Why I Love Dead Cells

dead cells gear

I remember when Dead Cells was in early access on Steam. Watching the preview trailer and reading about the game’s mechanics, on top of sporting a gorgeous art style, I had to have it. After buying in, downloading the game, and playing for an afternoon, I was hooked. Since the game was released for consoles, I have … Read more

In Your Anger, Do Not Rage Quit

how to not rage at games

We’ve all had moments like this. We’re engaged in a tense moment in our video game; could be a boss battle, a competitive multiplayer match, or a particularly perplexing puzzle. Then something goes wrong: the puzzle gets even more complex, the enemy’s team flanks you, or the boss unleashes a one-shot move, never seen before. … Read more

Why I Quit: Kingdom Hearts 2

kingdom hearts 2 charecters

Why I Quit is a new series dedicated to discussing the games that we didn’t get around to completing. Articles like this are a result of support over Patreon. If you like what we do here at TRG, consider supporting us on Patreon today! I am well aware that I will catch flack for this … Read more

Why I Play Old Games

play old games

A few years ago, while serving overseas, I was in a precarious situation as a gamer. I had an Xbox 360 that didn’t fit the voltage for the country that I was in, so I had to use a power converter to attempt to play games. The power converter would also freak out my system … Read more

Gears of War 4 – First Look Campaign Demo

get gears of war 4 early

I can remember nights in college of hanging out with friends over Xbox Live, knocking back Mountain Dew, and playing Horde mode in Gears of War 3 well into 4 am. Gears of War holds a special place in my gaming “career/lifetime”. When I saw there would be a 4th installment (who remembers Judgement, amirite?), … Read more

TRG Favorites: Mega Man Legends

megaman legends energy

Thousands of years into the future, the earth has been almost completely flooded.  Mankind survives on small islands and is constantly looking for sources of energy.  Ancient ruins hold quantum refractors that can power almost anything, but Reaverbots, traps, and many natural dangers guard them.  Those who search these ruins are called “diggers” and they’re … Read more