GTA 4 Cheat Codes and Secret Cellphone Numbers!

In 2008, Grand Theft Auto 4 came out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It was the first “next-generation” Grand Theft Auto game, and it was very different from the games that came before it, which were all PlayStation 2-based. It told a tough urban story in a made-up version of New York City, and it was very true to life. Today, we’re going to look at the classic game and list all of the GTA 4 cheat codes that can be used to improve an already great game.

For years, Grand Theft Auto games have always come with a huge number of trick codes. And there are a lot of cheat codes for GTA 4, but not as many weird or crazy ones as there were for GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. It was also a bit harder to figure out how to use trick codes in GTA 4 because you didn’t just “enter a code” like you had for years.

Get all the GTA 4 cheats and learn how to use them to make the game more fun by reading this guide.

Are People Still Playing Gta 4?

A lot of people still play GTA 4, even though it came out like eight years ago. In some ways, it’s better than GTA 5 because the physics, gunplay, and car handling are more true to life. It was an amazing game that became a huge hit almost overnight. It also brought a lot of new players to the seventh generation of home platforms, which included the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rockstar Games said in 2021 that the web servers for GTA 4 would be shut down, but that hasn’t stopped people from playing the game.

For instance, says that GTA 4 has a peak monthly player count of about 4,000 people, and that’s just on one platform.

GTA 4 isn’t really a patch on GTA 5 because of one thing: the game. In GTA 5, there is a persistent multiplayer base that is always changing. In GTA 4, on the other hand, you could explore Liberty City with friends during sessions, but besides minigames, there wasn’t much else to see or do. It was fun, but not smart or deep, which is why Rockstar Games probably didn’t feel sad when they shut down the servers for good.

But yes, people do still play the game, and even more so, they all still use GTA 4 cheat codes.

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How to Use Cheat Codes in GTA 4

This method is very different from using trick codes for games like GTA 3. To get something or use a cheat in that game, all a player has to do is press a few buttons on their controller over and over to enter a code.

Once the story starts, you’ll have to wait a few minutes before you can use GTA 4 cheat codes for cars or to get more guns. There is a short delay before you can use all of the GTA 4 cheat codes, but it can be skipped when Roman Bellic, the main character’s cousin, gives you a cellphone. This should only take ten to fifteen minutes. Once the phone is safe, players can use it to enter GTA 4 trick codes.

To do this, just press “UP” on the d-pad to bring up the phone and then use the number pad to put in cheats on the dial screen. Once these cheats are entered, they will be saved in the phonebook, so players only need to open the menu again and speed-dial the number to enter them again.

It’s a pretty unique trait, and it’s different from the way things have been done for years. If you want to find the GTA 4 cheat codes for a car that looks like a Lamborghini or if you want to know how to get all the guns in GTA 4, this is the exact process you need to follow.

All the Cheat Codes for GTA 4

This is a complete list of all the GTA 4 cheat codes you will ever need. Remember that you enter them by putting the number into the phone’s dial screen. Keep in mind that some achievements and prizes can’t be earned if you use certain cheats.

  • Talk to Health and Armor at 362-555-0100.
  • Max Ammo, Health, and Armor (will fix your car): 482-555-0100
  • Set of Weapons No. 1 (486-555-0150)
  • Set 2 of weapons (486-555-0100)Call 267-555-0100 to clear the wanted level.
  • Call Cycle Weather at 468-555-0100.
  • Black Hawk helicopter Spawn Annihilator: 359-555-0100
  • Call 227-555-0168 to get a Spawn SuperGT sports car.
  • Call 625-555-0100 to get a Spawn NRG-900 motorcycle.
  • Call 227-555-0175 to get a Spawn Comet sports car.

If you want to know how to get infinite money in GTA 4, this trick list won’t help you. However, there are no cheats or codes that will give you infinite money. However, there are some sneaky things you can do in the game. For example, you can hang out near an ATM and set it up so that anyone who uses it dies too soon. Since they just used it, they’ll leave more money for you to take.

It is annoying, though, and in the end, it’s not worth it. There isn’t much you need to buy in GTA 4. There are clothes, but that’s all there is to it. You don’t have to worry about customizing or buying vehicles; properties are given to you for free; and with the above GTA 4 cheat codes, guns and ammunition are also given to you for free. Look for GTA 4 trick codes for money or any bugs. It might not be worth your time.

Another thing that isn’t in GTA 4 is a tank, so there are no cracks for that.

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Are There Mods for GTA 4?

Like GTA 5, GTA 4 has a lot of mods that can be added, but they can only be used on PC. Expert modders have been working for years to add amazing things to GTA 4, from small fixes and improvements to huge updates that change the game. For example, a mod came out a few years ago that would flood the whole map, burying Liberty City under a thick layer of water. Even though its only purpose was to make a mess, it shows how far modders will go.

Mods let PC players build an RP-shared platform. What it did wasn’t a patch for GTA 5’s RP platform, but it did make it much bigger, but only for PC players. The vanilla multiplayer platform became more fun and engaging thanks to it, even though it was less popular and not as well known as GTA 5’s RP platform.

Right now, GTA 6 fans are just waiting for the game to come out so they can see what the social mode will look like. Who knows, maybe it will also have bugs. If you want more cheats, tips, and walkthroughs, check out our guides for games.

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