Arch (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map, alongside the Museum
  • Basement Entrance (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘right’ of the map, back from the Cinema
  • Sewer Manhole (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map behind LexOs and the Construction Site
  • Klimov Shopping Mall (SCAV ONLY): In Klimov Shopping Mall at the ‘top right’ of the map
  • Ventilation Shaft (SCAV ONLY): In the open in front of the Cinema location, hidden in some bushes
  • Cardinal Apartment Complex Parking (SCAV ONLY): At the top of the map, alongside the Cardinal Apartment Complex

That’s all you need to know to do well on the Streets of Tarkov map. The rest depends on how good you are at playing Escape from Tarkov.

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