What Can We Expect from the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Full Release in Y9S2?

Operation New Blood, the upcoming new season, will coincide with the official release of Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace.

On January 30, 2024, it was made available to a select group of gamers who had pre-registered during its beta period. After that, there were other improvements to the Marketplace, one of which even added more things for trade.

The Marketplace allows users to trade in their Rainbow Six Credits for old cosmetics or event-exclusive things, such as weapon skins, outfits, headgear, and more. In-game things can be sold by players as well.

This post will examine the Marketplace complete release that will go hand in hand with Operation New Blood Y9S2 in more detail.

Marketplace Full Release Coming in Y9S2 Operation New Blood

What Can We Expect from the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Full Release in Y9S2?

Players can trade things such as these on the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace, an in-game item trading website.

  • Skins for Weapons
  • Headgear Attachment Skins Uniforms
  • Charms Photographs of Operators
  • Backgrounds for Cards
  • Skins for Drones
  • Skins for devices

Trading was restricted to a specific group of enrolled individuals during the Beta phase. Players who joined later were eventually permitted to participate by Ubisoft, although the trade site remained closed to the wider public.

Players that have activated two-factor authentication and are above Clearance Level 25 will benefit from the Marketplace full release along with the launch of Y9S1 Operation New Blood. They won’t need to re-register because they will have immediate access to the website.

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Additionally, the release will bring about a few improvements:

What Can We Expect from the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Full Release in Y9S2?
  • Items Suggestions
  • Price History of Item and Graphs
  • Enhancements to UX and UI

To now, Ubisoft has not made it clear which in-game objects will be exchangeable. But the listing of Streamer charms that were a part of the Twitch Content Creator program was the subject of a recent dispute. For a brief period, players could exchange Streamer charms, but they were promptly removed from the Marketplace.

Prominent Siege community members have put together lists of goods that, even after the Marketplace’s complete release, are either not currently accessible in the Marketplace or won’t be very soon. Some things won’t be allowed to be traded. Streamer charms, GO4 charms, and ranked charms are a few examples of non-tradable objects.

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Rules for Rainbow Six Siege before its complete release on the Marketplace

When a player posts an item for sale in the Marketplace and you are able to match the buying offer, you can purchase the in-game item. The buy and sell offers are automatically removed after 30 days, during which time they can still be live.

Rainbow Six Siege will deduct 10% of each transaction from the vendor in the form of R6 Credits. This implies that Ubisoft will deduct 100 (10%) as a transaction fee from the 1000 R6 Credits you sell, leaving you with only 900.

Orders are refundable prior to the last transaction. Completed orders, on the other hand, cannot be canceled or reimbursed because the things have already been traded. Orders are made and fulfilled according to the order in which they are created.

The Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct and Ubisoft’s Terms of Use are adhered to by the Marketplace. Thus, Ubisoft reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who attempts to use the Marketplace to get an unfair advantage or get around other restrictions.

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