How Apex Legends Mobile Organizes Players (Explanation of Ranking System)

Though it may just be a mobile version of Battle Royale, the greatest players may take the game to new heights. The mode for you is certainly Apex Legends mobile-rated if you want to play your best and put your abilities to the test against other serious gamers. Here you can compete with other top players in the game and advance up the Apex Legends mobile ranks to become the best.

Though not quite obvious, ranked mode is here. You have to know how Apex Legends Mobile ranks operate if you want to climb them. A few distinct ranks and even a cap on the amount of RP you can gain per game exist. This covers all the ground on how ranks in Apex Legends mobile operate. What the ranks are, how to advance through them, and which highest ranks demonstrate your superiority in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranks Breakdown

How Apex Legends Mobile Organizes Players

The rankings in Apex Legends Mobile function very similarly to those in the main game. But unlike the main game, rank has been there from the beginning of Apex Legends Mobile, not added later. This time, gamers can play through ranked starting from the beginning of Season 1.

Apex Legends Mobile categorizes gamers into several groups. This facilitates their getting matches against players of similar ability. Players have something to aspire for as well. They are quite open, but like in ordinary Apex Legends competitions, participants will most likely need to be at the top of the ranking system. You may get a decent sense of your place among the other players by moving up the Apex Legends Mobile ranking.

With several subcategories, Apex Legends is classified into seven primary ranks. This is how things transpire:

A little different is the very top tier of the Apex Legends Mobile ranks. The top 750 players earn the title Apex Predator. But most of the time, lobbies will also have master players. Players of Apex Legends Mobile can only reach this last goal.

Equally, bronze is more of a starting point than a rank. It is a little of a default rank in the game, given to all players beyond Level 8.


You can get your Apex Legends Mobile rank mostly with RP. It is these points that you must accumulate. Playing games and reaching specific goals will earn you it. Your RP will mostly rise in exchange for kills and better placement. Manage both if you want to climb the Apex Legends Mobile levels fast!

Players can win 250 RP every game. More kills than this won’t help you advance. Of this 250, winning a match and placing first account for a sizable portion. Though kills also earn you a lot of points, survival is perhaps more crucial for fast rising in the ranks.

Can You Drop a Rank in Apex Legends Mobile?

Seasons in Apex Legends Mobile reset rank. Once up there, though, you cannot descend a rank. You won’t be demoted back down if you reach Gold in a season and then perform far worse. This implies that while you won’t be penalized, it will take longer to obtain the RP you need to move on. That might somewhat soften the ranking structure in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Rewards

How Apex Legends Mobile Organizes Players

The Apex Legends Mobile Ranks provide gamers with certain benefits. Ascending to a certain rank earns you cosmetics and other stuff. This lets other players in-game see your accomplishment. If you’re squirting your spray every few minutes, they’ll undoubtedly notice even if they don’t check where you are in the Apex Legends Mobile ranking mode.

That covers every aspect of the rankings in Apex Legends Mobile. They are not as harsh as some games and operate simply. If you’re trying to grind your way up and have a rough few days, it’s a little easier when you can’t go down ranks. Still, rising to those lofty positions is a remarkable accomplishment. Those that advance to Apex Predator are unquestionably the best players. Playing against a few of these elite players might be profitable with more events in the works.

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