How to Face Every Hero in Muerta Dota 2?

Dead Grandmother Muerta has a sad background and is the newest hero that Dota 2 players can enjoy. Muerta has a unique set of skills and can also play either the lead or support role. This makes her the most popular hero right now, but her 45% win rate isn’t very good.

Muerta Dota 2 Skills

Muerta is a hero based on intelligence. He has one passive skill and three action skills. Her first skill, Dead Shot, is like Pangolier’s Swashbuckle, but it doesn’t move the hero. Instead, it hits all units it hits. In addition to instantly clearing waves, Dead Shot also makes an enemy hero scared when it hits them.

Since the direction of the Fear affect depends on the path of the shot, it can be cleverly used to put the enemy in a bad spot. Still, Dead Shot isn’t too strong when you look at all of her other skills; she’s just very good at beating mobile heroes.

The Calling, her second power, is an area-of-effect spell that does many things. The rounding revenants do a good amount of damage and quiet on hit, even though their attack speed is slowed down.

Gunslinger is her passive ability that gives her an extra second shot. At max level, there is a 50% chance that it will happen, which means she can do twice as much damage with her quick attack.

Last but not least, her greatest ability, Pierce the Veil, protects her from physical damage, like ethereal form. But in this active form, where she can move in phases, she also starts to deal magic damage. This makes her perfect against supports that buy Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade, and it also makes enemies that deal physical damage useless.

Muerta Dota 2 Carry Build

The Dota 2 hero Muerta is promoted as a carry hero. She shares a lot of items with Nature’s Prophet and Lina. Items like Dragon Lance and Gleipnir are useful and have great carry stats. You can improve Dragon Lance to Hurricane Pike, but the main point is that these items are simple to make and provide a solid base for defense and placement.

These help her when she uses her ultimate, which lets her attack close enemies hard. Orchid into Bloodthorn can also do a lot more damage because her passive works with the quiet debuff. These items are nice to have right away, but if you want to quickly build up your net worth, go for Midas instead. He has good lane potential and useful skills.

Lastly, buying BKB might be too much for most games since Muerta can’t be hurt physically. Getting BKB, on the other hand, has a strange result that turns Muerta into. We don’t know if this is a purposeful side effect, but when Muerta uses her Ultimate and BKB, she can’t be hurt by either damage.

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Muerta Dota 2 Support Build


Even without her passive ability, Muerta’s combos with Dead Shot and The Calling are still very useful. Support players in Muerta Dota 2 can stop a hero for up to 4 seconds if they use it correctly. Her ultimate turns into a defense skill that stops moves that do physical damage.

The well-known Muerta Dota 2 support build can use any utility item that saves, heals, or stops extra enemies.

While keeping her play style fun, the Dota 2 Muerta hero is an interesting take on the story of an angry Mexican woman. It’s still a great time to be a hero, even without Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrades. Muerta is still a great choice, just like Lina was in the last patch.

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