Is State of Decay 2 a Cross-Play Game? Look Into the Possibilities of Multiplayers!

The highly acclaimed Microsoft Xbox and PC-only game State of Decay has a follow-up called State of Decay 2. As of May 22, 2018, the game had been released. Fans did not like it when it first came out, but several fixes and updates have made the experience better for those who have played it. But there is still one question for people who want to play with friends on different platforms: Can I play State of Decay 2 with other people?

What Does Crossplay Gaming Mean?


Cross-play gaming was added to the last wave of games. It lets people play online with or against other people who play on different platforms. If you don’t know what “crossplay” means, learning about it can help you understand how this technology has changed social games. People with PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and sometimes even mobile phones can play the same game with other people and their friends. Cross-play and cross-platform gaming became popular in the gaming community because of Fortnite. This made it possible for other developers and producers to adapt and add the features to their games.

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Is Crossplay Possible with The State of Decay?

Yes is the short answer! Cross-play is supported in the State of Decay 2. Players can play with other players on the Xbox One X and S, the Xbox One from the previous generation, and the PC. Players can get to these other platforms through the Microsoft, Steam, or Epic storefronts. The game is unfortunately only available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This is in contrast to other zombie survival games, like Dying Light 2, which can be played on any device.

How to Make State of Decay 2 Crossplay Work

Thanks to Undead Labs, the company that made State of Decay 2, it’s pretty easy to enable cross-play. We’ll show you how to do it.

  • When you start State of Decay 2, go to the main screen. Choose the settings you like best, then turn on shared mode.
  • Select “Invite” under “Guest” after clicking on “Host Multiplayer Game” to get your friends to join. You’ll also be able to look for their unique username.
  • Pick out the friend you want to invite, and you’re all set to play.

Undead Labs is making the third version of the game right now. There isn’t a set date for release yet, but fans are waiting for news in 2024.

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