Is Civ 6 Cross-Platform? Everything You Need to Know!

Can I play Civ 6 on more than one platform? It is one of the best PVP strategy games ever, and the sixth in a long line of great Civilization games. Playing against the computer is fun, but playing with friends is even more fun. Let’s find out!

Is the Civ6 Cross-Platform?

Civilization 6 is a fun strategy game where you have to handle resources and fight other people. If you’re smart enough, you can take over the area or even the whole world. Try to be the first person to reach the victory conditions by building the most complicated towns and world wonders.

Civ 6 can be played on more than one computer. It’s a shame, though, that it doesn’t allow playing on different platforms.

What Games Can I Play Civ6 On?


You can play Civilization VI on the following systems:

  • PC: You can get it on Windows from the Epic Games Store, Steam, and other stores.
  • Mac: It works on macOS and other systems.
  • Linux: You can get it on Linux through Steam.
  • Nintendo Switch: Designed to work with Nintendo Switch devices.
  • PlayStation 4 and 5: These games were just released for PlayStation platforms.
  • Xbox One and X/S: It’s available for Xbox games.

Can you play Civ 6 with other people? No, I’m afraid it’s not. It will be easy for PC players to play against other PC players, but you won’t be able to play between PCs and gamers.

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How Do I Play with Other People in Civ 6?

  1. You can start Civilization VI on any device you choose.
  2. Make sure that your friends are added to the same site as you, like Steam.
  3. Go to the main page of the game and choose “Multiplayer.”
  4. You can start a new game or join one that’s already going on.
  5. Extra content: If you bought packs or DLC to make your game experience better, check for them.

After that, you can load in and quickly take over the world!

To Summary

Civ 6 is a fun game. Making and breaking deals with other people is easy to do when you want to get what you want. The game can be played on more than one platform, but players on different systems can’t yet play together. It’s a fun and exciting game. This fun game will be fun for everyone, whether they have a Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, or another box.

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