LOL Worlds Skins: Up to Now, Every Worlds Championship Skin!

The ultimate League of Legends tournament and the goal of most players, is Worlds. The Summoner’s Cup itself isn’t all you wind up getting either. This season-ending battle will also determine whose team is honored to wear the LoL Worlds Skins in-game. In the game, these commemorative skins are major awards.

The team who wins Worlds is awarded LoL Worlds skins. To be sure they have made a significant contribution to the squad, players must, however, play in enough of the event. Beyond that, every player receives a unique LoL Worlds Skin. Even a coach once received a skin. By grabbing a player’s or team’s skin in-game, you may express your support for them.

These are every LoL Worlds Skin and what to anticipate from them going forward.

The Complete Guide to LOL Worlds Skins

LOL Worlds Skins

Rarer still is the skin of the World Champions. Only after the World Championship is the time you can pick them up annually. That makes them entertaining to keep an eye on. We have a ton of Worlds skins already, to the point where certain champions have more than one, given the inaugural event was held in 2011. Seeing how things have changed in LoL esports is made easier by these, which are released annually.

Whose Skins Are These?

In-game cosmetics called LoL Worlds Skins honor Worlds champions. The winning team’s theme is used to create these cosmetics every year. But they go beyond simple Riot tie-ins. LoL Worlds champions keep every penny they make from the skins. It’s basically equivalent to the squad purchasing in-game mementos to remember their Worlds Final performance.

Still, the skins go beyond simply slapping a champion with a logo. They want to symbolize different facets of the group. Frequently, that means enhancing the game’s Summoner’s Cup. There are occasionally appearances of certain teams and their skins in Worlds Songs music videos.

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Anyone Own Two Worlds Skins?

The winners of LoL Worlds receive skins, hence you may not always receive the same player. A few players have participated in multiple Worlds championship teams. Many skins reflect these players. As an organization, T1 has the most Worlds skins—three distinct sets were made to commemorate each event.

Duke has won two skins and is the only player to have been a member of two distinct organizations that have won the World Championship thus far. First with SK T1, in 2016, and then again in 2018 with Invictus Gaming. After the most recent Worlds 2023 Championship, Faker will be the only player having four distinct skins.

Champions Having Multiple World Skins

Multiple Worlds victories have left just two players with two skins. Some champions have, however, had many skins created in response to a LoL Worlds performance. All Champions who have made several appearances are listed here.

  • Ezreal – TPA in 2012 and SSG in 2017
  • Jarvan IV – Fnatic in 2011 and SSG in 2017
  • Jhin – SkT1 in 2016 and DWG 2020
  • Lee Sin – SKT1 in 2013, FPX in 2018, T1 in 2023 (yet to be released)
  • Rakan – SSG in 2017 and IG in 2018
  • Thresh – SSW in 2014 and FPX in 2019
  • Vayne – SKT1 in 2013 and FPX in 2019

Except Lee Sin, who will be the first champion with three distinct skins, each of these has two. Some Champions naturally wind up with more than one skin since they are more well-liked in competitive. All the same, no champion has more than two. See who ends up with it will be interesting.

Who Receives Lol World Skins?

The victorious team receives the LoL Worlds Skins, however there are a few more guidelines. For eligibility, players must be on the winning team and fulfill certain criteria.

The player has to play two games at the very least, and they have to happen during play-in or group stag. They also have to select a champion they have used on Summoner’s Rift.

Just once, when SKT T1 won their third championship, was a coach granted a skin. No champion skin was applied to Kkoma. Riot instead distributed a unique SKT T1 Kkoma Ward skin. Still, this was an anomaly; no other coach had ever been treated this way.

Worlds Skins Are Got by Which Teams? All Lol Worlds Skins so Far

To the players who have reached the highest level of the game, the LoL Worlds skins belong. This happens seldom. Still, a good number of gamers have already amassed skins. These are every skin available in the game right now, along with the team and Worlds for which they were granted.

Worlds 2011 – Fnatic LoL Worlds Skins

Skins for Worlds 2011 were published in stages, with the first round arriving a few years later. They were for Fnatic, the inaugural LoL Worlds Champions:

  • xPeke – Karthus
  • Cyanide – Jarvan IV
  • Sushei – Gragas
  • Zealot – Corki
  • Mellisan – Janna

Worlds 2012 – TPA Skins

LOL Worlds Skins

At the next Worlds, TPA took the top rank. This tournament was the first to award skins in addition to the Summoner’s Cup. Really, this is where Worlds evolved into what it is now.

Worlds went to TPA this year. Before the South Korean teams started to dominate this area, there was still one victorious squad. Here are every player and skin from this Worlds round:

  • Stanley – Shen
  • Lilballz – Dr. Mundo
  • Toyz – Orianna
  • Baby – Ezreal
  • MiSTakE – Nunu

LOL worlds skins 2013 SK T1

LOL Worlds Skins

SK T1 wins its maiden Worlds round in 2013. They will have more, though. One team’s supremacy at Worlds is only getting started. These are every skin from this season of LoL Worlds:

  • Impact – Jax
  • bengi – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Zed
  • Piglet – Vayne
  • PoohManDu – Zyra

LOL Worlds Skins 2014 – Samsung White

LOL Worlds Skins

Worlds the following year saw Samsung White triumph. They performed admirably against Worlds, even if this would turn out to be only a stopgap before a more significant run. With this game round, they won these skins:

  • Looper – Singed
  • Dandy – Rengar
  • PawN – Talon
  • Imp – Twitch
  • Kill – Thresh

2015 See Sk T1 Win Again for The Second Batch of Lol Worlds Skins

SK T1 took top honors in 2015 once more. Back-to-back World titles were theirs. This time around they also succeeded in obtaining an extra skin! An understudy slipped in here, despite the rules being cautious about whp qualifies, making SKT the first team to earn more LoL Worlds Skins. These are every skin that was given out this second year:

  • Marin – Renekton
  • Bengi – Elise
  • Faker – Ryze
  • Easyhoon – Azir
  • Bang – Kalista
  • Wolf – Alistar

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2016 Two-Peat Worlds Set for Sk T1

Unquestionably, this year broke all records. Riot event threw in one extra skin because of the enormous accomplishment. These skins were presented to coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun together with a ward skin:

  • Duke – Ekko
  • Bengi – Olaf
  • Blank – Zac
  • Daker – Syndra
  • Bang – Jhin
  • Wolf – Nami

LOL Worlds Skins 2017 for Samsung Galaxy

The SK T1 dynasty over Worlds came to an abrupt end in 2017. Event winner this year was Samsung Galaxy. They established themselves as the new top team in the game by defeating SK T1 3-0. Some Champions also debuted their second Worlds skins in 2017. The skins given out this year are as follows:

  • CuVee – Gnar
  • Ambition – Jarvan
  • Haru – Ezreal
  • Crown – Taliyah
  • Ruler – Xayah
  • CoreJJ – Rakan

Worlds 2018 – Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming and Fnatic squared up in the 2018 Final. They ran 3-0 to win the final. This snapped the run of South Korean teams claiming total supremacy at Worlds. These skins are what were supplied this time.

  • Duke – Irelia
  • TheShy – Fiora
  • Ning – Camille
  • Rookie – LeBlanc
  • JackieLove – Kai’Sa
  • Baolan – Rakan

Worlds 2019 Plus Phoenix Skins

LOL Worlds Skins

With FunPhoenix sailing to victory in the 2019 Worlds round, the power dynamics changed. China has already had two, creating a little trend after Invictus Gaming won. This year’s awarded skins are as follows:

  • GimGoon – Gangplank
  • Tian – Lee Sin
  • DoinB – Malphite
  • Lwx – Vayne
  • Crisp – Thresh

Lol Worlds Skins 2020 – Damwon

LOL Worlds Skins

The Worlds 2020 round gave South Korea the championship back. Damwon won Worlds this time around. Greek gods served as some kind of influence for these skins. Once more, here are LoL Worlds Skins:

  • Nuguri – kennen
  • Canyon – Nidalee
  • ShowMaker – Twster Fate
  • Ghost – Jhin
  • Beryl – Leona

EDG Worlds Skin Set 2021

LOL Worlds Skins

EDG took home the 2021 Worlds LoL skins following their tournament triumph. The team’s dragon motif was continued by the skins. Designs resulting from this were really interesting. The hides included:

  • Flandre – Graves
  • Scout – Zoe
  • Jiejie – Viego
  • Meiko – Yuumi
  • Viper – Aphelios

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DRX Worlds 2022 Skin Set

LOL Worlds Skins

DRX received the 2022 Worlds LoL skins following their amazing journey that saw them advance from the play-in round to the championship match. Like EDG, DRX maintained the company’s own brand-representing white and blue. The skins revealed:

  • Kingen – Aatrox
  • Pyosik – Kindred
  • Juhan – Maokai
  • Zeka – Akali
  • Deft – Caitlyn
  • BeryL – Ashe

T1 World Skin Set 2023

LOL Worlds Skins

T1 won the 2023 World Championship, hence each of the five players will be able to obtain a Worlds skin. This will be Faker’s forth Worlds skin. Players of T1 were questioned during the press conference about the champion they would choose. The answers can be found below:

  • Zeus – Jayce/Yone
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Mid – Faker – Hasn’t chosen yet (it will be one between Azir, Orianna, Sylas, Ahri, and Akali)
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Keria – Bard/Renata Glasc (wanted Lux but he didn’t get to play her at Worlds)

The other three are still confirming their decision; the certain ones are Oner and Gumayusi.

Worlds 2023 Skins Release: When To Arrive?

As they are often issued the following year, the next round of LoL Worlds Skins will most likely take some time. The DRX skins debuted in May of 2022, around six months after the team won the championship. Fans will probably have to wait till about the middle of 2024 to witness the Worlds 2023 T1 skins.

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